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Jack Bryre

During the initial spread of the virus, officials of the City attempted to halt its progress by quarantining half the city and setting up a defensive line to hold back the infected and undead. For a while, it seemed that the tactic would work. However, protecting such a large area proved a much too difficult task, and infected slipped through anyway, leading to the decimation of most of the City's population, despite the efforts. In most places, however, the barrier still remains and can be used as a defensive position by survivors when necessary. It also acts as an indication for the division of red, or heavily populated, zones, and the less dangerous yellow and green zones.

10/7/2010 #1
Jack Bryre

(Coming from Kingleigh Memorial Hospital)

Doug braked as the ambulance approached the Barrier, and he took the time to check the rear-view mirrors to see if any undead had followed them. It appeared that the horde had been left behind, but nevertheless Doug didn't have any intentions to stick around for very long. Turning left, he continued down the lifeless streets, keeping the Barrier to the right and keeping an eye out for a way through that wasn't completely choked off by abandoned vehicles.

10/28/2010 #2

(Coming from Kingleigh Memorial Hospital)

Johnathan awoke from his sleep. He looked around, noticing that there were no z's in sight. He was relieved at the thought, although he would like to kill more. He steched and yawned as he got confortable in his seat.

"Did I do anything wierd in my sleep?" he asked.

10/30/2010 #3
Jack Bryre

Doug shrugged. "Not really," he said, looking briefly at the needle indicating how full the gas tank was. It was a bit too low for Doug's liking. "Looks like we need some gas," he mumbled, skirting around a building that had collapsed at some point or another, spilling debris onto one side of the road. "Tell me if you spot a gas station that doesn't look like it's already been looted."

11/2/2010 #4

Johnathan chuckled at Dougs last comment. "Not looted? Ha, that's a good one. We are in a city that is full of z's, the probability of finding a gas station that's not looted is a thousand to one. Tell you what if we happen to find one, I'll give you a free beer." He then glanced out the window, then hit his head on it. "Found one," he said depressed, "it's not too bad in shape just got to fight one or two z's. It's right there." he pointed to it, halfway down the street.

11/3/2010 #5
Jack Bryre

Doug looked where Johnathan had indicated, and sure enough, there was a relatively intact-looking gas station. Hope renewed, Doug accelerated, smashing into a Z that was unfortunate enough to be wandering around the area of the gas pumps, and killed the engine once he'd pulled up to the pump marked "Diesel."

"You wanna go in and see what the station's got?" asked Doug, unhooking the pump and popping over the gas cover on the ambulance. "I'll catch up with you in a minute and we can see what there is to snag."

11/4/2010 #6

"Sure, no problem" he replied and entered the store. He searched the store, it looked completley intact, he couldn't believe it. He rushed to check the beers, they were cold. He almost laughed. While scanning the store for any other thing he might find interesting, he stuffed his pockets with candy and chips. Behind the counter he found why the store was still running, it had a generator running it, but there were no people. He went to check the "employees only" place, but it was locked, and good thing since he could hear moaning on the other side.

11/5/2010 #7
Jack Bryre

Squeezing the trigger, Doug started the gas pump and satisfactorily watched as it pumped liquid into the ambulance's gas tank. Gas! How long had it been since he could just walk into a gas station and get a full tank? Running a hand through his hair, he sighed. Too long. While he let the pump run, he grabbed his tanto and followed Johnathan inside to see what could be found. He almost burst into hysterics when he saw how pristine the place was, neat to the point where it was alien to him. Things like this just didn't exist any more.

"Jackpot!" exclaimed, giving a large grin. "Boy, do I feel like a kid in a candy store. And... wait a minute, are the fridges actually cold?!" He didn't wait for Johnathan's reply, but strode over and checked. Yup. Looked like pretty much everything in here would be good to take. "Alrighty," he said, taking off his backpack, which was already brimming with medical supplies. He started cramming in what he could fit: lighters, food, duct tape, whatever could prove useful in the long run, which was basically everything here. When he could no longer fit things into his backpack, he started using the many pockets in his pants and jacket.

"Looks like some people were holed up in here for a while," Doug said, finally reaching the counter. "Generator's a testament to that - by the way, I'm gonna need your help to haul it out." Happily, he lifted a shotgun out from behind the counter, along with a box of shells. "You do the honors," he said with a gesture at the cash register.

11/6/2010 #8

Johnathan opened the cash register. There were only 20 dolloars including change. disappointed in the amount of change he threw the cash register on the ground, breaking it, and revealing a letter. He picked it up, but didnt feel like reading it, so he handed it to Doug. "Well, since there was nothing important in there, I guess I'll carry the generator."

11/7/2010 #9
Jack Bryre

"You take this side, then," said Doug, taking hold of one of the handles on the side. Together, the two men hauled the machine out and, after a bit of trouble, managed to get it into the rear area of the ambulance. "What about the back room?" asked the medic as he leaned against the side of the ambulance while examining the shotgun he'd procured. "There could be some inventory back there..."

11/8/2010 #10

Johnathan removed two knives, and with a devilish smile he said "I heard moaning from the back door. So give me five minutes, and then we will find out. But just in case, load that gun ok?" He headed to the door where the moanings intesified from last time. He carefully unlocked the door, then backed away as it burst opened. There were atleast 15 z's fully intact, and 10 that were crawling. He began to slash them, all non-lethal, just to back them up. When a z fell near a little package with a blinking light. Johnathan checked it out an noticed that it was C4, designed to explode incase the door opened. "FUUUUUUCCCCKKK!!!" He screamed as he ran out. "C4, bomb, this enitre place will explode! Start the car!"

11/8/2010 #11
Jack Bryre

Doug, who had been working on filling containers with gasoline while Johnathan went inside, looked up as Johnathan practically burst through the front doors. "WHAT?!" he yelled as he heard a jumbled rush of words that suddenly gave him the impression that this would be a very bad place to be, very soon. Quickly capping the last container, he threw it into the back, shut the doors, and practically dived into the ambulance. As Johnathan clambered in, he jerked the key in the ignition and the vehicle roared to life. Then putting it out of park, Doug floored the gas.

There was the smell of burning rubber as the ambulance jerked forward, then started gaining speed. In the midst of a sharp turn, there was a heart-stopping moment when it seemed the ambulance might flip onto its side. Almost an eternity later, the truck corrected itself, and they tore off down the street again - just in time. Behind them, an explosion ripped out the rear of the gas station, undoubtedly taking out any zombies in the vicinity. Only moments afterward there was another, larger explosion, this time looking much more like something Hollywood would have staged. Fire roiled into the sky, accompanied by a cloud of thick, black smoke that obscured the canopy of the night sky. Doug blinked at the sight of the flaming wreckage in the rear-view mirror, the brightness of the flames contrasting immensely with the darkness.

"Well," said the medic, feeling very worn out at this point. He switched on the headlights and settled back in his seat. "That went well. Sort of."

11/8/2010 #12

Johnatahn was out of breath from the running and the shock. It had been a while since he last saw a fire, even less an explosion. "It could have gone better. I just only wished that the survivors that were there would at least leave a warning for us. Oh well, we're safe now, we got great stuff, and we're heading back." Johnathan pulled out a bag of sour gummyworms. "Want one?"

11/10/2010 #13
Jack Bryre

Doug's eyes widened at the sight of the sugar-coated, artificially-flavored candy that was dangling from Johnathan's fingers. "Who wouldn't?" he exclaimed, happily accepting it from him. As soon as he crammed the sweet into his mouth, a blast of sweet and tangy flavors exploded on his tongue and he chewed slowly, enjoying the taste to its last. "Jeez, I'd be going into red zones more often if there was stuff this good around. Speaking of that, maybe you should take inventory. But only if you feel up to it," he added, noticing that Johnathan wasn't looking all too good at this point.

11/10/2010 #14

Johnathan Stared at Doug in disgust. "Inventory? Really? I think not. Let some other fool do it. We've been out for far to long." Johnathan took a handful of gummy worms and shoved in his mouth. He was acting like a spoiled child, and began to pout. "Inventory is for losers."

11/11/2010 #15
Jack Bryre

"Suit yourself," said Doug, shrugging. "Hey, here we go," he added, noticing a gap in the Barrier that didn't seem to be hopelessly obstructed. Gently easing the ambulance through the gap, he found himself looking at a veritable sea of cars that stretched on for several blocks. One or two lower-level undead were shambling around, and didn't really seem to notice the presence of the vehicle as it eased its way onto the sidewalk and started off down the street again, every moment bringing the two men back towards the camp, and safety.

11/12/2010 #16

"Finally, were going to have some silence, and security." Johnathan was ready to get back and hit the bed. "Nothing is going to stop us from getting back now. Full tank of gas, the vehicule is in decent shape, and no sign of any Zs."

11/13/2010 #17
Jack Bryre

"Let's not draw to conclusions," said Doug, finally navigating back onto the street. "We're not there until we're actually there. Until then, anything could happen. Just saying..."

11/16/2010 #18

"Are you trying to jinx us? We are safe in this car. The camp shouldn't be to far away. We're armed, protected, and can kick serouis Z butts. So don't try to get freaked out over nothing, OK?" Johnathan peered out of the window, spotting the smoke from the fire over the buildings.

11/17/2010 #19
Jack Bryre

"Guess you have a point..." said Doug, and he settled back into his seat, concentrating on the road. The headlights of the ambulance bounced off of objects and buildings in the dark, and Doug was starting to get tired. He started veering a bit, and had to pinch himself to get himself concentrating again. Soon, he thought. We'll be back soon, and then we can rest... for a while, at least."

11/19/2010 #20

Johnathan noticed that Doug was getting tired and having a hard time to stay awake. it would be stupid to let him continue driving in this state."Ok, times up. My turn to drive. You're too tired." Without waiting for a confirmation, like if he ever waits, he pulled Doug out of the seat and placed himself in it instead. This of course almost caused the vehicule to ram into a building. Johnathan steered it out of the way just in time, although it did leave a couple of scratches.

11/19/2010 #21
Jack Bryre

Doug may not have wanted to admit it, but he was secretly relieved that Johnathan had taken over. He reclined in the passenger seat and allowed himself to close his eyes, relaxing for the first time since their misadventure at the hospital. It had been a rough day, what with the food run, the worrying, and then the horde of the living dead that had almost done him and Johnathan in. We're alive, the reassured himself. Alive, and loaded with supplies. We're fine.

Briefly, he opened his eyes and looked out the window, at the streets they were driving down. The area was familiar now: they weren't far from camp. With a relieved sigh, he let himself drift off, if only temporarily.

(Leaves to: Camp: Exterior/The Wall)

11/22/2010 #22

Johnathan started to remember what the streets looked like, and began to drive a bit faster. "We're almost there." he whispered to himself trying not to wake Doug who seemed to be relaxing. He was actually almost jumping for joy. He also felt, since a long time, that he was accepted by a society. By now he could see the walls of the camp and smiled.

(Leaves to: Camp: Exterior/The Wall)

11/22/2010 #23
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