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hi there If you had a good love/romance story then would you like them to be reviewed by me? oh and if you guys have time please ready my story saying i love you. thanks :D
3/11/2010 #1
My Providence

yes, I need a review on my story called forever bound.

I'll be sure to check out your story.

3/21/2010 #2

I've reviewed your story, it's good, I really like it. looking forward to reading more of your story ^^

3/21/2010 #3

Hi! I just posted a new story, called All That Glitters. Would you check it out? here's the summary:

She's an expert pickpocket, just trying to get by. He's a politician's son; wealthy and arrogant. What happens when a glitzy ball, a golden watch, and the need for cash are thrown into the mix? Violet's in for a night she'll never forget.

I'll read yours if you read mine!

3/31/2010 #4

Maybe you could review my story New Beginnings? Please and thank you!

4/12/2010 #5

I'll surely review urs don't worry ^_^ could you go and read and review my stories too? I'm sure you'll like it ^^

4/13/2010 #6
L. W. Perry

I have a Romance story with no reviews. At A Sonic-Drive In. It's only one chapter but, hey, you might like it.

4/15/2010 #7
Tara B. Dobbs

I keep getting people favoriting my story "Spirit Guide", but after they've read it they don't say a word what they thought. It's sad to see my work not getting the good, the bad and ugly told to me if I want to be a better writer. There is only so far I can go with what my husband thought cause it's based on some true facts from my life.



4/21/2010 #8

I've only published the first chapter so far, but I'm writing a romance story called Prohibited: Coffee and Pens if you'd like to read it :)

4/24/2010 #9

Try my story "Avoiding Commitment"

5/22/2010 #10

Please review mine.

It's called Make You Mine. Thanks!

6/12/2010 #11

hi I have just reviewed on your story and may I say that your story was quite wonderful. Hope you can read and review my stories too ^^

6/15/2010 #12
Emji P A prince is in the orphanage looking for a friend --for a potential sibling, maybe. But what he gets is much more, so much more. He finds frienship, and an innocent love. An innocent crush that blooms into puppy love.

It's not finished... but... I was hoping to get it out there. You know? I hope you like it.

6/25/2010 #13
Dae Su Evergreen

Hi, please review Daffodils and Forgetmenots and Downloading Salvacion. I'll review some of your stories in return :)

8/1/2010 #14

Hello! I would appreciate a review. My story is called KittyCat!


8/1/2010 #15
Pusa Myaw

yes, me too. I'm new here and I just uploaded my story. Thanks if you will review it.

8/2/2010 #16
Emji P


Please read Innocent Lovers: Puppy Love. It's the first book of my attempted series. It's about an orphan named Phoebe who falls in love with the prince. But this first book is about them meeting and developing a 'Puppy Love'. Eep! I'm already on the sixth chapter so... Yarp. I don't plan on giving up on it either. =]

I also have a oneshot and another finished story with four chapters. It's... all about love. xD Sorry, I'm a romance novelist. Hope you read and review. Xoxo.

8/9/2010 #17
Gemstone rox

Plz can u r&r my story shot through the heart. So far I only had 3 hits & no reviews. Relly want sum constructive criticism. Plz review asap. thnx

8/10/2010 #18

I just started my story "Junkie" and since it's kind of controversial some reviews would be really helpful. It's about a couple where the boy is a drug addict and the girl is an anorexic. It can be found here:

I'll be right on to review yours as well!

8/10/2010 #19

Please review my oneshot 'Amelie'- I just uploaded it like 5 minutes ago!

Thanks! I'll go and look at your story now! :)

8/11/2010 #20
Story: Closed Doors Wanting to Be Opened Author: Boreeeed Summary: Sometimes you can't stand yourself, others you wish you could have done more. You put a smile on your face, masking the torment your feeling. Pain, sorrow, you sometimes forget other emotion than of that. Memories you beg to forget but hold on to dearly. That is the life you live... But, there is always light on the darkest of places. Happiness... Something taken lightly but treasured so greatly. You fight until you can't anymore. Lies, secrets are kept. But there's one thing keeping you going... Friends. Even when they know your hiding something they support you. That makes you want to tell them even more. Sometimes you want to let lose. Wanting the closed doors to be opened. And thank you so much!
10/25/2011 #21
Selda Summers

Hello there! Please check out my first story, Butterflies and Earthworms. Let me know what you think of it! I'd also like to read your stories and of course, I'll review. :)

11/9/2011 #22

I'd love for you to review mine! It's called "The Incendiary" :D

11/21/2011 #23

Hello everyone!

I would love it for anyone to read and review the first chapter of my story "A Little Less Sixteen Candles" a fictional romantic tale told in a he said/she said perspective.

Also I would like to read any romantic stories to and review them also!!!! :)

I am friendly, come say hi and let me review!!!!!!!!

5/23/2012 #24

Read mine? (:

7/5/2012 #25

Mine is called The Pretty, Burning Sea.

It's about a girl, Chloe, who gets kidnapped onto a pirate ship by two thugs, without the captain, Ty, knowing. When the first mate, Jack, finds out he and Ty try their best to make the women comfortable. Jack falls for Chloe, who tries to use his puppy love to manipulate him into getting her off the ship. But she soon discovers that Jack means much more to her and she is forced to make a hard decision.

It's one chapter right now, but I have others done, i just need to finish them up a bit. I'd appreciate ANY criticism. :)

If anybody reads it, please let me know in a review and I'll return the favor! :)

7/11/2012 #26

Hey, I was just wondering if you could review either one of my stories, Rising Star and In Pieces. They are both romance but at the moment, it is not full on romance if you understand what I am saying.

And if you do review, I thank you now and I will then check out your story! :)

7/19/2012 #27

I am new to this and just posted the first 5 chapters of my story the other day. Link is in my profile. I would love someone to check it out and give me feedback....I'll take the good and the bad, I just want to know if I am on the right track. And I will check out some of the stories posted too! Thanks a lot. ;)

7/24/2012 #28

Could you please check out my story Untouchable? I'll be sure to look at your story!

7/28/2012 #29

Could you take a peak at mine? :D

8/5/2012 #30
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