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Jack Bryre

An antiseptic smell pervades throughout the place, as the place has to be as sanitary as possible. Various cots are lined up against the wall, with a somewhat crude but effective frame of PVC pipe surrounding them. From the PVC piping hangs shower curtains, as to provide patients with privacy. A thick doorway leads to the operation room, while a large white cabinet with a glass front holds various medical supplies. Connected to this is the lab where the few scientists able to make it to the Camp are currently working hard at developing a cure.

12/9/2010 #1
Jack Bryre

(Coming from: Camp: Exterior/The Wall)

Doug tottered in and headed to the nurse's station, a small white table where a woman in green scrubs and a medical mask sat flipping through a dog-eared paperback. Upon Doug's approach, she set the book down and beckoned for him to take a seat.

"Been out?" she asked.

Doug nodded in confirmation. "Past the Barrier, up at Kingsleigh. And a gas station, on the way back."

"Have you been wounded?"

"We were lucky that time."

"No bites?"


"Contact with bodily fluids?"


The nurse nodded, took out a clipboard, and scribbled a few things on it. Doug was too lazy to see what she was writing, so he merely sat patiently and waited for the verdict.

12/9/2010 #2
Jack Bryre

"Alright, you're free to go then," said the nurse somewhat coldly. "But before you do, did you bring anyone along?"

Doug hesitated then. On the one hand, there was standard procedure. On the other, he didn't want Johnathan to have to go through the whole examination process, annoying as it was. Doug could slip by quickly and nobody would press the issue further. Anyone else would be thoroughly searched, something that wasn't at all pleasant...

"It was just me," he said, shoving his hands into his pockets. "Silent run. Draws less of them that way."

The nurse nodded and promptly turned back to her book, this giving Doug the message that it was time to go. Just as he walked out, his stomach rumbled slightly, reminding him that the gummies Johnathan had given him were the only thing he'd had to eat in a while. Thus, he decided he'd go get a real meal.

(Leaves to: Camp: Cafeteria)

12/14/2010 #3
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