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Okie-dokie, I decided to exercise my mod abilities to start a new thread specifically dedicated to listing out (generally, with specifics left vague for story-development and retcon purposes) the key points of recent historical divergence each of us wants present in this setting. I'd like to keep this thread short and focused, so protests to other people's proposals probably belong in the History thread. That way, we can use this thread for a quick reference as to what definitely did or did not happen in the DT, without having to scroll through 30 posts.

I also propose that, in the interests of keeping history from getting too cluttered, we lower the number Divergence Points per person to 2 or 3 major changes to the world-stage. Our stories can make and justify dozens of changes on regional/local levels, but I favor sticking to dreamshell's admonition to keep it relatively vague here. Feel free to respond to this proposal by editing and writing into this post, or commenting on it in your own list of DPs.

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W00t, double post.

Copied and pasted from History, for your convenience:

Well, so far the only things I'm really wanting are a slightly longer WW1 and a meltdown in London (apparently I hate the Brits). All of the fallout (political and economic) that I outlined from those events was just an small exaggeration/re-examining of what actually happened anyway.

1. Armistice 1920 - Ever advancing technology combined with old-world strategies to make this war an unending bloodbath that practically drowned the European countryside.

2. The London Hot Zone - Whether Capone shoots Edison's dog or some other tragedy takes his place, London becomes the kind of city no one who values functional organs wants to visit.

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Cam S

I vote for including the Tunguska nuclear test and a super-powered Boxer rebellion, though I also voted for condensing them into the actions of a single group.

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