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Jack Bryre

To begin playing, you must first sign in your character. The limit is two characters per player, and you must be human (see Introduction/Rules for more details). For your character's profile, list their name, age, race, description (hair color, eye color, apparel, etc), powers/abilities, weapons of choice, weaknesses, a short bio, and any other info you feel is important. I would appreciate it if any non-character related posts are encased within *'s. Thanks, and have fun!

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Jack Bryre

Name: Doug Howard

Age: 27

Race: Caucasion

Description: Sandy brown hair; brown eyes; clean-shaven; usually wears a thick brown jacket with an eagle sewn onto the upper left sleeve, a dark green tank top, dark-brown cargo pants, and combat boots.

Powers/abilities: first aid

Weapons of choice: tanto (a shortened version of the katana) (last resort weapon); Ruger MP9; USP 45 (side weapon); aluminum baseball bat

Weaknesses: has difficulty killing children who "turned"

Bio: Before the virus began its work, Doug worked as an employee for a small medical clinic, hence his knowledge of basic first aid treatment. His wife and daughter were killed by zombies early on in the ordeal, and Doug, narrowly escaping the clinic, was forced to pilfer weapons from a local pawn shop. After a long period of trying to stay alive, he eventually recruited several other survivors and established the City's major survivor's camp. He is currently the chief captain of the salvaging teams.

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Name: Johnathan E. Zachfire

Age: 25

Race: Caucasian

Description: Blood red hair; green eyes; wears a suit, fedora hat, and dress shoes

Powers/abilities: blacksmith

Weapons of choice: wooden spear (main weapon); broadsword (secondary weapon); 1 hatchet and 6 knives (last resort)

Weakness: won't kill animals

Bio: When he was younger his father taught him the ways of a blacksmith. When he got older he went insane and began a city massacre (killed everyone in the 600 populated city). The day of his execution the zombie outbreak occurred. The police sent all the condemned prisoners(including him) to fight off the zombies. Johnathan saw the opportunity and escaped leaving his fellow inmate to die. He later went to one of his hideouts and picked up some of his favorite weapons. He then headed off to live alone. After a few years, six months after the fall of government, he found a city out in the distance.

8/12/2010 #3

Name: Jeremiah O'Neil

Age: 38

Race: Black

Description: Large, muscular build; wears heavy riot gear with the NYPD and SWAT logos on it.

Powers/abilities: 1) Kicking zombie ass. 2) Strength and stamina. 3) 20/10 vision and highly acute hearing. 4) Tactical and stealth knowledge.

Weapons of choice (On person): 1) Smith and Wesson .500 (Favorite weapon, now empty. Keeps it for sentimental value.) 2) A 20" Machete (Main weapon) 3) Three FN P90's; with many pre-loaded magazines. (For bringing down large gatherings of zombies. Jeremy usually avoids using them unless it is an absolute emergency.)

Weaknesses: 1) He's a roamer. He does not like to stay in the same place for too long. He has not found a place worth of residence yet. Though he had heard rumors from other travelers of a camp of survivors. 2) Has a son who was deployed to Afghanistan shortly before the outbreak. He does not know whether he is alive or dead. And that causes Jeremiah much emotional pain.

Bio: He was SWAT on the mean streets of New York City. Upon hearing of the outbreak, he stole his riot gear and a few FN P90s and dozens of pre-loaded magazines from his work place, stuffing it all into a large duffel bag over his shoulder. He returned to his inner-city apartment to collect his wife, and found that she had been bitten on the way home. She didn't want to live as one of those things. Eventually, she turned and he had to kill her.

How he escaped Manhattan island is another story.

Suffice it to say, he survived and he fought his way to the camp of survivors.

9/1/2010 #4

Name- Jamey "Betty Crochet" Louis

Gender- Female

Age- 28

Race- Caucasian

Appearance- Adapting to her surroundings, Jamey styled her hair into dreads. Since there aren't any safe bathrooms, Jamey thought the idea of dreads would be a good investment. Keeping them short Jamey pins her hair back with random berates she usually finds in covenant stories or preschools. She wearing ripped shorts (that were once pants) and has sown pockets onto the new shorts and a red long sleeved shirt. A boonie knife hangs on her belt loop of her pants along with her Aviator sunglasses. She quickly ruins her shoes since she's constantly on the move. At the moment she's wearing a pair of different colored rain boots.

Jamey's eyes are sea foam green and lightly tanned skin. A long scar decorates her outer right thigh. Light pink lips and a muscular body, she's one of the many surviving woman to not irritate.

Personality- A cocky bitch, who has a bitter attitude against strangers. She's also sarcastic and a bit charming. Jamey follows her instincts, which has kept her alive for 2 years. Many people don't enjoy having Jamey around; the woman could hardly care for the well being of others. If able to stand her, Jamey is very friendly and keeps to herself.

Occupation before the outbreak- Bio Chemistry Assistant (Student) and a auto mechanic.

Weapons- Hand gun, boonie knife, anything she can find, SMA weapons.

Strengths- Instincts, upper body strength, mechanic skills, and common sense.

Weaknesses- watching people being turned.

Bio- Jamey was once a Bio Chemistry Assistant working for her PHD in Science at the University of Oregon. She also worked part time as a mechanic with her Dad, Carol Louis. Once the epidemic hit, her and her Dad moved away from the city and headed to the HighDesert (Eastern Oregon) where there were less people. Less then a year, her Dad Carol fell ill and died. Having the knowledge to build bombs and fix cars, Jamey was fixed for her short life. Traveling throughout the states she has befriended many people and has looted houses for food.

9/14/2010 #5

Name:Max Nelson



Description:Wavy blue hair;red eyes;Wears a black trench coat;jeans;wears a red shirt

Powers/abilities:Can climb buildings and jump from roof to roof.


Weaknesses:His dear memories of his loved ones

Bio:Before the tragedy,he was a boy who was related with a 1947 assassin.Everybody in his school called him "the wall climbing idiot" except for a girl named Trisha Angelina.He was in love with her only to find out she died in the virus.When he got home,everybody was dead. He now seeks revenge

2/8/2011 #6
Jack Bryre

Name: Veronica "Vera" Leeson

Age: 21

Race: Eurasian

Description: Dark brown hair with vivid purple streaks; brown eyes; enjoys black combat boots, torn jeans, and punk-ish shirts; has a nose piercing; often wears dark lipstick

Powers/abilities: Big Guns Expert

Weapons of choice: Combat shotgun, flamethrower, chainsaw, pretty much anything that can decapitate/dismember a zombie in a bloody, gory mess

Weaknesses: She's fiercely loyal to her group, and has personally vowed to leave none of them behind

Bio: Vera was a college dropout who got a job at a fast food joint, where she unhappily worked for about a year or so. When the zombies came, he snatched up the opportunity to round a few friends and headed straight for a hardware store before coming to the Camp. Ever since then, she's established the Rampage team, a group specially dedicated to the killing of zombies so as to keep populations under control in certain areas.

2/19/2011 #7

Name: Bente Howard

Age: 23

Race: Mixed Nigerian and Egyptian.

Description:Curly black hair in a tight bun; black eyes; Has a lip ring; Wears a black tank top, khaki cargo pants, and faded pink converse.

Powers/abilities: Fast

Weapons of choice: A 9mm, or a sawed off shotgun. For close range, she'll use a machete.

Weaknesses: Not strong as far as upper body goes, so she'll have to hack at a zombie a few times before she kills it.

Bio: Had a track scholarship, and was in her final year of college. She planned to go to law school, but then the zombies came, and she fled her campus with a few friends, all of whom were killed and subsequently turned. She's salvaged her weapons from various houses before finally making it to camp. Is determined not to be useless, and tries to help out in any way she can.

6/29/2011 #8

Name: Ava Rain

Age: 17

Race: Caucasian. She has been infected by the disease though, she looks sick but she hadn't have enough of the poison to die.

Description: Red hair with black highlights running through it. She wears blue jeans, rips and tears in them from previous fights. She wears a 'Three Days Grace' band T-Shirt, with black worn out sneakers on her feet. At her side she carries a Katana, a small one but still something.

Powers/abilities: Upper body strength, she is fast when it comes to handling weapons. She is good with weapons, in a sense.

Weapons of choice: A smaller built Katana that she found on the streets.

Weaknesses: Prone to disease, easily infected, weak immune system.

Bio: Ava keeps to herself, she really doesn't trust anyone and is very scared of the outcome if someone finds out she has been infected by the disease. She doesn't remember much of her past life, no memories are left in her mind, she believe the infection has knocked out her since of past. She does remember having an older brother, he used to beat her at night when he had the chance but then apologize as if he had no idea what had gotten into himself. She can hardly remember life without the zombies but now works to kill them and find a way to cure herself before it's to late.

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