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Jack Bryre

A large table is situated in the midde of the room, this being surrounded by an odd assortment of missmatched chairs and stools. Maps, photos, notes, and a variety of important documents are plastered all over the walls, and a few filing cabinets have been shoved into the corners. A projecter hangs from the ceiling, aimed at a screen on the far wall, this capable of being pulled down as needed.

8/9/2010 #1

(coming from: Camp:Cafeteria)

Johnathan entered the war room. He looked around a bit, trying to find Vera. He spotted her standing next to a map by herself. Johnathan approached her and said, "Excuse me, Vera. I'm Johnathan, and I would like to join the Rampage team."

2/20/2011 #2
Jack Bryre

Vera looked up from the paper map she had spread out on the table, a lit cigarette dangling limply from one hand. "Oh yeah?" she said, giving him a critical look up and down. "And just what makes you think you'd be tough enough to get in, kid?"

2/21/2011 #3

"Who are you calling a kid, Missy," Johnathan said. "I'm pretty sure I'm older than you. And for your information I have been fighting these zombies with knives and a spear since they have shown up. I don't use long range weapons, they're not as personal."

2/21/2011 #4
Jack Bryre

"We got ourselves a lively one, now don't we?" Vera suddenly cracked a grin and stuck the cigarette in her mouth. "Alright, listen up 'cause I'm only sayin' this once. If you want in, you're gonna have to prove yourself. If you want to prove yourself, I'm gonna have to see you in action. Seeing you in action means getting you out on the field, and that means putting my crew in danger for the sake of keeping an eye on you. But, if what you say about the 'up close and personal' thing is true, then I think we're gonna get along juuuuuust fine. Just don't call me Missy. Ever," she added, shooting him a no-nonsense kind of look.

2/22/2011 #5

"It's okay if some of the others get killed while I'm trying to prove myself," Johnathan said, "I mean if I survived and they didn't, then they were too weak. And in plus I have never felt bad about seeing humans, or Z's, die in front of me."

2/22/2011 #6
Jack Bryre

"First lesson," ground out Vera coldly. "It is never okay when someone on my team gets killed. All of those men and women under my command are damn fine individuals with more guts 'n most of those wasteland assholes out there could ever dream of rivaling. You can stomach a bit of blood and gore, fine. That's the easy part. But you need to learn loyalty, and you need to learn respect. Otherwise you can go ahead and take a hike. Got it?"


(From the Camp: Cafeteria)

At that moment, Doug strode in, a little cloud of concern hanging over his head. He halted as soon as he saw Vera and the thunderous expression on her face. That didn't look good. The beleagered medic bit his lip and debated as to whether or not he should step in and prevent Vera from causing any major damage. Johnathan was walking a very fine line, but then again, if the man played it right he would be able to make it onto the Rampage team - no easy feat.

Please don't let him screw this up... Doug chanted in his head.

2/23/2011 #7

"Loyalty," Johnathan began, "is an illusion that is created when others follow you and help you. It crumbles under pressure, for example your completely surrounded by Z's with no ammo or weapons and the so called 'loyal' teammates you got have none either. So they will run from there leaving you to die. Respect on the other hand is a bit different. That is something you gain and earn after hard work and dedication. I don't respect anyone until after I see that they can fight and survive on their own." Johnathan finished with a smile.

2/24/2011 . Edited 2/24/2011 #8
Jack Bryre

"Illusion? Not here," countered Vera in a defiant tone, pausing to take a drag from her cigarette. "Elsewhere, yes, definitely. I've been put in situations where others cut and ran at the first sign of trouble, and you know what? A lot of people died 'cause of that. But the rampage team? It's different. Rampage sticks together, end of story. Loyalty and respect... what's his name again?" The last question was aimed at Doug, who forced himself not to avert his eyes from Vera's intense gaze.

"Johnathan," he answered after clearing his throat.

"Loyalty and respect, Johnny-boy," she continued, "are the two main things that make up Rampage. Question the first one if you want; you don't stick out a limb for us, we won't stick out any limbs for you. Easy as that." Then, with a deft movement, the woman removed the cigarette from her mouth and dropped it onto the concrete floor before stamping it out with her foot. "Now time to earn that respect, kid."

She pulled down a paper map of the city and pointed at an area in one of the many pockets of residential developments. "We clear this place out so the scavenging team can access the PowerMart down by Bayside Avenue. Kill zombies, no looting, never enter a building alone, blah, blah, blah, and all of that crap. Comprende?"

5/13/2011 #9

"Not spanish." Johnathan said making a stupid comeback, "But just killing Z's? That I can do, nothing is easier. Well, probably except pissing you off."

5/14/2011 #10
Jack Bryre

Vera narrowed her eyes slightly, but not enough to be noticeable. This kid was definitely going to be a pain in the ass to deal with, she decided, but he looked able, and able was always welcome on Rampage. "We'll be luring them in with firecrackers," she said, ignoring the jibe. "The pack's gonna get bad about five minutes after we set the distraction off, but after that if we're all still alive it should be smooth sailing from there – provided nobody does anything stupid, that is. Doug, you tagging along? You look like shit by the way."

"Gee thanks," he said, smiling slightly. He didn't doubt the last statement, however, tired and unclean as he was. "But no thanks. I need some shuteye before going to check on the rest of camp operations. You two have fun, and don't kill each other, alright?" With that, he attempted to smooth his hair back before striding (a bit unsteadily) out of the War Room.

(To the Camp: Barracks)

5/18/2011 #11

Johnathan nodded. "Fire crackers, huh? I suppose that is better than just wasting ammunition." He waved a goodbye to Doug as he left. "The Z's wouldn't be able to get passed me so easily, I'm not worried about how many there are, just as long as the team is capable of killing them."

5/18/2011 #12
Jack Bryre

"Is that doubt I detect?" A sudden, amused smile formed itself on Vera's lips as she lifted a sawed-off shotgun from its location leaning against the wall. She rested the barrel over her shoulder and strode casually past Johnathan. "Let's hope you're ready kid, 'cause you're about to see first-hand what Rampage is capable of."

5/20/2011 #13

"I don't doubt anything until I see exactly what its is." Johnathan said glancing atVera as she passed by. "Let's hope they're as good as you say they are."

5/20/2011 #14
Jack Bryre

Vera merely smiled and strode out of the room, her mood visibly improving at the prospect of massacring zombies.

(To Downtown: Residential District)

7/2/2011 #15

Johnathan followed briefly behind her. He had seen fighters mainly to kill zombies, but they all died eventually.

(To Downtown: Residential District)

7/10/2011 #16
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