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Cam S

So, things have been kind of dead here. To jump-start things again, I'm going to layout a time line, and we can discuss possible amendments to it.

Eurasia, 1890-1920:

Our divergence starts with Bogd Khan, the final Khan and the head of state of Mongolia after the expelling of the Qing Chinese. He attempted many routes to attain independence, but the most controversial was his patronage of the rogue Russian Genius "Faddei the Bastard" a highly intelligent man who had been a fan of Dostoevsky and Nietzsche. While he was morally lax, he wasn't the genocide that other so-called followers of Nietzsche were. He borrowed from the Buddhist beliefs of his patrons, and mixed it with empiricism and the teachings he had received from his father, an ethnically jewish atheist and anarchist. The resulting beliefs held up a sort of materialist enlightenment as the goal of all endeavors.

Thus freed from the constraints on research that other moral systems put in place, Faddei the Bastard began in the early 1890s to experiment on human subjects, volunteers provided from Bogd Khan's Gelug-pa followers, who provided him with basic knowledge of biofeedback. Mixed with western medicine and chemistry, he began to produce the first super-humans. These first individuals were empowered through drugs and biofeedback training, giving them immense resistance to pain, a flexible conception of the passage of time, and vastly improved hand-eye coordination. A number of them consented to have armor plating grafted directly onto their skin, but only about a tenth of them survived.

In 1896, a number of these Enhanciles were sent into China to stir up anti-Qing sentiment, which quickly mixed with anti-western sentiments, and lead to the Boxer rebellion. These early Enhanciles were remarkably effective, and (unlike many of their followers) did not eschew firearms or other western technology. A number of them were captured and interrogated, but they were remarkably effective. Still, by 1901, the USA, Russia, England, Japan and Germany all acquired a rough knowledge of the enhancements, all all the participant states learned that such enhancements were possible.

In 1904, the first war with Enhancile soldiers was waged--the Russo-Japanese war. It turned out much the same as in OTL, but went on somewhat longer, due to Russian Enhanciles avoiding the freak Typhoon that destroyed their fleet and waging a brief guerrilla war on the Japanese government. The Japanese introduced their own Enhanciles to combat the Russians. This revealed to Japan that Russia was developing its own superhumans, but the Russians, unable to receive intelligence from their soldiers, remained ignorant of the Japanese program.

After the failure of the Boxer rebellion, Faddei began another line of inquiry to achieve Bogd Khan's ends: Nuclear weaponry. He had heard of, and began to test the Rutherford model, and discovered the nucleus some time earlier. He began to study various subjects relating to atomic weapons--his first thought was for a conventional bomb that used radioactive material to induce Fallout. Upon reading Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, though, he had another idea. Using a grant from his patron, Faddei established a small laboratory in Russian territory, and by Early June, 1908, had constructed the first atomic weapon. A resounding success, he sent a copy of his notes ahead to Bogd Khan, and remained to concoct a delivery system.

Shortly afterward, word of the explosion reached the local governor, and in early august, around the time that Faddei had almost finished his delivery system, a number of Tatar soldiers and their Russian officers stormed his labs, stole his notes, executed the staff, and (seemingly) executed Faddei.

The notes fell into Russian hands, and they began searching for someone to decode the notes, and eventually managed to recruit the British physicist Ernest Rutherford to examine them. He was unable to make much progress and returned to England in 1913, but provided for the Russians a basic theoretical groundwork for the Tunguska Device, but was unable to determine how it worked, though the Russians were able to figure out the process behind Dirty Bombs soon enough.

The Great War was sparked soon afterward, and the Russians employed these bombs against the Germans and Austrians, forcing them to concentrate more resources on the Eastern Front. Soon enough, though, they were able to figure out the so-called "Sickness Bombs" that the Russians employed, and mixed them with the chemical shells they had been using. In 1916, Kaiser Wilhelm approved the formation of the Wunderwaffen Commission (which would be revived by Adolf Hitler in the Early days of WWII) to create so-called "Scientific Weapons" and "A New Breed of Soldier" to serve the Empire.

Soon enough, the Germans produced the Ritter Mk. 1 for their elite stormtroopers, the product of their own Enhancile program. It was powered by a traditional combustion engine and forced-feedback loops, and provided enough armor to resist machinegun fire and protection against radiation, as well as a platform for mounting its own machinegun. They were plagued by numerous problems, and would often wound their own operators. It was thought that the Ritter Mk. 2 and Mk. 3 would solve these issues, but they weren't completed before the war ended.

The Ritters on the Western Front were confronted with English "Maha-Gurkhas", soldiers taken from the Indian Subcontinent, and trained in the same methods the boxers used and dosed on experimental steroids and provided with amphetamines. The Maha-Gurkha were able to effectively ambush and disable Ritters by lying in wait in the no-mans land between the two sides, only moving at night. With the introduction of the tank in 1918, the Ritter was unable to compete, but did manage to slow down the English advance.

Though it took two years longer than normal, the crippled economy of the German Empire led to the same eventual result. The Russian Revolution happened as in OTL, but some of the Romanov Children (Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia) were sent to live with their Uncle Edward.

When Rutherford returned to England, he shared what he had learned with his friend and protege Niels Bohr, who began to work on it, and published the model of the atom contained within, which became the Bohr Model of the atom. While unable to understand the usage of the knowledge for a weapon, Bohr had a flash of inspiration, and produced a theoretical model for a sustained, controlled reaction. With the help of a mechanical engineer, Ernest Lemon, he helped design a Nuclear reactor, the plans for it were sold to the English Government, and it was constructed during the war effort to help power factories and provide Free Electricity to the people of London and the surrounding area.

It was completed in 1917, but was destroyed in 1920--it is unknown if this was due to an error in its design or construction, or sabotage by agents of the Central powers.


There's Eurasia, 1890-1920. If there are no thoughts, I'll begin work on America.

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Cam S

America, 1890-1920:

"The War of the Wizards" stretched much longer than it should have, with Westinghouse siding the Edison instead of Tesla. Thus, Edison has both his inventiveness and some major financial backing, while Tesla is forced to compete using sheer ingenuity. He forms a celibate partnership with Anne Morgan, daughter of financier J.P. Morgan, and she manages to smooth the relationship between her father and her husband, though the plan for free energy doesn't pan out, nor does his attempt to get AC power used for the Niagra Falls power plant, which instead goes to Edison.

Tesla, however, did manage to secure a contract to construct an AC hydroelectric plant for the Roosevelt Dam (an earlier counterpart to the Hoover Dam,) providing electricity to the American Southwest. With the burgeoning film industry in Hollywood, this gives him a great deal of capital, though not quite as much as Edison receives from New England.

Edison, through Henry Ford, became connected to Michigan's native Purple Gang, a group of bootleggers who started work when Michigan made alcohol illegal in 1918. He occasionally contacted them to interfere with attempts to bring AC power west of the Mississippi, giving them funding to sabotage his enemy's operations.

Following the Boxer Rebellion, the US government formed the Committee for Unspecified Applications, coining the common government term for superhumans--Enhanciles. It was headed by a man named Dr. Jacob Michaelmas, a Genius. They refined the techniques gleaned from the Army intelligence officers, creating refinements for a variety of medical applications, but no major human enhancements, due primarily to certain areas of inquiry being beyond their purview--notably, metallurgy and power generation lagged far behind their theoretical work.

The CUA contacts both Tesla and Edison, and sets forth a prize for the first one to create a powerful enough battery to power their Enhanciles. Unfortunately, this has the added effect of informing both of them of the Enhancile program, and, in addition to setting them to work on the battery, allows them both to start work on their own models--the second-generation NGO Enhanciles.

The USA becomes embroiled in the Great War at about the same time as OTL, but it drags on for two years longer. Edison manages to acquire plans for a nuclear reactor, and begins construction of one in Detroit, MI, but construction is halted at the same time as the meltdown in London, just weeks away from going online. The CUA acquires information from both the Allied and the Central Enhancile programs, starting two competing projects: The Iron Patriot Project, based on the German Ritter, MK. 1, though using electricity instead of a standard combustion engine, and Pecos Bill Project, adding the Maha-Gurkha knowledge to their own current knowledge.

Reasonably advanced prosthetic limbs are made available to veterans, though due to Edison's involvement with the Detroit Nuclear endeavor, his involvement with that market. Tesla puts an advanced model on the market, powered through a long-lived battery, capacitors, forced-feedback and piezoelectricity. While obviously not able to provide sensation to the user, it allowed many soldiers returning from the war to lead lives comparatively unhindered by their injuries, and provided Tesla with another source of revenue.

Additional Continuity Information: Project Trueblue, a secret American eugenics project under the CUA, is created. It was originally founded independently in 1901 with funding mostly from white-supremacist organizations, and picked up by the US government in 1910, when its techniques started (centered around in vitro fertilization and alteration/weeding out of traits at the fetal stage) showing promise. It will bleed bits of information (mostly to the Japanese) like it's going out of style.

Additional specialists were recruited from around the world (including the London Hot Zone, Europe, Russia, Japan, others), lured by promises of American wealth, diplomatic immunity, and (in several cases) the opportunity to spy on the American military. The project went underground until 1928, when a press leak precipitated public outrage and a congressional investigation lead to the indictment and conviction on crimes against humanity of one Senator and several dozen members of the American military. The true depths and final products of the program, however, were never fully revealed.

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Cam S

The 20s: Mostly, the economic realities are the same as in OTL, if a little worse.


-Government in Exile: With the reactor leaking into the Thames and the surrounding Air, the South-East of Britain is dead. The government moves first to Oxford, then Birmingham, then finally to Glasgow. The monarchy is weakened severely, and the parliament gains a strongly anti-technology bent, with propaganda machines--headed by C.S. Lewis and John Tolkien--spewing out Luddite dogma. The current King is Henry IX (the third son of George VI,) who is more interested in military preparations than actual governance.

-The London Hot Zone: Throughout the 1920s, London becomes something of a thriving metropolis, though one plagued by radiation poisoning and lawlessness. Many of Britain's scientists come to live here instead of being either exiled to the continent or forced into a different occupation. Alan Turing builds a mechanical computer from some of Babbage's notes he bought on the black market, and began programming for it, creating his Turing Machine in 1925. Mark Oliphant, an Australian Doctor of physics researches ways to counteract the fallout from the damaged reactor. But not all are humanitarians. In the abandoned ruins of Buckingham palace lives a man that the criminals of London refer to as the Khan of Science, a daring criminal who wears a gas mask whenever he is in public, and speaks with a strange accent. MI5 assumes that he is in fact the scientist known as Faddei the Bastard, the original creator of Nuclear Weaponry, back from the dead after twenty years of silence.


The Continent: Cleanup from WWI proceeds slowly, as the nature of Fallout is not fully understood. An aging Marie Curie eventually develops a means to shield people from the radiation, though it is costly, and the price is foisted onto the German people.

-Sciences: Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, and Werner Heisenberg now live in relatively close proximity to one another, and begin to pour over the Tunguska notes. They eventually realize what they are, and hide the secret of the Tunguska device: with the memory of the Great War so recent, none of them want to think of the device being used for War. But each betrays the others in his own small way, and they all begin to leak bits and pieces of the theory to the academic community.

-Lay of the land: France and Russia are the two big players, with Italy balancing the other two out. Between them lies the prostrate Weimar Republic. Russia and Poland briefly go to war, and the Turks fight their war of independence. No major changes from OTL.



-War of the Wizards: Nikola Tesla forms an alliance of convenience with Al Capone, though he is distasteful of Capone's methods: The former wants to beat Edison, and the Latter wants to beat Michigan's purple gang. This alliance continues for some time, but they keep one another at arm's length. Eventually, in 1928, a combination of several factors led to a termination of the alliance. First among these was Capone stealing the basics of Tesla's new Enhancile invention--the so-called "peacemaker mk. 1" and paid off an engineer from the University of Chicago to reverse engineer it. It was a suit of armor that enhanced the wearer's strength, and protected them from small arms fire. It was not intended as a weapon, instead being a project he was working on for Anne, who was attempting to help with the Great War's cleanup, but Capone used it to increase his muscle. This led to a drastic cooling of relations, but not a complete termination. In response, Edison reverse engineered a captured Suit, selling the rights for industrial production to Henry Ford, and produced a variant for use by the purple gang.

The other, and much more devastating thing Capone did was destroy the Niagra Falls power plant, which used Edison's DC power. Tesla, ashamed, cut all connections with Capone, and helped pay for the cleanup and disaster relief from the dam's bursting. In a private phone call, Tesla manages to convince Edison that the two of them should compete solely through invention and economics, abandoning the criminal element of their conflict.

-Race Relations: In the South, following the Great War, a great many young men armed with military training and Tesla's powered prosthetic limbs joined the Ku Klux Klan. This led to the first acts of costumed vigilantism, which began through crimes based on race and creed. A number of southern blacks, victimized by bionic clansmen, contacted cousins who had served in the war, and a small number of them traveled to the south, including a number of the famed "Harlem Hellcats," some of whom had bionic limbs of their own. For a three-year period starting in 1921, there was practically open race warfare as the numerically inferior blacks and a smaller number of their sympathizers waged guerilla war against the Klan. It ended when Calvin Coolidge weighed in on the side of the oppressed; though he insisted that all who engaged in violence be punished, he was noticeably harsher to the Klansmen. A number of the black visitors from the North had adopted the use of masks and guerrilla tactics over the years, and took them back with them to their home cities. For the latter half of the 1920s, masked vigilantism was considered a primarily African-American phenomenon.

-CUA: A number of British Scientists were rescued from the London Hot Zone and brought to the United States on the condition that they work for the US's Enhancile program. In this way, Project Pecos Bill advanced in leaps and bounds. Among them was Frederick Griffith, who inadvertantly began the USA's Biological weapons program, and helped found the CDC. Another scientist Hugo Lowry, created the first Aramid compound, though it was far inferior to later Kevlar and Nomex fabrics. It was a happy accident; Lowry was attempting to replicate spider silk.


East Asia:

-Japan: Japan enjoyed a period of economic prosperity and development. They managed to sneak a small number of British scientists out through their embassy, and set them to work on their own Enhancile program. They implemented take-offs of the German Ritter models, and even managed to acquire a prototype of the Ritter Mk. 2, which they reverse engineered to make the Susano-wo type walking tank; sadly, none of the prototypes worked, but the lessons from that design allowed them to effectively produce the Bushi Mk. 1, which was a materials-intensive project, but had a number of applications in both the police force and civilian workforce.

-China: Sun Yat-sen keeps China neutral, though he maintains a cordial but distant relationship with the Mongols. He manages to trade western-style machined goods to them for their original Enhancile designs, which they have kept and used for many years. Yat-sen attempts to retake Hong Kong diplomatically, but the British governor refuses, deciding that, even if London were fallen, the Empire still stood. Respecting the man's decision (and understanding how difficult it would be to take, especially with the cadre of Maha-Gurkhas the governor was using to defend the city) Yat-sen negotiates instead for easier trade between Beijing and Hong Kong. After Sun Yat-sen's death (in 1927, due to imported medical technology,) Wang Jingwei took over, and poured more and more money into the nascent Enhancile program, but managed to alienate the governor of Hong Kong.

In 1929, the parallel of the Mukden incident occurred, and Japan's invasion of Manchuria began.

10/2/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #3

It all looks pretty cool, no doubt. I am afraid, however, that further debate on particulars would just reopen the can of worms we had going before (i.e. a lot of "what-iffing"). That said, I must admit there are things I'd probably want to tweak.

In general, the rather extensive background comes off as prepackaged and, for the life of me, I just can't figure out what to do with it. Jonny and Jave may take to this without any problems, but I don't feel very invested in the project in the form it seems to be taking. Frankly, I think I'm a bit out of my depth/element here. =\

I don't want to be a wrench in the gears or anything, so it very well may be better if I bow out and let you guys take it in the direction you want it to go.

10/3/2010 #4
Cam S

Sorry to see you go, Shell, but I understand. If you change your mind, the door's always open.

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Cam S

Europe in the '30s:

-Britain: Great Britain Opposes the industrialized powers of Europe financially, but loses out. The Great Depression hits them extremely hard, and the rule of PM John Maynard Keynes in the latter half of the decade didn't help, especially as he failed to properly prepare Great Britain for War--while he does push funding into arms manufacturers, he puts more and more into agricultural and architectural endeavors; he attempted to reindustrialize, but the opposition, headed by former propagandist Jack Lewis (OTL C.S. Lewis,) though the opposition was damaged by Lewis's association with known Catholic John Tolkien. Keynes supports the creation of the plumber division of MI5, to comb the ruins of London and negotiate with the locals for a scientific edge. It is in this fashion that they become aware of the so-called Khan of Science.

-France: During this period, the French construct, with the help on Nikola Tesla, the Maginot Fence and the Alpine Fence, a 500-foot wide swath of concrete covering the borders with Italy and Germany. At the halfway point across the line are a series of Tesla Coils, intended to be activated and use the complete output of the French power grid. Many out-of-work fishermen from the Northern coast are put to work on it, and it is believed by some to have mitigated the worst parts of the Great Depression.

-Germany: The Nazi party rise to power in 1933, and Hitler immediately contacts Henry Ford, arranging to buy the plans for the Nuclear power plant and some of Ford's Industrial Suits. Overnight, Germany becomes the source of Electricity for much of central Europe, filling their treasury with foreign currencies. This money was used to buy properties in Danzig and Sudetenland, helping to justify the annexations of these territories. In 1935, Hitler secretly restarts the Wunderwaffen Commission. They begin development of the Ritter mk.5, based on their old Ritter Mk. 3 designs and Ford's Industrial Suit. Other programs include the Conversion project (headed by Josef Mengele,) which used a mixture of lobotomy, surgery, and a dangerous drug regimen to transform an "unfit" subject into a fanatically loyal agent of the Reich. They have some success creating shambling, extremely strong laborers, but very little creating actual soldiers. Another program was Projekt Walküre, associated with the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine (headed by Karl Gebhardt) which involved wiring a soldier's nervous system directly into the control system of a submarine or aircraft. Early designs based their control schemes off of versions of Nikola Tesla's prosthetic limbs, brought over by a well-meaning Anne Morgan. They have limited effectiveness as control systems, but Gebhardt manages to figure a few things out from them.

-Italy: Much as in OTL, but managing to acquire the science behind Mengele's Converts and used that knowledge to form their special Bruto Corps, which were the first of the converts able to be used in Combat--the Brutes were used as muscle by the police, and their creation was a source of terror for the enemies of the fascists. While many of these were kept secret at home, in Fascist-dominated Africa, the Brutes often outnumbered the soldiers, and more than a few would-be adventurers in the dark continent met their ends in the stomach of one of these horrible individuals.

-Russia: Russia managed to acquire a number of Tesla's peacemaker suits, and reverse-engineered them for industrial work. Many had to be powered by connection into a power grid, due to the lack of available lithium. Free-roaming suits were used by the precursors of Spetsnaz and laborers on projects involved in the eastward expansion. Much of Russia's military power was tied up in securing its eastern borders and in fighting Mongolian Insurgents to the East.

-Spain: The Spanish Civil War is a three-fronted conflict, with the Falangist Blues on one side, led by Francisco Franco and supported by Germany and Italy, the so-called Reds on another (More accurately, Loyalists,) led by a coalition, and supported by the Soviets and Mexicans, and the Blacks guided and advised (but not led) by Buenaventura Durruti and supported by the Basques and a faction in the London Hot Zone. The war was long and bloody, up to, and including, the use of radiological weapons by the Blues. The Reds fell in 1939, but the Blacks (without Durruti's leadership) managed to persist longer as terrorist cells in several Spanish cities, allying loosely with the French resistance during WWII.

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Cam S

North America in the '30s:

-Canada: The Commonwealth quickly takes on much of the burden of producing the British Empire's machined goods, and builds their own nuclear power plant, hiring Charles and Theodore Edison (the sons and successors of Thomas Alva Edison, who died in '33) to design a new national power grid. The construction of this grid employs many Canadians and softens the blow of the Depression, allowing them to lobby for more rights from the Crown.


-Las Vegas, Nevada becomes a bustling city, supported by the formation of the first Casino, owned and operated by Bugsy Siegel, with seed money he managed to convince Nikola Tesla to give him upon deciding to "Go straight." In exchange, Siegel tries to drum up support for Tesla, introducing him first to Howard Hughes then Robert H. Goddard. Many Okies passing through stay behind to help construct the second Roosevelt Dam (1933), an expansion on the first using more modern construction techniques.

-Henry Ford and the Edison brothers complete the Thomas A. Edison Nuclear power plant in Detroit Michigan, using plans acquired from the Canadians to improve their older design. The plant provides free energy to Ford's plants, and cheap energy to the eastern US. Unfortunately for them, the need for Uranium just drives more and more people into the Nevada desert, supporting Tesla's business.

-Robert H. Goddard constructs the first Rocket plane in 1938, with the help of a number of assistants and funding from Howard Hughes. It is the first aircraft to reach Mesopause, and a number are bought by the USAF for reconnaissance purposes.

-The Great Depression happens as normal, though electricity has become so cheap as to be almost free. Unfortunately, a dearth of food and raw materials means that industry still doesn't do so well.

-The so-called Memphis 23 incident occurs, in which a group of twenty-three black veterans of WWI and the guerrilla war against the KKK, as well as their families, attempt to create a socialist commune near Memphis, Tennessee. It is put down by a cooperative force of FBI agents and Klansmen.

-The Crimson Avenger appears in Chicago, the first notable vigilante enhancile; A seemingly failed product of the Pecos Bill Project. He was a man with military training, enhanced reflexes and coordination, and improved spatial reasoning. He was known for engaging in daring acts of acrobatics and impossible acts of marksmanship--occasionally simultaneously. He targets, almost exclusively, members of the Chicago Mob.

-In Florida, in contrast with the Memphis 23 incident, a group of black veterans and Klansmen hunt down and kill Robert Yerkes, who had been working on--and in several cases, succeeded in creating--Human-Ape Hybrids.


In the late '30s, a group of Spanish Loyalists, along with one Italian and one German liaison, were sent to Mexico, and joined up with the Sinarquista party, who were subsequently trained in the tactics of the Falangists, Fascists, and Nazis. A number of these Sinarquistas were members of the Army, and of quite high rank.

10/5/2010 #7
Cam S

Asia in the '30s:

-China: The Japanese occupation goes fairly similarly to OTL, with the Xi'an incident forcing Chiang Kai-shek to form the Second United Front to fight off the Japanese. The Kuomintang and Japanese armed forces conduct enhancile research in Nanjing, attempting to replace connective tissue with artificial spider silk and install nuclear isotope batteries to power cybernetics. Most of their subjects don't survive. Some have the Italian Bruto technique applied to them and become loyal soldiers. A small number escape and become known as the Yao Guai (Demons/Freaks,) attacking United Front, Kuomintang, and Japanese alike. Kai-shek, with his largely unenhanced army, is woefully underpowered, especially against the Kuomintang and the Soviet-funded Communists.

-India: Much like Canada, the Empire's industrial base takes root in India, and there is a resurgence of poppies (first for morphine production, then for its illegal usage as a recreational drug) as a cash crop. As a result of looser British control, the expansion of industry, and the rising price of poppy-derivatives, India manages to avoid the worst of the Great Depression, and becomes an economic powerhouse in Southern Asia.

-Japan: The Bushi mk. 2 rolls off the assembly line, influencing the Japanese to de-emphasize tank combat even further than they did previously, and encourage greater versatility and viciousness by their infantry soldiers. For reconnaissance and transport purposes, the Japanese air force builds and fields Dirigibles, though they are poorly designed and prone to destruction by ground-based United Front defenses. The Japanese expand into Micronesia, and Indochina, but are careful not to directly provoke American and French forces in the area.

-Mongolia: Bogd Khan's legacy remains, and there is a fierce civil war between the Khalka Khanate and the Communists. The Khalka include Enhanciles developed with stolen Chinese and Japanese technology and more traditional soldiers. When not fighting Communists, they engage in bandit attacks in Manchuria, indiscriminately attacking Kuomintang, Japanese and United Front supporters. It is believed that there is some connection between the Khalka raiders and the Yao Guai, but no one is able to prove anything adequately.

-The Levant: The British Mandate falls apart completely, thanks to the Great Arab Revolt. The Jewish and British soldiers manage to hold onto the regions around Haifa and Nazareth, but the state of Palestine is established shortly thereafter. The newly formed state is an authoritarian state, and, though it is run by Arab Muslims, it is not in line with Sharia Law. The Head of state is Fawzi al-Qawuqji, who was an officer in the Ottoman army, and who fought against both the French and English. He forms a diplomatic relationship with both Mussolini and Hitler, though he keeps the Catholic Mussolini at Arm's length.

10/6/2010 #8
Cam S

WWII: set-up

Axis powers:

-Germany (instigator and producer of much of the mechanical technology used by the Axis, thanks to the Wunderwaffen commission)

-Italy (produced the Bruto/brute troops, but underpowered compared to its compatriots)

-Imperial Japan (nominally aligned, though both Japan and Germany had contingency plans to oppose the others; IJ introduced a number of biological enhancile technologies that surpassed Germany's)

-Vichy France (conquered early in the war when the Germany bypassed the Maginot Fence.)

-Falangist Spain (not much in the way of front-line troops, but supported Mexican Sinarquistas and provided resources to the Axis)

Axis-Aligned Groups:

-Manchukuo/Kuomintang: The KMT army fought on the side of the Axis, headed by General Wang Jingwei

-Sinarquistas: The Mexican Sinarquistas engaged in a guerrilla campaign against the Mexican government and in the Southwestern US.

-British Black Shirts: Britain fell in early 1941, due to their lack of industrialization. The Government and commanders of the army fled first to Iceland, and then to Canada.



-British Commonwealth: After the fall of Great Britain, the government moves first to Iceland, then to Canada, where they attempt to coordinate the war in Europe. The Australian and Indian branches provide support to the Second United Front in China, and eventually manage to convince the United States to involve itself in Europe.

-Iceland: With Britain under Axis control, Iceland becomes a target, being isolated by the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine. Iceland, however, receives a good dose of British funding and manages to receive some technical knowledge from the United States and Canada, and begins its own Enhancile program, patterned after the Norse Berserkers. These Icelandic Enhanciles help greatly with retaking Britain later in the War.

-Soviet Union: After Germany betrayed the non-aggression pact, the Russians entered the war. Without the British to attack from the west, though, the best that they manage is a stalemate.

-Second United Front: The Chinese Nationalists and Communists continue to wage their Guerilla war against Imperial Japan, supported by limited military advising from the Soviet Union and British India.

-United States of America: After the attack on pearl harbor, the USA entered into a war with Imperial Japan, but did not become involved in the European theater until 1942, due to the lack of British strategic resources in the pacific.


Ally-Aligned Groups:

-Hot Zone Irregulars: The Germans didn't count on the inhabitants of the London Hot Zone involving themselves in the conflict, and were somewhat unprepared for the level or sophistication of their attack--the inhabitants of the Hot Zone employed submarine warfare in the northern sea, as well as sophisticated drone warfare, made possible by Alan Turing's work in computation and teleoperation acquired on the sly from Tesla Electronics.

-Free Poland: The soldiers of Poland were billeted in Iran, much as in OTL.

-Khalka Mongols/Yao Guai: The Second United Front managed to form an alliance with the Mongols late in the war, hoping to push the Japanese from the continent. When the Nationalists and the Communists split, this alliance was thrown into jeopardy, but the nationalists and the Khalka maintained contact.


Emergent powers: The Emergent powers were newer and weaker countries that wanted very little--if anything--to do with the War going on around them, and fought hard for the right to remain existent and neutral. They were characterized by loose association with one another, and opposition to both the Allies and the Axis.

-Finland: Unlike in OTL, Finland didn't join the Axis, they accepted German aid in the Winter War, but rejected it upon finding a plot by several German Officers to puppetize the Finnish Government.

-Greater Palestine: with the loss of British and French involvement in the Middle East, Palestine expanded to include Syria and Transjordan. They fought to keep trade open in the Mediterranean in a limited fashion--they had a non-aggression pact with Italy, but fought against the Kriegsmarine at several points. They also fought several battles against the Polish soldiers billeted to the East of them when the poles moved westward in an attempt to join the battle in Africa.

-Romania: Upon discovering that their territory had been promised to Soviet Russia by Nazi Germany, and with the fall of France and Britain, Romania was forced to submit or fight for survival. With limited aid from the Turkish government and Greater Palestine, it was able to stay afloat, though depleted of life and resources.

-Sweden: With the help of Finland, Sweden opposed Nazi Germany, and they launched several attacks into Norway, and actually billeted the Free Norwegian troops. However, due to the submarine warfare carried out in the North Sea, they also opposed the Hot Zone irregulars that were fighting on the side of the allies, as well as the Kriegsmarine. They supported Finland in its war against the Soviets, as well.

-Turkey: With the example of Greater Palestine to the South, and the promise of Reparations from Romania, Turkey involved itself in the war, resisting both Fascist and Soviet Hegemony; while Nazi Germany imported many Turkish laborers and Officers, the government remained strictly opposed to "all powers that would threaten Turkish Sovereignty" and used Romania as a proxy against both the Soviets and the Nazis, while carrying out a limited series of skirmishes against Fascist Italy.



-The Khan of Science fought both the Hot Zone irregulars and the British Black Shirts. Upon the destruction of his laboratory, he is assumed to have died, though this did not halt the Second Khan from appearing, assumed to be an assistant and apprentice to the first--this Second Khan fled Britain, and appeared in Ankara in early 1943, offering an immense amount of technical knowledge to the Turks, including an offer to found their own Enhancile program.

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Cam S

Expect a post on Wednesday covering WWII. I'm currently traveling.

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Cam S

So...I'm bad at getting to things.

WWII: European Theater

-Germany invades Poland as normal, and the Nazi powers and the Soviets divide up Eastern Europe. The Polish Irregulars manage to acquire transportation to Iran, where they are billeted by the Shah.

-Stalin tries to take Romania as part of this deal, but the Romanians manage to mount an effective resistance, preventing the Soviet Union from swallowing them whole.

-France falls--the Maginot Fence, while more technologically impressive than OTL's Maginot Line, is even more easily passed. The Germans sabotage the French power grid, and march past the Fence. However, having fewer Soldiers stationed on the border proves a good thing for the French Resistance, allowing the resistance to possess a greater number of trained fighting men.

-Britain lacks the Industrial Base to mount an effective resistance. The Battle of Britain involves a heavy bombing of their air fields and army bases. The British mount a fierce, but under-equipped resistance. Many who can afford to flee the country do so--to Canada, principally, but a large portion flee to Iceland. When the British are beaten, the Nazis mount Operation Sea Lion. By February of 1941, the Nazis have fractured the United Kingdom, conquering England and setting up the puppetized Edinburgh Government.

After securing the Western Half of Europe, the Axis turns its attention to Russia. For the majority of the War, "the European Theater" refers to the Front between Axis and Soviet Forces, broken only by Romania and Finland. The Russians tend to be outmatched in terms of technology, but they manage to buy a handful of Spitfires from Canada and transport them to their Industrial Centers by train across Siberia.

-German technological superiority and Enhanciles meant that the Battle of Stalingrad almost went the other way, before the Russians unveiled their latest Enhancile: Koschei the Deathless (actually, the Soviet's own application of the Bruto technique, stolen from Fascist Italy. Koschei was actually Leon Trotsky.) Koschei was supposedly "a dead soldier brought back to life to fight for the Republic"--an obvious propaganda move, attempting to establish a Soviet superiority over Life and Death.

Koschei was notable, in that he was armored with the same material used for Tanks, and powered by a system of six atomic batteries, used to power the servomotors in his armor, and also the electrostatic weaponry he is armed with. An iconic photo features Koschei standing atop a German Tank, ripping off the hatch, bolts of electricity curling around his fingers. After his introduction, Stalingrad quickly turns back in favor of the Soviets.

-In response, the Germans introduce the Einherjar--small, compact fighter craft, packing an extreme amount of firepower into roughly half the size of the Spitfire or Warhawk. The reduced size is due to the different control system: the pilot is a multiple amputee with the control system wired directly into his brain. Due to the size, reduced reaction time, and lack of reduced firepower, they quickly establish air superiority, though they still have difficulties on the ground.

-The African Theater, a war between German, Spanish, Italian Forces and what the Allies manage to muster. Mostly British irregulars and, in 1943, American forces, seeking to cut off the Axis's access to Oil, though it isn't nearly as devastating as in OTL, due to the Axis's use of Nuclear power.

-In June 1944, the first stage of Operation Overlord occurred, which involved British, American, Icelandic, and other Allied forces launch a three-pronged attack, first parachuting saboteurs into Scotland to disrupt the defenses, then attacking in three prongs--taking on the principle defenses in Northern Scotland, then coming in and liberating Liverpool, and another force occupying East Anglia, liberating Norwich. By December 1944, Britain was once again under the control of the British Government, now possessing a great deal of industrialized territory, thanks to the programs instituted by the Fascist Government.

-Following the loss of Britain, the Nazis begin to shell the island with the V-3 cannon, which is designed to fire primitive Gyrojet shells stuffed with radioactive isotopes--a great deal of Britain is irradiated. To counteract this, the British, in cooperation with Howard Hughes and Robert H. Goddard, cooperate to develop the Spitfire Mk. XIII, a rocket-equipped fighter designed to intercept shells fired into stratosphere.

-In late May, 1945, the second stage of Operation Overlord is begun, with a wave of Enhancile soldiers being parachuted into France to tie up Axis defenses, followed by an operation similar to OTL's Invasion of Normandy.

--Near-Simultaneously, the Russians and Germans collide near Kursk, and the Germans are pushed out of the Soviet Union.

--Near-simultaneously, Operation Husky heads into Sicily, pitting Allied forces against an island riddled with Italian Brutos and German Ritters. A long and bloody battle is fought, and eventually a stalemate is reached, allowing the Allies to project enough force in the Mediterranean to attack from the South.

--Shortly afterward, the free polish soldiers and a coalition of African nations associated with the Allies begin the Gibraltar Offensive, Operation Scalpel, heading into southern Spain, establishing a free zone in Granada, removing the Spanish ability to project force into the Mediterranean, and effectively ending the Kriegsmarine's ability to attack Mediterranean targets.

-By December of 1945, the majority of France is retaken, though there are pockets of resistance, and the second offensive on Sicily begins, this time pushing the Axis forces from the Island. Shortly afterward, though The Americans are Forced to Withdraw from the European Theater due to trouble with Mexico, caused by the Sinarquista Coup in Late November.

-In Early 1946, the Germans deploy the V-4 multistage rocket, which allows them to deliver explosives and radiological weapons reliably at battlefield distances, slowing both the British and the Russian advances.

-March 11, 1946 Nuclear Weapons deployed by Nazi Germany: The Soviet Staging ground for their westward push, Krakow, is hit by a Nuclear weapon of German origin, significantly slowing the advance of the Soviet forces.

-March 12, 1946 Nuclear Weapons deployed by Soviet Russia: The Soviets respond by dropping a fission device on Berlin, attempting to "cut the serpent's head off." The German leadership had retreated into a bunker, anticipating this. This destroys much of Germany's industrial capability and kills many of the mid-ranking German leadership.

-March 30, 1946, Germany deploys the V-5; a coilgun powered by a small nuclear reactor. Due to the strain of its operation, its barrel must be replaced after each shot. Scaled-down versions (the V-5z) are integrated into the new Zweihander armors deployed by the Germans as their final defense.

-Near the same point in time, Operation Barbarosa begins, shipping high-ranking Germans to friendly locations: Argentina, Mexico, Iraq, and Japan.

-April 11, 1946, Fall of Fascist Italy. Benito Mussolini and his senior staff, after seeing their Bruto forces slaughtered, surrender, and after being tried by the New Italian courts, are sentenced to Execution. Several of the Scientists responsible for the Brutes are sent to a prison camp in Northern Canada, their executions faked.

-May 5, 1946, Fall of Germany. Soviet and British forces meet near the ruins of Berlin, establishing order in the German refugee camps.

-May 8, 1946, Surrender of Spain. Franco remains in power, but surrenders Portugal (giving them Extremadura and Galicia,) the Basque Country (taking Navarre and a slice of Northern Aragon), and Gibraltar (including Andalusia, Murcia, and Valencia,) leaving him with Madrid, Castille, La Mancha, southern Aragon, and Asturias.


Unfortunately for The Germans, the British are too weak to project force as far as Berlin, and lose control of Germany, though they do maintain control of France and the Low Countries, gradually building them up into a buffer.

At the End of the War, Europe is divided between the "Anglicized" Western Half, the "Red" Eastern half, and the Emergent powers, which function as a wildcard, switching between the two sides at their convenience. London is reclaimed by the British, and is reestablished as the seat of Government in 1948. The Soviets have much of Eastern Europe under their boot, and are exacting their revenge on Germany for the use of Nuclear Weaponry.

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WWII: Asian Theater

-The Kuomintang and Japanese armies scuffle a bit, but the Kuomintang consistently retreat and harass the aggressors--they cannot fight the Japanese in a face-to-face battle, but are more than willing to attack supply lines and use sabotage. All attempts to retake the former capital of Nanjing are met with defeat. Both the Second (August, 1940) and Third (April, 1941) attacks on Nanjing result in Nationalist defeat.

-ANZAC military advisers join up with the Nationalists, hoping to keep Hong Kong under British Control. Strengthening the Kuomintang against the Japanese is not, at first, a principle concern.

-In the Summer of 1941, Ma Hongkui fields the first "Champion-killers" designed to counteract both the Yao Guai and the Japanese Bushi. These soldiers are much like a precursor to the Viet Kong: They dress in clothes designed to blend into the landscape, especially at night, and are armed with short-barreled shotguns that fire Tungsten slugs. The close range and dense projectiles are desgined to punch through Enhancile defenses, but is usually incapable of punching out of them.

-As in OTL, Pearl Harbor and the Wake Islands are attacked by the Japanese navy and air force. The Japanese considered attacking Vladivostok, but hotter heads prevailed.

-Due to the use of Winterized Bushi mk. 2 armors, the Japanese are able to hold on to the Aleutian Islands. They build an airstrip and use it to launch raids on Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. These airstrips remain intact until they are successfully identified and eliminated in the Winter of 1944.

-Hong Kong falls in March of 1942, many soldiers are left behind and either join the resistance movement in the city or the Kuomintang in the countryside. This is the first instance of the Japanese Kumo soldiers being used in battle--fully biological and chemical enhanciles, each has had their connective tissue replaced by a spider-silk analogue.

-The ANZAC forces, feeling lost after the fall of Britain to Germany, make an agreement with the United States. General Douglas MacArthur, aided by Admiral Herbert F. Leary, is placed in command of the Combined American/Australian/New Zealand forces, based out of Northern Australia.

-The Battle of the Java Sea happens much as it did in OTL, though the forces destroyed were principally ANZAC; the Dutch forces being caught up in evacuation.

-By the middle of 1942, Japan is holding on to Manchukuo, Korea, Sakhalin, Singapore, New Guinea, the Dutch East Indies, New Guinea the Solomon Islands, and much of the Philippines. At their farthest extent, the Imperial Japanese Air Force was rading Ceylon, Eastern India, Northern Australia, and the West Coast. They Controlled Asia's east coast from Korea to Thailand. This made The battle of Midway a hell of a black eye.

-On the First of April, 1942, Japan's F-Go project bore fruit, and their first Fission Device was constructed. The Japanese had very different ideas for its use, though. They were never able to get a working device through the blockade around the Aleutian Islands, though, at one point, as a result of a Japanese transport plane being chased and shot down by American fighters, a nuclear explosion occurred near the Russian town of Anadyr, on the eastern coast.

-The Kuomintang send an emissary to the Dalai Lama in the spring of 1943, asking for him to send a messenger to the Mongolians, asking them to avoid attacking the Kuomintang. This has a small measure of success.

-The allies are forced to pause at the Battle of Tarawa, when their success turns into a Pyrrhic Victory: The Japanese fail-safe is an atomic device. Both forces are crippled by the incident.

-From this point onward, the American advance is slowed, because several other islands have the same fail-safe: A Nuclear weapon hidden in the foundation of the base.

-After Tarawa, General MacArthur orders a change in strategy, and paradrops "Special Assets" in to help the Kuomintang: Enhancile Special Operatives and Military Advisers from America, including men who had fought in the European campaign. When the Japanese learn about this two months later, they covertly contact certain elements in Mexico, including Criminal groups and the Sinarquistas, selling them weapons and Enhancile devices.

-When a Russian Enhancile is found in the company of a Kuomintang Army Unit in the Winter of 1943, Manchukuo launches a surprise attack on the Soviet Union, destroying the rail lines traversing Siberia, and capturing Vladivostok.

-Summer 1944, ANZAC forces defend Burma from a Japanese attack, and the country is ravaged, but not held by the Japanese--the Indian National Army moves slightly counter to the Japanese and declares the Chin and Rakhine states of Burma to be an independent country, though it is never officially named, and is destroyed less than three months later.

-The Battle of Saipan and the Campaign to retake the Philippines occur much as in OTL.

-The Japanese deploy the Dai-Sakura Type 1 weapon shortly after the retaking of the Philippines, based on traded Luftwaffe technology: a pilot, wired directly into what essentially amounts to a v-2 missile carrying a nuclear warhead.

-After the Battle of Okinawa, the United States drops the first to Fusion Devices on Hiroshima and Nagaski, showing that they have created something more powerful than the fission devices still being used. The Japanese do not surrender, but scramble to understand the secret.

-Operation Downfall begins in October 1945. Allied Troops, with limited protection (believing that the radiation from Fusion weaponry was much weaker, not taking into account the use of a fission device to "Spark" it) march right into effected zones, where they suffer radiation poisoning and fanatically devoted guerrillas. Much of Kyushu was rendered Barren in the process.

-Operation Coronet is delayed until after the European Withdrawal and the opening of the Third Front in North America. In March, 1946, The United States contacts Japan, and allows for a conditional surrender--A much closer threat is at hand, and it appears that The Japanese just want victory more. The result is that the Japanese Emperor retains his power, Manchukuo--now an independent, though still Japanese-dominated state--is disarmed, a token number of Japanese generals and scientists are put on trial by the Kuomintang, and the Empire of Japan is given preferential treatment in trading with the United States. Their empire is broken up, but they retain Sakhalin, Okinawa and the Solomon Islands.

-Manchukuo launches a last offensive against the Kuomintang in late March, but without IJA support, they falter. Manchukuo sues for peace on April 08, 1946.

Following the withdrawal of American forces, the ANZAC forces soon make their peace, and the Asian theater closes.


Aftermath: The Empire of Japan is present, but far weakened. Due to their dependence on American grain, they are nominally an American ally, though they are extremely unhelpful.

Manchukuo is no longer a complete puppet of Japan, and gradually rejoins China.

The USA maintains army and naval presence in the Philippines, Changchun, Urajio (Vladivostok) and Nanjing. ANZAC forces maintain a presence in Hong Kong (now a first, a co-ruled city, with both a Kuomintang and British-derived government) and Nanjing.

The Soviets insists on returning Vladivostok, transforming it into a divided city, much like Berlin in OTL. The two halves are called Urajio (South Vladivostok) and Vladivostok (North Vladivostok.) It is through here that the Soviets contact and support the Yao Guai, turning them into Marxist Guerrillas.

As a result of these changes, the Korean War and the Viet Nam war happen significantly differently.

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WWII: The American Theater

-December-January 1945/46: After the Sinarquista Coup, guerrilla forces from Mexico--mostly just partisans, but including soldiers and Enhanciles--covertly enter the United States and attack infrastructure, destroying roads, railways, phone lines and powerlines.

-January 19-22, 1946: The Battle of the Mojave: Sinarquista Forces attempt to destroy the Roosevelt Dam and capture plans from the Tesla Industries laboratory, but are fought off by irregulars from Las Vegas, under the command of Bugsy Siegel. The battle is dominated by a duel of sorts between the Sinarquista Super-Brute El Cazador and a laboratory assistant from Tesla Industries, who adopted the Nom de Guerre Coil. It ended with a duel atop the dam, with El Cazador falling into Lake Mead and being crushed by the dam, which significantly damaged the turbines.

-January 21, 1946: Declaration of War by the United States Senate. Forces from the European Theater ordered back to Continental United States. Concurrent destruction of Japanese Listening post in Aztlan, Mexico.

-January 22, 1946: Battle of El Paso. Mexican Enhanciles, supported by German-designed tanks, roll north from Juarez, and capture the City, resulting in the creation of Greater Juarez.

-January 23-March 11, 1946: Sonora Campaign: The US military heads south into Baja California, and eventually takes La Paz, establishing Air Fields ostensibly to establish a more convenient means of attacking Mexico City. The intent is to get the Mexicans to commit most of their air force to a defensive action.

-February 01, 1946: The Battle of Galveston. The Mexican navy takes Galveston, but destroys the bridge into continental Texas. The Galveston Army Airfield is used by the Mexicans to launch bombings of New Orleans, Houston, and Cuba.

-Second and Third Battles of Galveston occur in April and July 1946. The Sinarquista Enhancile Tempesto, a submarine using similar technology to the Luftwaffe Einherjar, is the deciding factor in the battles until a covert operation in Septembet 1946 destroyed Tempesto. The Retaking of Galveston happened on September 12, 1946.

-Firebombing of Los Angeles: March 13, 1946. The Sinarquistas destroy Los Angeles, in an effort to destroy the "American propaganda machine." This results in a great deal of outrage.

-Concurrently: Retaking of La Paz. Sinarquista Forces attack the American Airfields and destroy the resources committed there.

-May 7, 1946: Retaking of El Paso. Coil and associated Enhancile Volt head up a squad of soldiers armed with Champion-Killer weapons. They hunt the Sinarquista Enhanciles guarding the city, including Conquistador, using a variation on the German Zweihander armor. Greater Juarez falls to the Americans.

-June 11, 1946: The Sinarquista Supergun comes online. A modification of the V-5 weapon designed by the Wunderwaffen commission. It is used to launch a shell as far as Chicago, Illinois. It lands six miles outside the city limit, but the message is clear. In the months between its activation and The Bombing of Mexico City, it is used to shell targets throughout the continental US.

-June-September, 1946: The Cuban Campaign. Sinarquista Forces attack and attempt to take Cuba, but are fought off by Batista, who has partisans of his own and American supporters. Eventually, he captures and reverse-engineers a number of Sinarquista Enhanciles, revealing the true nature of Tempesto and its Einherjar predecessors to the American public.

-September 23, 1946: Bombing of Mexico City by the Americans. American Ballistic Bombers and Fighters insert themselves behind the Sinarquista air defenses and firebomb Mexico City and the wreck Supergun before fleeing and landing in Cuba.

-Mop-Up Campaign: September 1946-January 1948. Sinarquista Hold-Outs remain in command of various provinces, under attack by American forces. In January of 1948, a charismatic Sinarquista Officer manages to broker a peace with the American Forces and adopt control of Mexico.

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Cam S

1948-1960: The Post-War Years

North America:

-United States:

--McCarthyism tears the country asunder, as Senator McCarthy used the twin specters of Bolshevism and Fascism to gain more and more power. Notably, he manages to gain power to form the McCarthy Commission (1951-1954) employing ex-military Enhanciles to root out "unamericanism" among the growing population of non-governmental Enhanciles.

*Notably, The Comission's so-called "Black Squad" harassed the aging Crimson Avenger, due to his unfortunate selection of a name. This led to the Battle of Chicago in which three young military men using John Henry armor (an Iron Patriot derivative) to hunt the biological enhancile. The so-called "Old Man" managed to lead them on a merry chase for a week and a half, and was eventually gunned down in Armour Square. Shortly after, three different individuals claiming to be the Crimson Avenger appeared around Chicago.

*McCarthy lobbied for the continued internment of Japanese-Americans and Mexican-Americans; while the former were eventually released, many of the latter were imprisoned, and many children were separated from their parents and "re-educated" to be American.

*McCarthy attempted, and failed, to have Nikola Tesla's assets seized, due to suspicion of communist sympathies.

--Nikola Tesla dies in 1950, leaving his corporate holdings to his wife, who follows him in 1954. The management of Tesla Industries is passed on to Bugsy Siegel and Howard Hughes. Unfortunately, Hughes managed to acquire the majority of the shares, and began using his resources to support senator McCarthy in an effort to fight the "Reds."

--Dwight D. Eisenhower takes office in 1953, and immediately cuts funding to Enhancile Programs and Nuclear Weapons Research. Instead Eisenhower focused on Infrastructure, building the interstate highway system and the National Power Grid, which once and for all settled all disputes over the use of AC and DC power in favor of AC power.

*Eisenhower's administration also formulated the Eisenhower Doctrine (somewhat different from its OTL counterpart) which established America as a firm opponent to both Communism and Fascism abroad. Namely, it offered limited economic and military aid to any state threatened by Soviet or Fascist forces.

*Eisenhower attempted, but failed, to end the Cold Shoulder period between the United States and the Anglo-French headed Free Europe. While he was unsuccessful, he did manage to reopen trade with Iceland, allowing American goods to reach European markets.

--Many Informal Militias form along the US-Mexico border, providing a home, of sorts, for ex-soldiers unable to find other work.

--The 1950s host some of the most severe crime waves in United States History, as ex-soldiers--including Enhancile troops--return from the war without employment waiting for them. This leads to the emergence of the first "Super-Criminals," often given lavish sobriquets by Newspapers or in rumor, such as Baron Kriminel in New Orleans, The Hell-Haint in Atlanta, The Phantom in Saint Louis, and Doctor Irae in Milwaukee. These four, though not a unit, are referred to by the national press as The Four Horsemen, and were the subject of an early painting by Andy Warhol, despite Warhol having no idea what any of them looked like. Eventually, they spawn a legion of imitators.


--The Sinarquista government of Generalissimo Lazaro Juarez rebuilds after suing for peace with the United States, and form close alliances with Japan and Argentina. He establishes a New Capital in Oaxaca, and managed to re-establish much of Mexico's former borders through clever negotiation on his part and that of his adviser Alois Hudal; they do not retain any of Baja California or Ciudad Juarez, though.

--Mexico becomes a haven for ex-axis officers and thinkers, including Josef Mengele, who establishes The Clinic in Saltillo, Coahuila. The Clinic is an underground (though government-sanctioned) think-tank for the creation of Enhanciles. While there, Mengele becomes known as Doktor Angél. From 1953-1957, he wages an underground war against a pro-democracy enhancile known only as La Cazadora. While he is eventually forced to flee and recuperate in Oaxaca, La Cazadora does not manage to foment a popular revolution and is forced to flee to Greater Los Angeles (LA/Tijuana.)

--Mexico leases several tracts land on their eastern coast to the Imperial Japanese Navy, who proceed to construct Naval bases, submarine pens, and listening posts.


--Aided by the possession of Axis technology, the Cuban revolution lasts much longer, with Bautista only being deposed in 1960. Fidel Castro, an ardent communist, seizes power. The Russians immediately jump on the opportunity to supply a nascent Communist power in the west, to counterbalance the Sinarquistas and the Americans. They immediately send technological and economic aid to the Island Nation.

--Many waves of Cuban immigrants wash up on American shores.

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Edited America, 1890-1920.

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1946-1960: The Post-War Years:


Europe is a divided continent, with Soviet Forces controlling everything from the Rhine to the Intercontinental dateline, with only Italy, Switzerland, and the Emergent Powers remaining free. The remaining nations of Western Europe form a united bloc against Communist forces, and there is limited trade between Free Europe and the Emergent Powers.

-Free Europe:

--In 1946, the West Europe Defense Pact forms, containing England, France, Portugal, the provisional governments of Spain and Italy, and Iceland. The Free Europe "seat" is located in Paris, though France, Iceland, and England maintain full sovereignty. France turns on the Maginot Fence again, resulting in the creation of the Lightning Curtain, and it remains active thanks to power sent in from England, Italy, and Spain.

--Near Simultaneously with the treaty in Paris, The Vatican Treaty is signed, leading the various nations to form the Cincinnatus Group, a joint Enhancile program, combining techniques developed by both the former Axis powers and the Allies. The products of this group are referred to as Centurions. All non-Centurion Enhanciles are required to wear badges proclaiming the nature of their powers while in public: Red for "invasive enhancements" (cybernetics,) Yellow for "chemically-mediated enhancements" (pharmaceuticals, hormonal alterations, etc.,) Blue for power-armor training, Green for "psychological alterations," and Black for "Unspecified." Moreover, they are required to carry papers proclaiming them to be "Axis-derived," "Allied," or "Unspecified." This registration push causes several underground groups to form to lobby for Enhancile rights.

--1948 sees the Unity Project begin, an attempt to integrate Free Europe into a force capable of withstanding the Soviets. It involves the creation of a Multinational highway system.

--1949 sees the second stage: a massive, multinational power grid.

--May 1, 1949 - August 12, 1953: The Sicilian Revolution led to a three-way conflict between Free Europe Forces, (covertly) Soviet-backed communist Guerrillas and the Cosa Nostra, Swiss-French Filmmaker Jean-Luc Goddard started as a journalist shooting news footage of the war. Nortably, the Free Europe Forces were covertly supported by the 'Ndrangheta, Stidda and Camorra, both of which sought to uproot and supplant the Cosa Nostra. The revolution is unsuccessful, and is subsequently vilified by the Free Europe press.

-1950: French and Free Spanish forces effectively put down the rebellion in Algeria using Enhanciles, including recommissioned Bruto units, known as the Tarrasque Brigade. Albert Camus wrote about the fall of Algeria in his novel The Massacre (1953,) which led to his imprisonment, which only ended in February of 1960. In prison, he wrote The Fall, A Happy Death, The First Man, and numerous short stories.

-1953: Casablanca offered as homeland for European Jews, leading to mass exodus for Morocco. French and Spanish forces are sent to protect the nascent Jewish city-state.

-October 17, 1953 - February 12, 1954: Moroccan War: attempted Revolution by the Moroccans in response to Jewish settlement. Bloody conflicts between Moroccan Revolutionaries and Free Europe forces. Anthony Burgess releases a novel about the war, "Eyes of the Desert" under the obvious pseudonym Kilgore Manchester. It is banned and his publisher goes under due to their refusal to reveal Burgess's identity.

-May 8, 1955: Charles De Gaulle named Marshall of the Nations of Free Europe, the supreme commander of all of European forces south of the Alps or West of the Rhine. He serves two six-year terms, until his retirement in 1967, when he is replaced by John Alexander Sinclair.

-February 6, 1957: With the help of Wernher Von Braun, the nations of Free Europe launch their first satellite, Giordano Bruno.

--June 11, 1959: The Fiume Incident: Supposed shelling of Free Europe ship off the coast of Fiume (OTL Rijeka.) This brought the Soviet Union and the Nations of Free Europe close to war, but it was determined that what had been read as an attempted shelling was actually a Flock of Geese.


Soviet Union:

--1946: Creation of Soviet Germany, headed by Secretary Albert Speer. The German Soviet forces focus first on providing technological and industrial support for the Soviet Union and secondly on rebuilding their infrastructure. After the Russian forces destroyed the German leadership and all responsible for the nuclear bombing of Warsaw, Albert Speer was one of the last members of the German Government alive, and one of the highest-ranking. He was found by the Soviet Forces in a refugee camp near Berlin, and made into a puppet leader. He participated in Operation Reibung, which eventually led to the ejection of the under-supplied British from German soil.

*Soviet Germany includes the Denmark Administration Area, due to their possession of Denmark, the Soviet navy is much, much stronger than in OTL, and able to more effectively project force into the North Atlantic.

--1946-50: Mongol War in Eastern Asia drained resources from the west, but was eventually declared won, and Stalin declared it due to "German Engineering." Many of the soldiers were derivatives of the German Wunderwaffen Commission's contribution to the Koschei project.

--May 27, 1949 - September 12, 1952: "Border Restructuring" with Romania almost plunged the Soviets into a war with the Emergent powers, which would have led to WWIII. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.

--1952: Georgii Zeliony establishes the so-called Depth Charge project, an attempt to create undetectable, unaware enhanciles for deep-cover operations. He advances soviet understandings of Neurosurgery remarkably until his death in 1955, when the project is taken over by Pitrim Sorokin.

*1956: establishment of the splinter group, the Rusalka project. Dolphins are captured and brought to Svalbard, where they are lobotomized and fitted with cybernetics powered by nuclear batteries. These "Rusalki" are used as spies and for underwater demolitions.

--March 5, 1953: Bodily Death Of Joseph Stalin. His brain is preserved inside a vat of oxygenated fluid under the Kremlin, and continues to "advise" Nikita Khruschev. Unfortunately, a lack of bodily sensation causes Stalin's brain to go irrevocably insane sometime around the end of Spring 1954.

--August 9, 1955: Establishment of the improved Gulag system, at the insistence of ex-secretary Stalin, leading to the establishment of what are later known as Soviet Lobotomy Camps. Inmates are forcibly subjected to an improved version of the Bruto technique, and forced to work without rest for days on end. Many of these camps also host Nuclear reactors with improper shielding, leading to exceptionally high rates of cancer. However, the nature of the camps result in the need for only a skeleton crew of guards and administrators, freeing up Russian forces for use elsewhere.

--March, 1956: At some point during this month, the first known female enhancile, Baba Yaga is brought online in a research bunker in the Central Siberian plateau. Mistreatment by guards and scientists, as well as several other problems with her cognitive enhancements, lead to her becoming violent and irrevocably insane. Most of the guards are killed, and many of the scientists are abused to the point where they commit suicide. Baba Yaga and Koschei the Deathless fight one another in a four-day brawl in mid-april, both dying after their respective nuclear power systems are rendered unstable. For years, certain parts of the plateau are barren, and considered cursed by many.

--October 4, 1957: Sputnik is launched. The program proceeds at the same rate as in OTL.

--May 1, 1959: The first Soviet fusion device is detonated in Tunguska, near the first known artificial nuclear detonation.

--1958-1960: Due to dangers seemingly inherent in cognitive enhancement, the Soviet Enhancile Research programs have their resources cut in slow increments, leading to almost complete drop in funding in 1960, as more funding is funneled into nuclear weapon, power armor, and space travel research.


The Emergent Powers

-Scandinavia: Finland, Norway and Sweden continue to enjoy a period of relative peace, and trade heavily with Iceland, eventually acquiring the means to construct the Winter Wall, a replication of the Maginot Fence, along their Eastern border. They share this technology with their fellow Emergents, in Romania, Greater Palestine and Turkey. They fight a brief conflict with the Soviets over ownership of Svalbard, and eventually manage to come to a settlement, whereby the western half of the islands is under Swedish dominion, while the east remains Soviet.

-Romania: The troubles with Russia in the late 40s and early 50s leads to the construction of "Fenced" areas as traps for Russian soldiers should more border conflicts occur. Romania annexes Bulgaria in the early 1950s, and Greater Romania/Turkish power is used to control access between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, leading to an increase in trade revenue for both countries and the acquisition of Free European and Soviet goods.

-Turkey: After the war ended, Turkey becomes the premiere naval power among the Emergents, projecting force into both the Mediterranean and Black Seas. They create the Istanbul Academy of the Sciences as a testing ground for new ideas, based loosely on the Lyceum of Aristotle; it is a dark mirror however, as the Academy's Chancellor is the so-called Second Khan of Science, who uses Turkish and Romanian resources to develop new and startling Enhancile technologies, including pre-natal genetic engineering, which is repurposed by elements in the Turkish government for biowarfare purposes.

-Greater Palestine: Given the post-war "Breather" period, GP manages to create a stable presence in the middle east, eventually forming the Sunni Islamic Bloc with Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. The SIB forms close ties with Egypt, and the Sunnis eventually manage to raise the funding to create the Suez Canal, allowing for even greater wealth than Turko-Romanian control of the Black Sea. However, the SIB is fanatically opposed to biological enhancement, as a result of post-war anti-western sentiment, and eject all biological or cybernetic enhanciles into Turkey, Iraq, and other states. They do, however, make heavy investments into Armor Enhanciles, in an effort to close the gap.



-The Government of Denmark-in-exile takes up residence in Greenland, though not actually a part of either the FE or US spheres of influence, they maintain close ties with both, due to the necessity of trade for certain staples. They also maintain close ties to the Scandinavian powers, in the hope of gaining within-region aid when they attempt to retake Denmark.

12/10/2010 . Edited 12/22/2010 #16
Jave Harron

How about Denmark in this time? Whoever Denmark joins has a nice strategic edge in controlling the transition from the Baltic to North Atlantic. Especially if the Russians can get better ports year 'round.

12/10/2010 #17
Cam S

1946-1960: The Post-War Years:


South Asia:

-Due to the weakening of the UK and the movement of many industrial assets to India during the British Luddite/Butlerian phase, India makes a bid for independence. In the South, this movement is led by Mohandas Gandhi, an elder statesman, while in the north, it is led by the Communist-nationalist Nathuram Godse. After being successfully declared independent, Godse makes a bid for power, and starts the Indian Civil War, lasting from 1950-1956, eventually ending in stalemate, with the establishment of Communist North India ruled out of New Delhi and

*Gandhi is captured and executed by the North, leading the south to commit more resources to the war effort.

*The heads of state for this conflict are Nathuram Godse (North) and Jawaharlal Nehru (South). The two eventually met in a small village in central India and brokered a peace, The borders are defined using the Ganges, Ken and Narmada Rivers. Several cities are divided, much as OTL Berlin was.

*In the fighting the region of Punjab breaks away from North India and forms the Second Sikh Empire, a Constitutional Monarchy. The presence of this small but relatively powerful nation also allows the formation of Pakistan to the West.

*North India is aggressively expansionist in an Eastward direction, capturing Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. They attempt to attack Tibet, but the Tibetan Guardsmen resist, eventually dynamiting the passes between North India and Tibet.

-King Ghazi of Iraq uses the Nazi officers and researchers he accepted into his borders to begin building up an anti-democratic/anti-communist/anti-emergent regime. He achieves many of his goals, including the near-extermination of the Yazidi (many flee to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Punjab) the formation of an Iraqi Enhancile program, and the conquest and integration of Kuwait into Iraq.

*After an accident at a firing range while observing the testing of Mamluk armor (a successor to the Nazi Zweihander) in 1953, Faisal II of Iraq becomes king. He proceeds to purge Nazi elements from his government, gaining him a great deal of good will that was somewhat soured by his insistence on development projects, a move that alienated the middle class to some degree. Faisal also oversaw the creation of the Office of State Security, or OSS, which was used to "disappear" Communist sympathizers. When the 14 July Revolution occurred, he managed to retain his life and a good deal of power, thanks to his father's Enhancile program. This led to Iraq becoming a Constitutional Monarchy.

-China remains uneasily united, thanks to the presence of Manchukuo in the North and the French in the south. However, with the aid of ANZAC military advisers and American technology, a stable border is established with Manchukuo and the ethnically-French settlers are given a chance to leave for more friendly territory. This sets up a battle between the Maoists and the Nationalists.

*Because of the large number of ANZAC soldiers working with the Kuomintang forces, Australian and New Zealanders also formed a significant portion of the military police. This leads to the Blue Shirt Incident when members of the Blue Shirt Society, drunk after celebrating their victory, open fire on ANZAC MPs. This leads to a deadly shoot-out, and eventually the expulsion of the members of the Blue Shirt Society from the Kuomintang, allowing Kai-shek to adopt a more utilitarian approach to handling his western allies.

*Without pervasive, and at times crippling, anti-western sentiment, Kai-shek was able to rely on allies from Australia, New Zealand, and America to resist Communist forces, eventually causing Mao Zedong to flee to Vladivostok, where the Russian communists took him in, and eventually provided him with forces to attempt to take Manchukuo and China.

*Though the Kuomintang government was fairly corrupt, Kai-shek eventually managed to keep it steady. China becomes a popular destination for western adventurers, and a certain "Wild West" atmosphere holds on to several cities, most notably those with access to Tibet and the largely undeveloped lands in Western China, where the Yao Guai and Mongols roam.

--The Mongol War establishes a communist government in Mongolia. The Khalka Mongols eventually take up residence in the thinly-inhabited regions of Western China, where the Nationalist government, fatigued from decades of war, has trouble removing them.

--Manchukuo holds onto its borders tightly, building up many forts operated by the IJA and trading only with Japan. A pervasive attitude of paranoia holds the nation, though things have stabilized somewhat, and by the end of the 1950s, an entire generation has been born and grown to adulthood during the occupation.

--The Empire of Japan is the premiere naval power in the Pacific, with control of the Solomon Islands and naval bases in Mexico, they are able to project force throughout the Ocean, though not beyond it. With resources coming in from Manchukuo, as well as preferential trading status with the Americans, the Japanese economy is booming.

*Eisenhower, and president Nixon after him, though distrustful of Japan, is quite happy to have the nation there, as a buffer against Soviet expansion into the Pacific ocean, cementing Japan's status as a preferential trading partner.

*The Japanese create the so-called "Armored Police," using decommissioned and refitted Bushi Armor to make up for the lack of able-bodied soldiers and policemen in the mainland. In 1956, this leads them to the Japanese allowing women to join the military and the Armored police, hearkening back to the Onna Bugeisha of the pre-Edo period.

*Two cultural projects are also begun during this period:

**the first is one of cultural imperialism; the government issued funds to corporations seeking to export goods that reflected Japanese culture, flooding the American, Australian, European, and even, to an extent, Chinese markets with calligraphy, toys, films, and imitation "Samurai Swords."

**the second was, in some ways, the opposite of the first, an attempted "de-westernization" including The Japanese Language Institute, which sought to remove many Westernisms; the heavy censoring of certain books, including The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, among others, as well as the outright banning of The Communist Manifesto, Biographies of George Washington, and the Chinese Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Scholarly books on economics and the sciences are still allowed in, however.

*The Japanese create settlements in Sakhalin, mostly containing "undesirables," which include Christians, people of Chinese or Korean descent and Communists. They are forced to operate factories for the Zaibatsu and at least three nuclear reactors

*During this time, the Japanese also create a national train system, including tunnels between the islands, and a national power grid. Automobiles still must be transported by ferries, considering the increasing view of them as being emblematic of Western society.

--Korea is caught between Japan and Manchukuo, and its shaky republican Government is unable to necessarily maintain the integrity of its borders or infrastructure. As such, in 1949, the Korean Government leases out land to the American military for indefinite periods of time for exceptionally low prices. The American Navy and Airforce are moved in, and provide much-needed support to the Korean government. This necessarily makes the Soviets nervous, especially considering the American's ballistic aircraft.

*part of the treaty between the United States and the Republic of Korea included provisions for limited Enhancile deployment. The Koreans become far more friendly with the Americans when they realize that the United States Military has no intention of conducting Enhancile research.

*The Korean economy gains a large service sector due to the presence of the American troops, and, after a time, the Koreans begin to emulate American fashion, cuisine, and adopting certain American terminology.

12/11/2010 #18

Have I mentioned recently that you're my hero?

12/20/2010 #19
Cam S

Not recently, but it's appreciated.

1946-1960: The Post-War Years:

Other areas:

-ANZAC: Australia and New Zealand make a bid for further independence from Britain, becoming less tied to the situation in Europe. This leads to the Terra Australis agreement, creating a unified Australia/New Zealand state which is not required to pay taxes or tribute to Great Britain, but still has preferential trade agreements. This also means that they are courted by several nations--Argentina, Chile, Japan, India, and several African nations, for Uranium. This leads to ANZAC being one of the wealthiest political entities in the southern hemisphere, and a serious contender for wealthiest in the globe.

*ANZAC is able to buy intellectual property rights to ballistic flight, nuclear reactors, and submarines.

*By 1952, Ballistic Transports are flying out of Perth, carrying cargo all over the world, further cementing the Terra Australis Union as a major financial power.

*By 1956, TASS (Terra Australis Submarine Ships,) Nuclear Submarines built and maintained by ANZAC forces, are patrolling the Indian and Pacific Oceans, severely challenging Japanese and American Superiority.

*By 1958, Illegal immigration from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Melanesia, have resulted in an immigration debate much like OTL America in the late 2000s, early 2010s.


South America:

-With Chile, Argentina, and Mexico under the Fascist yoke, the nations of Central America and Northern South America form a compact for mutual defense, much to the delight of the United States and Free Europe. Though there are still brushfire wars. Brazil refuses to participate, with numerous "Special Economic Zones" popping up which allow trade between the Fascist Nations and the nascent "Free South America." As a result, Brazil becomes a regional trading power, and begins to acquire technologies formerly inaccessible to it. Unfortunately, this leads to a higher rate of deforestation in the Amazon.

-The Argentine and Chilean governments both institute Free trade between them, and in 1955, Argentina issues the first Writ of Dehumanization, declaring Jose Gomez, a military leader attempting to take power in a Military Junta, to be "Not in possession of human rights" and shipping him to a laboratory where he could be used for Enhancile research. Many more Writs of Dehumanization are written in the future, usually to eliminate undesirables: homosexuals, fringe minority and religious groups, and communists. This practice spreads to Chile and to Mexico.



-An exodus of Berbers from Morocco and Algeria causes tension in other North African Nations, and destablization further south. Eventually, Haile Selassie of Ethiopia offers asylum to anyone willing to convert to the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Unfortunately for these Converts, many are put in internment camps and forced to help grow food.

-Other Berbers are displaced as far as South Africa, where they are given status as Second Class citizens, due to their closer resemblance to "White Europeans" than the Africans native to that region. This leads to racial tensions, and division within the Berber community.

-South Africa begins stockpiling Nuclear weapons around 1958.

-It is worth noting that, at this time, much of Africa is still under Colonial rule, with only a small number of territories being self-governed.

12/20/2010 #20
Cam S

1960-1970: Turbulence

The Americas:


-The United States launches its first Satellite in 1960, Traveler 1, and follow up by launching their first manned flight: The Freedom 7, carrying Alan Shepard, in 1962.

-Due to problems with the first attempted televised presidential debate, Richard Nixon becomes president in 1962, beating out John F. Kennedy. Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. is his Vice president. Kennedy is offered a position within the Nixon administration, which Kennedy declines.

-Richard Nixon institutes the "Black Budget" programs with the help of several corporations, notably IBM, GE, and Tesla-Hughes Industries. These programs are focused on developing new Enhanciles and new Nuclear weapons. Among the weapons in development is Project Pluto, which is developed, but not disclosed.

-Cuban Missile Crisis: In October 1961, the United States discovers evidence of the Soviets building missile bases in Communist Cuba. This evidence is leaked to the Sinarquista government of Mexico, which takes hostile actions, invading Cuba, and being hit with a number of Nuclear ICBMs. Nixon uses this to broker a deal, leading to the disarmament of Cuba, as well as the removal certain US military assets from Korea and China. Nikita Khruschev is nervous about how quickly this turn-around happened, leading to an increased build up of weapons and enhanciles in Soviet territory. This also leads to the Sinarquistas requesting aid from the US government.

-During his presidency, Richard Nixon forms the EPA, in an attempt to appease the growing environmentalist movement.

-Nixon also sees the start of an Anti-Japanese brushfire war in Viet Nam, which lasts into the presidency of Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.

-In November 1963, while attempting to smooth over tensions between two factions of Republicans, and potentially win some votes for the 1964 election, in San Fransisco, California, Richard Nixon is shot and killed by a failed singer-songwriter and all-around sketchy charismatic named Charles Manson, who had recently been paroled by the State of California. He claimed that Jesus told him to do it, which brought about a call for control of hallucinogens, a reformation of the mental health institutions, and at least one senator from Alabama tried to introduce a bill to "Sterilize all Beatniks" (which never made it to vote.)

-Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. is sworn into office the next day, and begins making radical changes. First and foremost is his unpopular attempt to pacify the Manchukuo- and Japanese-backed North Vietnamese, and his unreasoning antipathy toward south Vietnam, which no one can find any reason for. Second is his attempt to open up relations with Free Europe, and he does manage to have several productive meetings with Marshal De Gaulle and his successor, Marshal Sinclair. In May of 1968 the Euro-American Cold Shoulder period ends, and trade is opened up.

-Lodge also attempts to open relations with Turkey, but is rebuffed.

-America is the second power on the Moon in 1969, unofficially dividing the moon into the North (American) and South (Soviet) areas.

-Lodge attempts to dismantle the Black Budget projects, but is unable. Several elements of the Black Budget's enhancile program become private companies, notably Strategic Assets Unlimited, a multinational corporation with offices in Mexico and Brazil.


Mexico: Following the Cuban Missile Crisis and resultant Nuclear fallout, several large swathes of Mexico become uninhabitable, and the Sinarquista government is forced to ask for aid from Argentina, Chile, and the United States.

-part of the agreement with the US results in Nazi war criminals being extradited to the United States, whereupon they are either (A) put on trial or (B) put to work on various Black Budget and NASA projects. This is also the point in time where the treatment of Jews under the Nazi party comes out, resulting in a widespread outrage in the United States.

-Josef Mengele flees to Argentina.

-The first of the "Troubles" happens in 1962, with widespread rioting against US interests. The Sinarquistas put down these riots with extreme prejudice, leading to a loss of widespread support for their government.

-American Corporations are allowed to operate in Mexican territory with an immense reduction in tax expense, leading to many Mexican businesses being unable to compete. Widespread unemployment and dissidents being "Dehumanized" for experimentation by Strategic Assets Unlimited (the corporate arm for the Black Budget's Enhancile program) are the result.

-The Troubles of '68 result in an attempted Communist Junta by elements within the Mexican Military. These elements are supported by Cuban and Soviet resources, and when discovered, they are expunged.

-First free elections happen after the Troubles of '68, in which the Reformed Sinarquista party (the "Corporatistas") are able to defeat the Old Guard of their own party and the Marxist party.



-Several Canadian groups move for an Australia-like reduction in political dependence upon Great Britain, which nearly leads to an armed revolution. The Canadian Government manages to prevent these dissidents from achieving their goals.

-In May '68, Quebec manages to revolt against the Canadian Government, gaining independence. Canada manages to hold on to New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, maintaining a connection to Free Europe.

-The loss of Quebec, with its immense natural resources and easy access to the Atlantic, cause a recession within the Canadian economy. In addition to this, Nuclear weapons located within Quebec result in a significant reduction in Canada's ability to project force.

12/20/2010 . Edited 12/20/2010 #21
Cam S

1960-1970: Turbulence

Europe and North Africa:

Free Europe:

-The Cincinatus Group focuses on creating what the Italian Branch refers to as Frumentarii, Chemical- and micro-electronic-mediated Enhanciles to function as Spies in the Soviet Union.

*The Frumentarii of MI6 are given the codename "Zeroes" due to their use of designations consisting almost completely of zeroes. An aging Ian Fleming is placed in charge of the project in 1961.

**In 1967, Ian Fleming goes Rogue and flees to Sri Lanka, where he carves out a small fiefdom, and, with the help of one Doctor Clarke, begins to develop Frumentarii for several criminal organizations.

-The Second Algerian War sparks a horrible conflict between Free Europe and the SIB. In European parlance, this conflict is referred to as the North African War or Berber War, while in Islamic terms, it is referred to as The Thousandfold Jihad.

*Algerian and Moroccan Terrorists attempt to detonate a nuclear weapon in the City-State of Casablanca, which is halted by an aging Jewish Enhancile, Maccabeus, who proceeded to go on a one-man vendetta against the forces responsible, resulting in an international incident, as Maccabeus was, in fact, a citizen of Free Europe.

*France and Spain occupy Morocco and Algeria, barring passage through the Straits of Gibraltar to all non-Free Europe Ships. The Suez canal is still open, but this blockade forces many ships to navigate around Africa entirely, severely limiting trade. The SIB, the operators of the Suez Canal, first attempt to open the straits diplomatically, then proceed to launch an attack on the blockade.

*The war lasts from 1961-1968. It involves the splitting of the Emergent Powers into the Turko-Romanian, Scandinavian and Sunni Blocs. The Sunni Bloc collapses, and Free Europe assumes control over the Suez Canal in March 1968, much to the chagrin of Islamic inhabitants of Europe and less nationalistic elements of Europe, coming to a head in May 1968, with Rioting in Paris, London, Rome, and Madrid.

**The war ends with Greater Palestine under European Control and the Red Sea an European lake.

**This leads directly to the Trade Conflicts of 1968-69, where Ethiopian and Somalian pirates resist the presence of European maritime powers violently while the legitimate government of Ethiopia, under Haile Selassie I lobbied for a lessened European presence. The Europeans, tired of African wars, eventually capitulate, and Selassie's government takes control of the Red Sea, using bought Australian Nuclear Submarines, and eventually, Ethiopian-fielded ones.

-The Beatles become a hit, and are important goodwill ambassadors between Free Europe and the United States.

-In 1967, John Alexander Sinclair becomes Marshall of free Europe, which led directly to the splitting of the Emergent powers, based on his application of Frumentarii and diplomatic force.

-In 1969, the Alsace Incident, during which a soviet Nuclear-Capable missile was launched from Southern Germany into the North Sea, takes place, bringing Europe to the brink of War.

Soviet Union:

-The Wunderwaffen Commission is dismantled, and all of its assets are moved to Moscow and points east of there, bringing Germany closer in to the Soviet power base.

*A new branch of the Spetsnaz is created based on their work, using military criminals identified as suitable after extensive evaluation. This branch is called, colloquially the Omar or "Lobsters." Each is permanently grafted into a cybernetic exoskeleton.

*Several fruits of the Omar project are discovered by espionage outfits in Free Europe and the United States. These include a hyper-efficient artificial heart which does not register as possessing a heartbeat upon examination, Artificial Lungs, which do not expand or contract, and also hold at least an hour of pure oxygen within them, which is slowly replenished over time, and synthetic plasma which polymerizes upon contact with gaseous oxygen.

-The Soviet Union is prevented from moving into Afghanistan and Pakistan by a combined Turkish/Sikh system of military advisers.

-After the End of the North African War, the Soviet Union expands into Romania, demonstrating the effectiveness of their new Omar troops, which seem facelessly interchangeable, inhumanly durable (capable of resisting up to .50 rounds,) and simultaneously humanly adaptive. Their Developers made sure that each had a unique and completely human voice, to take advantage of their enemy's psychology.

*The Russo-Romanian War of Subjugation results in the loss of Turkish sovereignty over the Black Sea, and the total subjugation of the Balkans and Greece, leading to a major Soviet presence in the Mediterranean.

**Unfortunately, due to Free European control of both the Straits of Gibraltar and the Suez Canal, this is not entirely useful, though it does prevent the Mediterranean from being a completely FE lake.

-In 1968, shortly after the fall of Romania, the Russians launch the Second Winter War, and are resisted by the Finns, Swedes, and Norwegians. These three countries prove unconquerable to the Russians, who are forced to withdraw when the Finns field a man referred to as only The White Ghost or Nyyrikki. This sniper is not, as was once believed, Simo Häyhä, but another Sniper, gifted with chemical enhancements and special training, meant to emulate him, armed with a compact Lahti L-51 anti-tank rifle, kills over 200 Omar in 400 days, though is still considered to have equaled his predecessor's achievement.

-In late 1968, Russia lands a small, one-man module on the moon. Due to technical problems, the ship doesn't make a return flight. The Soviet Union cuts transmissions before the Cosmonauts are observed to die of CO2-caused Asphyxiation and cold.

Scandinavia: After the Dissolution of the Emergent powers, joins Free Europe.

Turkey: Remains Independent after the dissolution of the Emergent powers. The Turks have a stockpile of nuclear weapons and Enhanciles that do not resemble those found anywhere else in the world. Though definitely weaker than both the Soviet Union and Free Europe, Turkey is still enough of a factor in the game that it could easily cripple any military that seeks to move against it, making it easy prey for the other side.

12/22/2010 . Edited 12/28/2010 #22
Cam S

1960-1970: Turbulence

Asia and Australia:

-North and South India both test Fusion Weapons.

*The North detonates the Rajasuya Weapon, a 50 MT fusion device under the Indian Ocean.

*The South detonates The Pashupata Device illegally in an air burst over Antarctica, far distant from all known settlements, a 100 MT fission-catalyzed fusion weapon. Seismographs as far away as Cuba registered the detonation.

-Sikh Jihad expands Punjab to all of Pakistan other than Balochistan and to include Tajikistan. The Punjabi government revives the British Maha-Gurkha program, focusing on producing a small number of fanatically loyal, mostly unique Enhanciles. These individuals are referred to outside of the Sikh government by their Indian designations, which are drawn from the Asuras.

-Second Russo-Japanese War (1961-64) causes the Soviet Annexation of Manchukuo and the Soviet conquest of Sakhalin. The IJA and lend-leased armored police are outgunned by the Russian Omar troops, leading to a flurry of espionage and R&D in Imperial Japan.

*The Tokyo Riots of the late 1960s, combined with the Russian encroachment weakens the Japanese Government, leading to the adoption of a more British-like Constitutional monarchy, though the Emperor of Japan retains far more power. The real engines of control in Japan are still, principally, located in the IJA, which is still under the sway of a system of thought that could be referred to as "Bushido Mystique."

*The Japanese "Kusanagi-Go" imitates many of the advances of the Omar troops, and Japanese Special Forces are outfitted with the specialized gear.

-Korea incident fire is exchanged between elements of the Red Army and the Korean Army (using United States Military weaponry.) It does not escalate past an isolated Incident and leads to the establishment of the DMZ in Northern Korea.

-The Chinese State, under orders of the aging Chiang Kai-shek, militarizes along its northern borders. The KMT "Black Squads" armed with semi-automatic .50 "Champion-Killer" rifles make up the bulk of these forces.

*Peking Riots destablize the Chinese government until KMT forces use lethal force. These Riots come in two varieties: Monarchists seeking the establishment of a new Dynasty and Communists seeking peace and integration with the expanding Soviet bloc.

*The Mílè Púsa Project, the Chinese Enhancile ministry produces the first of their Sage Enhanciles, which are a significant step to the final goal of stable Cognitive Enhancement. While none of them qualify as superhumanly intelligent, they are all in the top 5% of human capability.

-Australia and New Zealand annex Indonesia, the Kerguelen, Crozet, and Falkland Islands. The latter three become staging areas for the ANZAC Bluewater forces, protecting Australian Shipping concerns throughout the world.

*Australia maintains a heavy presence in the Northern Pacific, prepared to launch missiles from their new Trident submarines, which are capable of launching a dozen ICBMs. This presence has a significant roll in preventing the Korean Incident from turning into an all-out war.

*Australia acquires the Falklands from the United Kingdom, paying a significant sum for the islands.

South America:

-The First Falklands War between Argentina and ANZAC forces starts in 1967 and lasts until 1972. It is a fairly bloody conflict, and tips Argentina's hand as far as Enhancile research goes, leading to International sanctions on Argentina.

12/27/2010 . Edited 12/28/2010 #23
Cam S

1970-1980: An Island of Stability

North America:

United States:

-Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. loses the presidency in early 1969, and is succeeded by John F. Kennedy, Jr. George McGovern is his Vice President.

*Kennedy opens relations with Turkey and Japan, winning many diplomatic victories abroad.

*He restarts Nuclear weapon research covertly, and manages to reclaim certain parts of the Black Budget for American use under Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline. The new project is tenuously linked to NASA at first, but is later dubbed DARPA.

-Kennedy turned out to be a one-term president, due to several factors:

*Apparent extramarital involvement with Actress Lesley Hornby.

*Cordial meeting in Turkey with the so-called "Khan of Science" a man who has been alive and well for more than half a century, by all appearances, and believed by some Americans to be the Antichrist.

*Close financial/political ties with Howard Hughes, who inherited Nikola Tesla's stigma as well as his intellectual property.

*Release of Documents relating to Project Pluto. The knowledge of this project actually resulted in the televised suicide of the presenter who presided over the Kennedy/Nixon Debates of 1960.

-He is succeeded by Gerald Ford, with VP Pete McCloskey, who ran after Ford announced he would not be trying for a second term. McCloskey ran against Jimmy Carter, who defeated him.

-Los Angeles and the surrounding territory gets its own Enhancile Vigilante, the son of the Mexican Enhancile La Cazadora volunteered for a number of risky black market surgeries, becoming The Emperor (named for the region referred to as the "Inland Empire.")

*Notably, he is one of the first Enhanciles to be able to fly, due to the use of a wing-equipped turbojet backpack that interfaces with his neural implants. In addition to his invasive strength enhancements, he quickly gains a degree of popular acclaim. However, he is hunted by the FAA for unlicensed flights near LAX. He is recognizable due to his vaguely insectoid "costume."

*He is the subject of a documentary film by Werner Herzog called Emperor of the Sky, and a slightly less successful fictionalized account by David Lynch called The Wasp-Man, which leads to the popular belief that he is actually a genetic experiment mixing human and insect DNA.

-Following the Herzog film, there were a number of other Enhanciles that seemed to be created solely for media attention, including Hercules (Lou Ferrigno) in NYC and King Mob (Grant Morrison) in Glasgow, Scotland. Many of these Media Enhanciles are inactive by 1979.

-A clandestine Soviet mission breaks into Sing Sing and releases Charles Manson in 1972, operating on him and returning him to the United States in Seattle in 1977. He becomes the Enhancile Criminal Helter-Skelter, many of his enhancements based on those used in the failed Baba Yaga test. Notably, he has a nuclear power source which is meant to last twenty years. Its output is stored in Capacitors that must be periodically released.

-Experiments in the private sector linking human brains directly to wheeled vehicles, airplanes, and other devices lead to the discovery of Mechanistic Depersonalization Disorder, a malicious mental disorder whose sufferers are referred to as Machine Heads. One of the major symptoms is the belief that one is "merely a machine." It is caused by the feedback from the machinery linked to. This leads to the acceptance in the scientific community of the old Nietzschean Maxim that "The Mind is a plaything of the Body."

-Tests in Alaska result in the creation of the Ballistic Nuclear Cannon, a weapon based on the same principles and design insights as the Sinarquista Supergun. It fires kiloton-range nuclear shells which merely possess small thrusters capable of adjusting trajectory midflight instead of requiring a thruster module.

-The release of information about Project Pluto results in a flurry of international concern, as well as trade embargoes by Australia, China, and Free Europe. President Ford is unable to reverse this, but Jimmy Carter, Ford's Successor, is able to regain popular support abroad, and proceeds to sign the Partial Test-Ban Treaty which outlaws the development of SLAM missiles and certain classes of nuclear weapons including Cobalt Bombs.


Canada and Quebec:

-Many non-Centurion Enhanciles from Europe flee to Quebec, due to its more lax policy regarding registration. This, and the popularity of the American Enhancile The Emperor lead to many Cities gaining a "protector."

*Toronto is protected by Golem, the son of a Jewish freedom fighter who possesses a never-released prototype of the Zweihander Mk. III. It has been refitted for nonlethal means.

*Ottawa is protected by Cu Chulainn, a British biochemical Enhancile, whose adjustments were ultimately derived from the Mahagurkha.

*Calgary gains several, collectively known as "The Freakshow" including:

**Tin-Man: A soldier whose entire body has been replaced with military-grade prosthetics, based on Tesla designs. His original language is believed to be Polish, but no one can confirm his origin.

**Mullah: an Algerian French Enhancile whose spatial reasoning had been enhanced through drug treatments and training, though old, he is highly capable. Forsaking traditional firearms, he uses a "bolas" which uses compressed air to incapacitate targets.

**Sister: A former Bruto, once a Catholic Nun, she was captured while attempting to help a young Jewish couple escape from a Nazi labor camp. She was put through the Bruto technique and made into a mute soldier of the Axis. After fighting for her new masters for several years, she managed to surrender to a Free French squad, and would have been killed had Mullah not protected her. She is incapable of speaking, using Sign Language and writing to convey her meaning, but refuses to "speak" of the war.

-After the revelation of the American Project Pluto, the Government of Canada agrees to build a Wall along their borders, and restricts travel to the United States.



-Following the revelation of Project Pluto, the Corporatistas cut ties to the United States government, and request aid from Free Europe. This eventually leads to the defection of several SAU engineers being absorbed by the Frumentari and Centurion programs. Backflow also occurs, bringing European specialists to SAU.

*In 1975, an SAU experiment escapes, dubbed by a number of sources La Hidra, this insane enhancile actually enjoys the benefits of regeneration--a specially constructed organ located in her abdomen actually sends out a hormone that turns damaged cells back into stem cells. The regeneration, however, is neither perfect nor painless, and she is eventually killed by a cooperative effort between two Mexican "publicity enhanciles," Quetzalcoatl (a former Luchador and chemically-mediated Enhancile) and La Caballera Blanca (an armored Enhancile.)

-Closer ties to Europe also brings Free European attention to the area, and a more progressive democratization of the area. Future elections are observed by Spanish, French, and Italian observers, eventually leading to the election of the more conservative but less reactionary Nationalist-Republican Party in 1977.

12/28/2010 . Edited 12/28/2010 #24
Cam S

1970-1980: An Island of Stability


Free Europe:

-After gaining awareness of Project Pluto, Free Europe publicly decries the research of the American Government, and invests heavily in sea-based Missile Defense. The Free Europe Bluewater Navies begin constructing Sonar listening posts in the Atlantic theoretically capable of detecting the missile and equipping them with automatic missile defense systems. The idea is to detect the approach of a SLAM from hundreds of miles away and snipe it out of the air with an intercepting missile.

*Even after Jimmy Carter's efforts, the AEGIS system was left in place.

*The technical specifications were copied and schematics were made for an European equivalent, which existed in a Binder located in a Bunker in Madrid. It was codenamed Ultima Ratio Deum. It is never built, and the Government of Free Europe makes a great effort to forget about it.

-The Ceylon Incident pits Frumentari Mk. 2 Operative Len Deighton against Ian Fleming and his henchman, Dr. Clarke. It almost sparks a war with South India, but John Sinclair, Marshal of Free Europe, takes responsibility for the action and is forced to step down in 1974. He is succeeded by His Deputy Marshal Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

-Albert Camus dies of lung cancer in 1975.

-project Diana grows out of the Frumentari project and American Enhancile research acquired via Mexico. It makes use of the Frumentari enhancements and female volunteers, who were notably underrepresented in the main Frumentari efforts.


-Khruschev's brain is placed into Stalin's tank upon his death, by orders of Josef Stalin's insane disembodied brain. By the orders of Khruschev's successor Leonid Brezhnev, Stalin's Brain is removed and drugged heavily, while kept on life support, to prevent it from making any further demands.

*The Brain is sent to a laboratory in Siberia, which is already equipped with the means to keep the brain alive and unaware.

-The Soviet Union, in response to the American Nuclear weapons research, creates their own equivalent of Project Pluto, the Tupolev Tp-93. They test it surreptitiously in the Arctic Ocean. The Tp-93 is an integral part of the system that would one day be referred to as Dead Hand.

-Dead Hand, more formally Perimitr, was a system of seismographs and sonar stations meant to detect nuclear detonations of ICBMs and the approach of American SLAMs. It was designed to respond with the Tp-93, which would proceed to wipe out both Free Europe and the United States, regardless of who fired the first shot. It is integrated with the Soviet network of spy satellites that are being built, to watch for the launch plumes of ICBMs.

-The Russians also produce the Mil Mi-24, or Hind, which in this timeline is Nuclear Equipped. A small portion of them are equipped with integrated enhanciles, and are referred to as the Mil Mi-24X.

*Designs are in place for a Mil Black project, dubbed Zatménije or, in western circles, the Zat. An integrated Enhancile flying battleship, essentially using a submarine fuselage with a nuclear powered helicopter rotor.

-A Danish Black Ops team manages to destroy several nuclear reactors in Germany, and quickly reclaims the Danish homeland. With support from Free Europe's Scandinavian Forces, (FESF,) they manage to retake their homeland in 1979 and cripple the Soviet Atlantic Fleet.

*Much to the worry of Free Europe and the USA, the Soviets don't seem particularly worried by this.

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Cam S

1970-1980: An Island of Stability



-The Sikh Empire and North India go to war over Kashmir; North Indian troops are supported by Russian Advisers, including a small number of Omar troops.

-The South uses this as an opportunity to seize islands in the Bay of Bengal.

*Many of the South's new holdings are defended by the AMRITA system, a purchased and back-engineered variation on the European AEGIS system. It is important to note that these various systems are of next to no use against ICBMs, being designed to counteract SLAMs.

-After four years of fighting, North India resorts to the use of Nuclear weapons to destroy the Sikh interlopers. The resulting fallout cloud over the subcontinent causes millions to starve, but absolutely ruins the Sikh Empire. Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Punjab are reduced to post-nuclear fiefdoms squabbling amongst themselves. This serves to destablize the region.

*South India and Afghanistan both offer aid to various groups within the ruined Empire. This puts pressure on North India from several sides, and South India proceeds to blockade their ports in both the East and West, choking the communist power.

-By 1979, there are talks about Reunification.

East Asia:

-The Chinese state engages in systematic sabotage of Soviet infrastructure, with the help of the American-funded Koreans. The result is that Soviet hold on Manchukuo is weakened.

-In 1976, the Soviets declare Manchukuo an independent state. They phrase this as generosity, while, in fact, it has more to do with issues of infrastructure and communication. Almost immediately, Japan and China begin fighting over ownership of the state, despite the protests of its communist leadership.

*The two-year Manchurian War eventually ends in a stalemate, and results in the establishment of the Manchuria Special Economic Zone, where Japanese civilians are able to come and go without passports, and Japanese goods are given preferential status, but it is technically under the control of the Kuomintang Government.

*After this, the Chinese experience what it is like to have an impoverished state join their country. Manchurians bring their Japanese- and Soviet-influenced culture into the Chinese mainstream, and result in strong dissident Communist and Buddhist parties calling for free elections. Many of these dissidents are shipped westward to "homestead."

-China produces the first superhumanly intelligent Sages, which form part of their command structure within three months of being tested. These individuals are actually no more intelligent or conscious than normal humans, but enjoy a hypertrophy of certain cognitive functions, including savant-like mathematical knowledge and autistic attention focusing abilities.

-The Troubles begin in 1979, when a KMT black squad fires on a group of Omar soldiers that had been loaned to the Mongolian government. A small series of wars are fought between China and the Soviet Union.


-The Constitutional Monarchy slides even more toward Democracy with the failure of the Manchurian War, and a number of higher-ups in the military leadership step down or commit suicide. The Resulting social changes lead to closer Japan-China and Japan-US relations, though the KMT government is still leery about allowing Japanese travelers outside of Manchuria and Hong Kong.

-The Testing and failure, of the Daishogun Armor, a thirty-foot-tall power-armor enhancile, leads to Japanese disillusionment with cutting edge Enhancile programs. By 1978, their funding has been cut almost completely.

-The First Daikaiju is spotted in Tokyo Bay. A large, whale-like creature with an armored carapace and thousands of biopneumatic "spines" that it uses to attack the harbor. It takes almost an entire battlegroup to destroy the creature, due not to its resilience or movement, but due to its constant use of underwater movement. It is determined not to be a whale or other such creature, but actually a type of Gastropod not previously discovered, however, it is quickly determined to be artificial, due to the "control box" attached to its brain.

*Over the next several months, other Daikaiju appear, including one that seemed to be a twenty-foot iguana with all of its connective tissue replaced by a protein that imitated spider silk.

*The "Demonhunter" division of the armored police is created to deal with these threats. After attacks in Osaka and Oita, other Japanese cities follow this development.

*A japanese iteration of the AMRITA system is bought, but mostly for its Sonar and Ultrasound enhancements; the missile defense part is left out. Listening posts are established all over Japan's Pacific coast.


-The Second Falklands War of 1976-77 leaves the Argentine economy decimated and reliant on Chile for aid.

-The ANZAC Bluewater forces assist in the Indian Blockade, gaining them preferential treatment with South Indian ports.

-Australia and New Zealand also encourage the development of the Suez corporation to manage the Suez canal, and become major stockholders, enabling them to spread their trade and peacekeeping missions to the Mediterranean.

-Australian/New Zealander enclaves appear in Dubai and Egypt, pumping capital into the economy and resulting in a greater degree of safety for the locals. This also allows nuclear reactor technology to be leaked to the Arab states of the Middle East.

-Likewise, the Australians manage to wrest control of the Panama Canal from the sole province of the United States and put it in the control of the Panamanian Government, which causes some trouble with the United States Government, but gains them favor from the Panamanian people.

-In the 1970s, Terra Australis emerges as the premier anti-colonial power in the world, as they felt that it stifled trade, which is quickly becoming a major source of income for the Australians.

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Cam S


North America

United States:

-Jimmy Carter's Presidency lasts for two terms, though there is a notable drop in his public approval in the second term. In 1988, he loses to Ronald Regan; however, Regan steps down in 1990, due to health problems relating to his Alzheimer's Disease.

-Under Jimmy Carter, Relations with the rest of the world, particularly Free Europe, Turkey, China, South India, and Australia improves.

*This leads to the creation in 1986 of the SoPaTO (South Pacific Treaty Organization.) The United States has a reduced presence in the Atlantic, as that is mostly a Free European lake. SoPaTO, however, manages to apply pressure both the Empire of Japan and the Soviet Union.

*In 1990, Japan becomes a signatory in SoPaTO; they feel it to be helpful in hunting down the source of the Daikaiju attacks which plague their shores.

-Jimmy Carter's 1985 declaration to free the United States of Foreign Oil results in the construction of several additional nuclear power plants. Many are run by Edison Nucleonic, though Hydroelectric dams in the American West constructed by Hughes-Tesla Heavy Industries are also instrumental in the effort. Many cars come equipped with HTHI power storage systems, a system of high-efficiency capacitors and batteries based on the work of Nikola Tesla.

-Relations between the United States and Soviet Union actually become closer due to the Aleutian War of 1988; a rogue element in the Russian Military seeks to start a proper shooting war, actually firing an ICBM on Cheyenne Mountain, irradiating Colorado Springs. A joint operation of American Navy SEALS and Russian Spetsnaz/Omar Troops eliminates the threat, and Carter actually allows the Russians to remove the rogue group's equipment without seizing any of it, much to the consternation of the DoD.

-Radical anti-radiation treatments are developed at Regis University in Denver, improving survival rates among the heavily radiated by almost 50%.

-The Emperor's Duel happens in the Inland Empire region in May 1986. The FAA managed to acquire funding to create their own squad of Flying Enhanciles to hunt down and combat the Emperor. It is captured on news cameras all over southern California. All of the footage was collected, edited, and released under the title by which the event became known; Vittorio Storaro won the Oscar for best cinematography for the project, narrowly beating out Chris Menges for his work on The Mission.

*Commentary from FAA officers, David Lynch, and Werner Herzog, as well as a man who claimed to be The Emperor, formed the majority of the soundtrack.

-In 1987, shortly after the Emperor's Duel, a flying Enhancile appears in the Seattle/Portland area, known by the graffiti tags she left as simply "Thunder." FAA Black Squads are dispatched to find her as well, but the weather conditions make it difficult for them to function. Thunder, apparently, had trained with the stormy weather of the region, making it impossible for the FAA troops to keep up.

*It is notable that the police didn't participate in the hunt for Thunder, finding her aid against gang activity and the newly arrived Tongs to be too valuable to jeopardize.

*Due to her activity across state lines, though, the FBI did get involved, and did cooperate with the FAA.

-A Chicago startup, Biodyne, secretly acquires the genetic material of the Crimson Avenger, and begins illegal research into cloning.


Mexico and Canada continue developing, Mexico growing closer to Free Europe and using their Navy and clout in the Caribbean to put pressure on Cuba. Canada continues accepting Enhancile Refugees from Europe, which causes a bit of a rift between Canada and England; Canada, however, leases territory near Vancouver to Australia, building toward a non-English, non-American Anglophone bloc.

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Cam S



Free Europe:

-Free Europe establishes Watchtower 1 in 1981, an orbital space station equipped with spectrometers and anti-missile lasers (powerful, but intended more to damage targeting and guidance than destroy). It floats in geosynchronous orbit over Paris, and is intended to shoot down Russian or American ICBMs passing through Free European territory. They are crewed by specialized Centurion Enhanciles, designed for extended stays in space.

*Watchtowers 2 and 3 follow in 1984, over London and Rome.

*Watchtower 4 and 5 follow in 1986, over Reykjavik and Madrid.

*Watchtower 6 and 7 follow in 1989, over Copenhagen and Helsinki.

*The Watchtower project displays the Free European mastery of Space travel, and necessitates the creation of an advanced reusable shuttle. The FE Shuttle program involves a nuclear-electric rocket, fired from the North Sea off the coast of Iceland. These launches are widely publicized to prevent other nations from assuming them to be missile launches.

-The Centurion project unveils its next-generation Enhanciles, the Numeri, while generally lower-powered than previous Centurions, the Numeri were much more reliable and easy to produce. It was felt that the Numeri were equal in power to the Russian Omar, and many platoons of Numeri were garrisoned on the French side of the Lightning Curtain.

-A Domestic Terrorist Group in Free Europe draws a great deal of ire from the government; the Hekatonkhires are an anti-Enhancile group drawn from displaced laborers and fringe elements of the IRA, ETA and Avanguardia Nazionale. They use Chinese Champion-killer bullets, and produce their own Brutus Weapons, composed of a .50 caliber osmium bullet with a large number of tungsten flechettes inside. They target Centurions and researchers for the Cincinnatus group

-Free Europe engages in a trade war with Australia, attempting to gain control of the Suez Canal. They manage to acquire a small but significant number of shares, but not a controlling majority.

-Due to the massive number of defensive fortifications FE is popularly held to stand for Fortress Europe.

-Marshal Ciampi is pressured by his advisers into signing the Defense of Democracy Act, which makes illegal a number of "pro-communist and pro-fascist" works of art, philosophy, and literature, as well as empowering the Frumentari as a sort of secret police.

*There is an outcry against this in England and Iceland, as well as isolated pockets in other countries.

*Along with the Defense Act is establishment of the Commission for the Advancement of Culture, which engages in a Imperial Japan-style project of European cultural supremacy abroad.


Soviet Union:

-Invasion of Afghanistan: The Soviet Union pushes south into Afghanistan and the Former Sikh Empire, with support from North India. The Soviets make heavy use of Spetsnaz Omar, Hind, and Zat.

-A Bureaucratic Error places Stalin's brain in the Zat mk. 4 prototype. The Insane cyborg flies south and joins the conflict in Afghanistan. When the error is realized, the Soviets play it off as a planned action, The Man of Steel Returning to Fight for Mother Russia.

-The Mujahideen are supported by military advisers from South India and Turkey, as well as covertly shipped weapons from Australia and Financial aid from the Saudi Bin Laden Family.

-Osama Bin Laden, an illegal Enhancile making use of Stolen FE Frumentari technology duels with the Zat mk. 4 holding Stalin's Brain in 1988, fighting for six days across the Hindu Kush. He eventually kills the monster, and takes the cracked case holding Stalin's Brain as a trophy.

-The Soviet invasion fails in March of 1989, and ends with a nuclear decimation of Afghanistan (1/10th of all land in Afghanistan irradiated.)

*Though the Soviets loose a great deal of political clout, their premier Grigory Romanov (ascended to power 1985) is considered too stiff, and the victim of a praetorian assassination by his Omar bodyguards. His main rival Mikhail Gorbachev ascends to power in 1989.

-The Russians participate in the Aleutian War, but continue it without American knowledge; the Russians find out that the rogue element from their own military had sequestered a weapons designer on Ushakov Island, and Omar troops are dispatched there. The Battle of Ushakov is sealed behind a Top secret classification for 100 years.

*The Weapons designer was a madman, a genius of the same quality as Faddei the Bastard, and a distant cousin. He had constructed a Massive Cobalt Bomb, and wired it directly to his brain. The bomb was named The Monument to the Apocalypse by its designer, and was intended to destroy all life on Earth by detonating a 200 Megaton device and coating the world in a radioactive isotope of Cobalt, while the demon core of the bomb burns down into the mantle of the planet.

*This incident only comes to light with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1995.

-The Soviets establish their Hawk stations, their own answer of the FE Watchtower stations, over Moscow, Petrograd, Berlin, Stalingrad, and Vladivostok.



-The Second Khan of Science dies, and a Third is selected to take his place. The Third wears the same mask designed by the original, and she agrees to undergo corrective surgery to resemble the Khan in terms of action and physicality.

-The Third Khan of Science achieved her notoriety by designing the Retribution Station, an orbital platform with the same functionality of the Watchtower and Hawk Stations, but with one notable improvement: It is designed to fire tactical warheads at other orbital stations in geosynchronous orbit, using a simple homing function to lock onto the other station's radiators and destroy them.

*This quality is only discovered when a Frumentari steals documents from the Turkish Academy of the Sciences, and leads to the Militarization of space.

-The Turks manage to steal the plans for the Ultima Ratio Deum from Free Europe in response to this act of espionage, and design their response: The Cracker Weapon, a nuclear SLAM with a drilltip, designed to detonate below the surface of the Earth.

-Turkish military advisers involved in the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan manage to capture Russian Omar troops, which are summarily vivisected.

*This knowledge is sold to a variety of groups in exchange for AMRITA and AEGIS plans, as well as information detailing the exact nature of the Lightning Curtain. They begin constructing their own fortifications, and cut off much of their contact with other groups afterward.

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Cam S


Asia and Australia:


-North India provides support for the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, while South India supports the Mujahideen. This conflict almost brings the two to war, but the Soviet defeat brings about the failure of the North Indian state.

-Reunification day is 19 August, 1989, the same day as the fall of the Berlin Wall in OTL.

*Sadly, due to the sapped nature of the North Indian economy, this causes a number of financial problems due to the troubles of shifting over to a Market Economy. Australia supplies foreign aid in exchange for leasing land to build Naval bases in India.


-In response to the ongoing Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, various navies indirectly disrupt the transport of Goods to pro-Soviet groups, setting up unofficial and illegal blockades around Vladivostok and in the Suez Canal.

-Various navies also begin combing the Pacific for clues relating to the Daikaiju attacks on Japan. Eventually, they discover one bunker in a supposed series, run by a splinter from Japan's Unit 731. The amount of biological knowledge contained in the Bunkers shoot Enhancile programs in the USA, Japan, and Australia forward by almost twenty years. Most notably is the pseudo-arachnid vaccine, which replaces cartilage and collagen with spider-silk like proteins.

-Nuclear submarines enter the navies of all members of SoPaTo by 1988.

-in 1987, a battle group in the Philippines is attacked by a new form of Daikaiju, a monstrous creature morphologically similar to a jellyfish but much larger and capable of discharging massive amounts of electricity from its many tentacles. It also notably reverts to stem cells wherever it is injured. Eventually, it is destroyed by an American X1 Pluto missile.

Indochina Cooperation Organization:

-A modified version of the Cordyceps fungi sweeps through South-East Asia, killing crops and food animals. It is only stopped through a concerted effort by the nations of that region.

-The ICCO Forms in 1987 in response to Bioterrorism, the Daikaiju threat and the use of SLAMs by SoPaTO , a grouping of Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Singapore, cut ties to the outside world behind the so-called "Bamboo Curtain."

-The bloc emerges as politically opposed to both Democracy and Communism, but is not Totalitarian. Instead, it is a coalition of Authoritarian Monarchies and "benevolent" dictatorships.

-Believing the Daikaiju to be the product of bioscience used by the Soviets, Americans, Indians, and Australians in their Enhancile programs, the ICCO establishes their own Daikaiju production labs in Singapore.

*Their first success is the so-called "Harbor Beast" a modification of the common Cuttlefish, producing a large, multi-armed creature that reproduces asexually (producing only one offspring at a time and dying when it receives the chemical trigger from it's offspring's maturation.) These lethargic creatures are intended to destroy ships without the proper markings on their undersides, a closely guarded secret.


-The Secret of Cognitive Enhancement leaks out of government labs, but is imperfectly replicated elsewhere, eventually becoming a black market industry that the KMT Black Squads combat.

-Attempted (and failed) annexation of Tibet in 1983 damages the reputation of the Communist government.

-The Chinese experiment with Nuclear Isomer technology as a replacement for fossil fuel, vowing to replace all fossil fuel vehicles by the year 2000.


-The Release of Information about Unit 731's involvement in the Daikaiju attacks results in a wave of outrage, and the fall of the military leadership that had hidden information about the Second Sino-Japanese war and the atrocities committed during it. Those few Military leaders who survived the outrage at the end of the Manchurian War either resign or commit suicide.

-The Kusanagi-Go is approved for use as replacement for the armored police and Demonhunter divisions.

-A portion of the Japanese Whaling Fleet is commissioned to hunt and destroy Daikaiju roaming through the Pacific Ocean, and to recover as much of their quarry as possible.

-A Japanese Cartoon called "Magical Leader Jimmy Carter" runs through the mid-1980s. It is considered strange, even by the Japanese, but is somehow popular enough to run for four seasons.

-Japanese biotech firms make intelligence enhancements and life extension treatments commercially available, but the Intelligence Enhancements come with a significant (68%) chance of inducing Autism-like symptoms. Eventually, they are pulled from the market.

-Japan builds their own space station in the mold of the Turkish Retribution Station, Yata no Kagami, capable of knocking out other orbital early-defense systems.


-By the middle of the 1980s, the Australians are capable of projecting force anywhere on the planet within 24 hours, thanks to their many naval bases and their Ballistic troop transports.

-In 1986, the use of the pseudo-arachnid vaccine becomes common for pilots and passengers on Australian Ballistic supersonic planes.

-The Australian Space program lands a man on the moon in 1988.

-Terra Australis constructs a New Capital City in the North of Australia, called Gloriana, but colloquially known as The Emerald City, both as a continuation of the "Oz" meme in Australian Culture, and due to the attempt at creating a synthetic fossil fuels industry based on algae.

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Cam S


Central and South America:

Gran Patagonia

-Chile annexes Argentina, and the two combine into Gran Patagonia, ruled by the principally Chilean government. The Government is heavily influenced by Fascist ideals, but the recently-elected non-Soviet socialist government is moving the country into a more democratic direction.

-Chilean and Argentinian Enhanciles who dislike the policies of the new government flee their homeland to become mercenaries elsewhere in the world.


-A close ally of Australia, Brazil is much more mercenary than their friends in Terra Australis, and becomes a haven for Enhanciles fleeing the increasing restrictions of their homelands.

-Strategic Assets Unlimited moves its home office to Brazil, and becomes a sort of facilitator to rogue Enhanciles, connecting them to mercenary work abroad.

Colombia and Elsewhere

-Pablo Escobar manages to take control of Colombia, establishing the world's first Narcocracy. Though the machinery of government are still in place, they are subverted and covertly controlled by Escobar and his men.

*Escobar has backing from SAU, who use his influence as a shield behind which to conduct experiments that would be illegal anywhere else in the world.

*The Narcocracy engages in extensive secret wars against the FARC and other revolutionary groups within their borders, committing many atrocities, which are funded by the drug trade.

-The United States tries several times to topple the Escobar regime, but are unable to.


-The United States launches a covert operation to regain control of the Panama Canal. It is rebuffed by Brazilian and Australian groups, and is never officially acknowledged by anyone.

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