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I have a couple of local workshops but they're all focused on short stories--which agents can't sell. This is an online, weekly, novel-writing workshop. It is open to everyone.


1. Applications are always welcome. To apply, send a PM to me with the following form filled out:

Nickname (what we should call you):

Novel Title:

Novel Length (in words):

Novel Genre:

Stage of Completion (select one):Incomplete Draft/ Complete Draft/ Subsequent Drafts

Link to Novel Sample on FP (samples should be about one chapter long, or up to 2000 words):

I agree to abide by the rules of The Weather Channel Workshop as outlined in the first post of "The Weather Channel" thread of the fictionpress forum "The Weather Centre", or risk being expelled from the workshop.

Signed,[Your FP Username], ID # [Your FP ID]

2. Weekly sessions will take place at a time that everyone agrees on, using a chat program we all agree on, and will be two hours long, with a 15 minute break in the middle, and 15 minutes allocated to discussing the work of that session's guest participant. This means you must commit to spending two hours of your time every week in workshop, plus reading time for other participants' work. If you can't make a session, let me know beforehand via PM. If you miss two sessions in a row for no reason, you'll be kicked out of the workshop.

3. This thread is open, for anybody to write in, but the topic must be the workshop: discussion of rules, discussion of sessions between sessions, questions to me or to Don, etc. Off topic posts will be moved.

4. The workshop is limited to two separate sessions of five full-time participants each, to allow for people having different time-zones/days available. I'll try to attend both sessions. I'll keep a waiting list of people who want to get in. Check the post below for available spots.

5. If you can't be a full-time participant, you can still attend as a guest participant. Just PM me with the submission form and mention you don't have time to attend every week. Each session will have one spot open for a guest participant, unless the group decides otherwise. The schedule/availabilities will be in the post below.

6. If you plagiarise the work of other members, you will be kicked out IMMEDIATELY of both the workshop and the forum and derided all over the internet. We will make SURE everyone knows how much you suck.

7. This workshop will be based off of professional writers' workshops. That means you'll be required to give tough critique and you'll get tough critique in return. If you're slacking, i.e. just producing puff rather than real critique, you might forfeit your spot in the workshop. We're going to have high expectations of each other, because it's the only way to help each other become better writers.

8. We do not ask that you be at or near pro-quality writing, or that you have any previous qualifications. However, you're expected to be receptive to other workshoppers' opinions, especially if they are more experienced or qualified writers than you are. We welcome discussion and disagreement, but don't be a douche. If you are being snobby to less-experienced writers or being sassy to more-experienced writers, your place in the workshop is at risk.

9. DISCLAIMER: Even though I am in fact a literary agency intern, I cannot give advice about how to submit to the agency I work for (or even tell you which one it is). My opinions are my own, and are my opinions as a writer, not as an intern.


When you're accepted into the workshop, please create a General story titled something like "Weather Channel Workshop" that will have your work for one 6-week block of sessions available for workshoppers to view.

Everybody will read the work on FP for their session of the workshop and make initial comments using FP's review system. These should be one or two sentences. When the workshop rolls around, we'll discuss things in more detail in a round-table manner. We'll only discuss one person's work per workshop, so by the time we discuss each person's work, they should have about six weeks' work available to read.

So, basically, you'll have an up to six chapter story titled "The Weather Channel", with up to six weeks' worth of editing/drafting work. After we discuss your work in chat, you'll take that work down and replace chapter 1 with your work for the first week of the new block. Please label each chapter with the dates for each week to make it easy on us!

1. If you are drafting:

Each week, you'll put up your new work on FP. If you don't compose linearly (i.e. you write chapters out of order), put them in the order you wrote them, please! Please remember to BACK-UP AND REMOVE your work each time your session comes around, so that your draft is not all up on FP at once.

2. If you are line editing:

Each week, you'll put up the draft as it was before, then a line, then the draft after editing. So each before/after draft gets one FP chapter.

3. If you are content editing:

Please send members your entire novel using the FP Doc sending service. We'll read it over the course of six weeks, and we'll provide you with a full critique during your session.

4. If you are a guest participant:

Please follow the above guidelines for creating an FP-hosted story. Mention what you would like us to critique in your chapter. Please do not submit more than 3,500 words.

10/11/2012 . Edited 11/13/2012 #1


Session 1 - Tuesdays, 4-6pm Central U.S. time

2 full-time spots available

Memberlist: lookingwest, Dr. Self Destruct

Session 2 - Wednesdays, 8-10pm Central U.S. time

4 full-time spots available (We need one more person to start sessions!)

Memberlist: Nesasio

Guest Spot - 15th-22nd October 2012

Session 1: OPEN

Session 2: OPEN

Our waiting list for full-time members is 0 places long.

Our waiting list for guest members is 0 places long.

10/11/2012 . Edited 11/13/2012 #2

...and I hope I never have to write that many rules again. Yuck.

10/11/2012 #3

I'm asking in case others are unclear - 'chat' in the rules means voice chat like Skype, or text chat like IRC?

(I am unable to commit to the 2 hour window, so this is asking on behalf of anyone else who isn't clear about this.)

10/11/2012 #4

That's up for the groups to decide, I think. Voice chats would be nice but I think a lot of people will be more comfortable with text-only.

10/11/2012 #5

We could make session 2 an hour really depends on how things develop. I'm going to wait for things to get off the ground before I make any decisions permanent. I want to be accommodating, otherwise people won't stick around.

10/11/2012 #6

Just to chime in - I would actually prefer tinychat or skype with options of video and voice for those who are willing. I find it a lot easier than voice if I have a visual for a face. I know many people are uncomfortable so you know...they wouldn't have to show face. But hearing the voice would be loads more constructive I think, the visual more so. Easier to see when people are about to talk (whereas with voice people all start talking at the same time and awkward silences are more apparent). This is my own experience using chats. I'd love to at least experiment it once with showing face and voice together if anyone would actually be comfortable even if it would just be me with someone else, lol. I just have my theories, xD. Sorry if this is off-topic to this, feel free to delete it if I'm straying.

10/11/2012 #7

no, it's totally on-topic. i'd like to try voice at least. i'm more comfortable with just voice personally but it doesn't matter that much, really.

10/11/2012 #8

Soo I'm going to try putting up a story today that follows the "structure" aspects of this. Just fyi alice, so if it looks wrong or whatevs please tell me. You know how to find me :3

Question though - can we use short stories and everything? I think that's what I'm going to create. I guess we'll just see how it goes whoop whoop.

10/12/2012 #9

wellllll it's a novel-writing workshop. so ideally you'll be doing a novel-length work, which would include, potentially, a novel-length linked collection of short stories.

10/12/2012 #10

Two things:

1. I've put up my first week's work.

2. Would workshoppers mind following this thread so you can get updates here? Thanks!

10/15/2012 #11

If I skip the live chat, can I put in my two bits on the story?

10/15/2012 #12

FP reviews are open to everyone, of course. I don't think I can promise that workshoppers will return reviews because that would add more work every week. I was going to say that maybe we could work something out that's just review-based, but I think that's just making stuff complicated.

Of course you're welcome to leave reviews on workshopping stories, though!

10/15/2012 . Edited 10/15/2012 #13

Okay soooooo

I uploaded my piece to FP...hopefully I did it correctly.

And well, I was asking about the short story thing because I only really have one novel and recently was toying with turning one of my short stories into a novella. But that would require me to actually start drafting the novella each week for 5 weeks after I post the "short story" wouldn't it? Anyway, since I don't have that time quite yet, I'll just use my novel.

Let me know via PM or chat or here or whatevs if you need me to change anything Alice.

10/15/2012 #14

Sorry for missing the workshop, guys. I'm not sure what day of the week it is half the time. We'll work it out tomorrow on Skype, k?

11/7/2012 #15
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