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Jack Bryre

The hospital, though practically overflowing with useful supplies, sits empty and desolate, devoid of anything except the undead. It is located in one of the more dangerous zones of the City, and many a good team has been lost whilst attempting to retrieve supplies from the maze of hallways. Enter if you dare, for you may never come out again...

8/26/2010 #1
Jack Bryre

(Comes from Camp: Barracks)

Doug crept carefully through the parking lot of the hospital, being careful to weave between the cars. Night was beginning to fall, and the increasing shadows provided excellent cover for him. Pausing by an overturned bus, he quietly cocked his gun and surveyed the area for the undead. So far, there were none visible, but no doubt they were lurking, waiting for a victim. Hopefully today, they wouldn't get one, but out here, one could never be sure...

8/26/2010 #2

(Comes from Camp: Barracks)

Johnathan quickly, but silently foolowed doug to the hospital. Once he reached the bus he slowed down, breathed deeply, and gripped his spear tighter. He could swear he could hear the laughter of the Z's, calling them fools. He prepared himself in case of an attack. Then looked at Doug to enter the building.

8/27/2010 #3
Jack Bryre

"Right, let's go," whispered Doug. He took a deep breath then, keeping low to the ground, he made a quick dash to the wide-open doors. He paused, then signaled for Johnathan to follow suit. Then, cautiously, he peered into the lobby. So far, nothing, but that could change at a moment's notice. "Right," he murmured, "we need stuff like morphine, rubbing alcohol, bandages, anything that can be used to help the medical staff and scientists back at camp. Also, I'm pretty sure they were running tests on the infected, so they might have some usable samples around. Look for stuff like that, and stick close!" With that, he started down the hallway, eyes and ears open to detect the first signs of trouble.

8/30/2010 #4

Johnathan was following closely. He looked to his left and right, then put his gaurd down. "Hey," he whispered, "does this place have an underground facility to test medication, or is it around one of the patients room?" He began, unknowingly, to slightly drag his spear.

8/31/2010 #5
Jack Bryre

"As far as I know," whispered Doug, "they stored bodies underground. You know, the patients that didn't make it." He stopped suddenly, and aimed his weapon at the next hallway. From the left, there was the sound of feet shuffling unsteadily toward them. "Dammit," he thought, drawing his tanto from its sheath. Stealth was critical, and a gunshot would bring zombies running from every direction - AKA, a worst-case scenario. He gave a quick glance back at Johnathon, nodded once in confirmation, then waited for the zombie to round the corner.

8/31/2010 . Edited 8/31/2010 #6

Johnathan saw that Doug was preparing for something so, his intuition was to get ready. He lifted his spear, holding it at his waist, for maximum damage. Just as the Z turned the corner, he, without thinking, quickly threw his spear. Luckily it hit the target, right in the middle of the forehead. The Z fell to the ground without a sound. Johnathan glad of his kill, moved forward, removed the spear from the Z, turned to look at Doug, then gave a smile of victory. "That is how you do it," he said proudly.

9/1/2010 #7
Jack Bryre

Doug gave Johnathan a look of approval and admiration. "Nicely done," he said, holstering his gun and creeping forward with his tanto out. "Let's head to the East wing and check things out there. We wanna avoid the West wing at all costs." With that, he started off down the hallway again, being careful to skirt around the now truly dead zombie.

9/5/2010 #8

Johnathan smiled and continued walking. "I'm guessing that the West wing is the red zone inside this red zone." He took out one of his knives and rolled up his sleeve, revealing hundreds or thousands of scars. He put the knife to his arm, gave himself another cut, and then he put it away.

9/7/2010 #9
Jack Bryre

Doug gave Johnathan a slightly weird look as the survivor cut himself, but he didn't say anything on the subject. "West Wing's where they specifically kept the infected they treated. That's why there're a lot in that area. Anyone venturing in is either brave, stupid, or has a death wish." The medic-turned-soldier paused at a swinging door before venturing to open it. The room was clear, so he entered and started sorting through supplies. A bottle of rubbing alchohol here, a few bandages there... It wasn't much, really, but every bit would help. So far things were turning out alright - the previous times he and his crews had been here, they'd had to hack, blow, shoot, and bludgeon their way through large crowds of the undead, which only ended up attracting more and this in turn led to catastrophic results. No, stealth would be critical here. That, and being able to find the necessary supplies so the scientists back at base could attempt to find a cure, or at the very least a means to stop the virus.

9/11/2010 #10

Johnathan stood near the doorway, keeping a look out. He peered over his shoulder, to see what Doug was doing. "If we find many good objects to carry out of here, how are we going to carry it all?" He then froze up as he heard the small wimper of a hurt dog echo down the halls.

9/15/2010 #11
Jack Bryre

"Well, I was hoping maybe we could steal and ambulance or something. Just load everything in and away we-" He halted in mid-sentence, listening hard. It was faint, granted, but real. The sound of an animal. "Should we...?" he breathed, his hand still poised to shove a roll of gauze into his bag. Animals - the domesticated kind - were a commodity when you could find them, which was rarely. Dogs especially were useful "zombie radars." Then again, it was one more mouth to feed, one more liability to the group...

9/17/2010 #12

Johnathan started to panic, he rubbed his arm constantly, and breathing heavyly. "Did hear that dog? It sounded in pain. We should do something, go help it. Oh god, the poor dog." Before any confirmation, he started running down the hall in search of the dog.

9/18/2010 #13
Jack Bryre

"Johnathan...? Johnathan, wai-!" But Johnathan was already gone, the doors swinging open and shut in his wake. Doug bit his lip, then decisively shoved the rest of the useful stuff in his duffel bag. Separation was bad. He needed to find Johnathan ASAP. Thus, shouldering his bag, he too ran in the direction of the whimpering noises.

9/19/2010 #14

Johnathan as fast as he could through the giant maze of the hospitals corridors. He was ready to shout for the dog, but remembered in time that this was a stealth mission and he didn't want to mess it up. He reached the source of the whimpering noises, it was inside a semi-closed push closet. there were five Z's at the door trying to get in. Johnathan looked back to see if Doug was there, he was still a bit behind, so he took initiativeand attacked the Z's. He threw his spear at the first Z, missing it completely, then unsheathing his broadsword, decapitating two of them at the same time. The other three, still stupid, continued to try to get the dog, which made it easier to take off there heads. Except when it came to the last one, it ducked, well fell due to the fact that's its legs wore out. Then with a single stab straight through the back of its head, cutting the cerebellum and medulla, the Z finally went to rest.

9/19/2010 #15
Jack Bryre

Doug tried hard to muffle the sound of his boots against the floor, which was hard considering he was running full-tilt after Johnathan. Where'd he go to? He'd lost track of Johnathan after the first few corridors or so, but he could still hear him a little ways off. The bulk of the duffel bag banged against his thigh, and he winced as its contents clunked loudly. Not good.

He rounded a corner, expecting to see Johnathan some ways ahead - but instead ran smack into a zombie. The undead thing, unfazed by the sudden impact, grabbed ahold of Doug's shirt with hands like iron and pulled the man close, trying to get at his neck with its teeth. Doug could smell its rotted, putrid breath and tried not to gag. Instead, he instintively lashed out with his foot, sending the foul thing to the ground. Momentarily distracted, it loosened its grip on Doug's shirt, giving him enough time to draw the tanto and drive it through the thing's eye socket. Blood and fluid spurted out as it convulsed several times before hitting the ground, dead for good, and starting a dark red puddle that stained the floor. Doug grimaced as he pulled his weapon out, wiping the stained blade on the zombie's shirt, and then started once more in Johnathan's direction. Finally, he saw the man ahead at the entrance to what looked like a closet, the floor littered with several dead zombies.

"You all right?" asked Doug, nervously glancing the way he'd come too see if the zombies had any friends that were about to join the party. So far, nothing.

9/21/2010 #16

Johnatahn has just finished cutting himself again, covered before Doug came by. He turned around, looked at Doug, and smiled. "Yeah, you couldn't of came at a better timing. I think that there is something stoping the door, the Z's tried to get in but it wouldn't budge. Sorry about running off, but it's sort of a weakness." He sheathed his sword and picked his spear from down the hall.

9/22/2010 #17
Jack Bryre

Doug shrugged. "'s all right. Now about the door, you said it's stuck?" he walked over and gave an experimental push, but it was firmly wedged. The wimpering noises continued. "We'll have to pull outward then. Or pry it open somehow," he said with resolve. There was a piece of wood conveniently nearby, which Doug picked up and wedged into the crack of the door. He then levered the wood, and the door budged slightly. With a bit more force, the door let out an alarming crack as hinges were forced in a direction they normally wouldn't move. Doug stopped for a moment and checked to see if Johnathan was looking out for zombies. Then, in a final, decisive motion, the doors were forced open enough that one could squeeze their way into the closet. Carefully laying the wood to the side, Doug gestured at the opening.

"After you."

9/24/2010 #18

Johnathan gave a slight bow for courtesy. He peered inside the room and noticed that there was a metal bookshelf that has fallen, which was the reason the door was stuck. Under it was a German Shepard, its leg was stuck. Once the dog spotted him, it started to bark loudly. Instead of worrying for Z's to come, he just smiled and bent over to the dog. In a few moments the dog stopped barking, and started licking his face. "Don't worry man, she's a good doggy" he said joyfully. At this moment he stood up and lifted the metal case just enough for the dog to get out. "You know, I'm going to call her Joy. For she's the best dog in the world. Yes you are, yes you are." Johnathan turned around and looked at Doug, "Umm, let's go, I'm sure some Z's must of heard the barks." And he started walking, with Joy by his side, down the hall.

9/27/2010 #19
Jack Bryre

Doug gave a quick peek into the closet, but it appeared anything of use had been already taken from it. Quickly readjusting his bag so it was settled more comfortably on his shoulder, he followed after Johnathan and Joy.

"Do you want to try for the samples lab next?" he asked after they'd done a quick sweep of a few rooms, picking up a bunch more medical supplies but nothing remotely related to the spread of the virus. Joy seemed happy enough, and had indeed proven useful in warning the two men about the approach of any undead. She especially seemed to have taken a liking to Johnathan.

9/28/2010 #20

"I guess, but I think we should only do one lab. It's been a long time since they were probably used, the doctors, or whoever, might of taken some. In plus if there are samples there are bound to be Z's there. And if experience serves me right, we probably would need to get to the camp before dark." Johnathan replied.

After a terrible experience during the begging of the crisis, when he was out after dark with two other people, the Z's ambushed them killing the other two while he barley escaped. Z's were more of a threat in the dark since humans couldn't see, and they sense every movement.

9/30/2010 #21
Jack Bryre

Doug nodded. "Fair enough." He glanced briefly out a window and saw the shadows were beginning to lengthen. Yes, it would be getting dark soon, and getting caught out in a red zone at night would be a very bad thing indeed. "It's a bit strange, though," remarked Doug as the trio navigated the halls, "there haven't been nearly as many zombies that we've encountered than when teams were sent in. I wonder why that is..."

And then, in an instant when they rounded a corner, they discovered why.

This particular hallway had floor to ceiling glass windows on one side, looking down on the parking lot. Some of the windows were smashed, but most were intact. This was irrelevant, however. It was the sight of what lay beyond the windows that was sending chills down Doug's back. Zombies. Tons of them. They stumbled, dragged, and shoved their way though the hoard, all steadily making their way over the open space and among the long-abandoned vehicles towards the hospital. If one thing was for sure, there were far too many of them for Doug and Johnathan to fight off alone.

10/1/2010 #22

Johnathan stared out the window in disbelief. There were so many Z's, many more than he has ever seen. "Well, I hope the Labs are close by, if not we're as good as dead." Johnathan said. He stated twitching, reminding him of all the killings that he did. "So which way is it, or do we get out of here?"

10/1/2010 #23
Jack Bryre

Doug forced himself to tear his eyes away from the horrifying scene and started moving rapidly down the hall. "A few vials are all the scientists want at this point. Documents are a bonus, but just grab anything you can, and make sure you keep Joy close. We need to grab stuff and head to wherever it is they store the ambulances, fast."

The tanto was slid back into its sheath, and Doug took out his Ruger MP9, which he'd been saving up to this point. There was no reason to utilize stealth now; for one reason or another, their position had been compromised. Speed was now their best hope of getting out of there alive.

"This way!" he called, beckoning for Johnathan to follow. The trio dived through a swinging door, and Doug opened fire on the few zombies that were shambling around the room. Not checking to see if he'd gotten all of them, he then flung open a cabinet and started loading his bag with the vials that were being stored there. A few evaded his grasp and smashed on the floor, but Doug didn't have enough time to even so much as curse. Instead, he immediately started cramming the bag with the papers that were scattered around on the counters. A medical lamp fell over somewhere behind him, making a large clattering sound, and Joy was barking fiercely at something. Doug estimated they had less than five minutes before the horde closed in on them. Now, every second counted.

10/2/2010 #24

Johnathan followed Doug, killing the Z's that Doug might of just knocked over. He started searching everywhere within the lab, grabbing stuff that he saw without thinking. Then Joy started barking, he knew what it meant, which also meant Doug knew what it meant. As he turned around to check on the exit, he felt the floor to move a bit. The foundation was finally crumbling in on itself. he looked over at Doug who was still trying to get as much as he could. "Man, this place is crumbling down. Let's get out of here."

Just as he finished speaking, a small hole just opened from the ground where Joy was standing. She never had a chance, she fell into a hoard of Z's on the floor beneath. She tried fighting them off but there were to many. There were barks and screeches of pain, but Johnathan knew he couldn't do much. He cursed at himself for not doing anything. He got over the lose when his brain started working properly, headed towards the door, and waited for Doug.

10/3/2010 #25
Jack Bryre

Doug let loose a stream of colorful language as he turned around to see a hole in the floor where Joy had previously been. Years of neglect had apparently taken their toll on the hospital's structure. It was just lucky that neither Johnathan or Doug had fallen through the hole in the floor.

With a final sweeping motion, the medic filled his bag with samples and struggled to close the zipper, all the meanwhile headed towards the door. "Ambulance," was all he said before, slightly breathless, he made his way back into the hallways. Already, it was percolating through his mind that maybe this operation hadn't been such a good idea after all, but it was too late to turn back.

10/4/2010 #26

Johnathan hurried down the halls to reach the ambulances. There were a few Z'salong the way, nothing they couldn't handle. he was attacking more fierce than before, due to the fact of losing Joy. he went on recklessly decapitating Z's, almost hitting Doug a few times. When the reached outside there were Z's everywhere. Johnathan spotted an ambulence, with minimal amount of Z's.

"Hey, over there. It could be our ticket out of here!"

10/5/2010 #27
Jack Bryre

Doug gave a nod of confirmation and mowed down a line of zombies that was blocking the path to the ambulance. Then, with a rough motion, he swung open the back door and waited for Johnathan to jump in before he followed suit. When he closed the door again, they were plunged into a sort of gloom, the only light coming from the windows, and that was becoming faint. "Can you shoot a gun?" he asked Johnathan, but didn't wait for a reply. Instead, he shoved his pistol into the man's hands. "I want it back later," he cautioned, before crawling into the driver's seat. By some miracle, the keys were still in the ignition, so Doug wouldn't need to hot-wire it. He twisted the keys, hoping, praying, that the ambulance would start.

It sputtered, but didn't.

He tried again, with a wrenching motion, and silently goaded the engine. There was a tense moment when he thought it would fail for a second time. Then, much to his relief, the headlights flared to life, illuminating the zombies in front of them brightly. "Showtime," muttered Doug. Then, putting it into drive, he floored the gas.

10/6/2010 #28

Johnathan confusedly looked at the gun, the first time he actually held one. Then he fell back as the vehicule started moving. he could hear the bumps and the splatters of the Z's on the ambulance. Slowly he headed to the front, and sat down on in the passengers seat.

"A little warning would of been nice, but any way how long until camp, I'm beat." He opened the window and fired a shot, which actually hit one, did it die, probably not.

10/6/2010 #29
Jack Bryre

The ambulance shivered and jolted as it slammed into the wave of the undead and cut a swath of destruction through the crowd. Doug gritted his teeth as he saw that the way they needed to go was hopelessly blocked. "Damn!" he said, swerving suddenly and racing away to the exit at the other end of the parking lot. "At this rate, we might not get there until morning. If we're lucky. We're gonna have to find our way back to the police barrier that cuts the city in half, and try to find a drive in point." He smiled grimly. "Funny that the thing that was protecting us before is now just an inconvenience."

10/7/2010 #30
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