South Forney Asylum
year two" of S.S.A.A, which I closed, sorry all involved- I simply lost my mind
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A large wooden desk, two computers, a rolling chair, two large plexiglass (one-way) windows and another electronically-controlled door. Every hallway leads to this overly large dome-ceiling room.

A genorator is deep inside the foundation here in the event of a blackout to keep patients in their rooms, often with no idea of the happenings on the outside.

9/1/2010 #1

A guard in white walked into the reception area holding a frail looking girl with long platinum hair and large green eyes. She looked around skittishly and swallowed. She hated being touched, especcialy from a man and wanted nothing more than to curl up into a ball and cry.

Her parents couldn't handle her anymore, they loved her but couldn't deal with her behavior. They admitted her but she refused, struggling to stay in the safety of her room and now was here.

10/4/2010 #2

Missy-C sits down at her desk. One monitor brings up patient files, the other shows the cameras in every hall and the "critical" rooms

"Let's see.... Just three admitted. Jennie, Sinclair, and Rhey..." She looks over the symptoms and nods understandingly at all three- fairly confident that she knows what to expect.

She looks up to see the guard, "Hello Dear" she says in a soothing voice, hoping to make the small girl feel welcome, though she can see clearly that the tiny thing doesn't want to be welcome at all

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #3

Rhey jumped when the woman's voice sliced through the air and she studied her, not trusting her, or anybody in that matter. She didn't want to speak, but she was taught to be polite and opened her mouth but no words came out so she tried again.

"Hello,'' she said in nearly a whisper, her voice shook in the fear that she clearly showed. She didn't want to be there, she wanted back home but nobody wanted her. It wasn't her fault she could see the dead was it? At least she made herself believe that they were ghost, lingering spirits of the dead. She forced herself not to believe she was crazy, no, she couldn't be crazy.

10/4/2010 #4

Missy Catoure sits still, looking at the patient monitor again. Jennie is wandering and throwing fits. She tells the guard "GW. J dash S code Y" and he nods, letting Rhey go and casually walking to the girls ward to contain the one-man disturbance

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #5

Rhey wrapped her arms around herself as if to keep herself together and pushed herself back towards the wall so that her back was against it. She closed her eyes and slowly counted to ten and opened her eyes, expecting to see herself in her small pink bedroom with lace bed curtains and stuffed animals.

No, she was still in the asuylum, and she still wanted out.

10/5/2010 #6

Catoure looks interested, "Um..why don't you go to your room Rhey"

10/5/2010 #7

Rhey looked at the woman, her voice brought her back to the present and out of the glory of the past, ''my room is back home, this is a mere empty space I am being forced to stay in,'' she said quietly.

10/6/2010 #8

"Well... go there then..?" Missy says before begining to look at the monitors again

10/6/2010 #9

Rhey looked at her and paused, "I do not know where that is.'' She said, barely above a whisper. She slunk against the wall and buried her head in her arms, hiding her face.

10/6/2010 #10

"Well, I'd tell you to go into Jennie's room but you might want a different one" Catoure stands up, her behavior training kicks in, "Here- come on" as she extends her hand to get Rhey up

10/6/2010 #11

Rhey looked up at Catoure and swallowed, untrust evident in her eyes as she got up herself. She shoved her hands in her pockets and closed her eyes, "I'll follow,'' she murmered.

10/6/2010 #12

Missy sighs, "Suit yourself..come on" she walks to the girl's ward and peeks into Jennie's room, saying nothing before deciding that Rhey will bunk with Jennie "Don't say anything. She's in detention" The guard murmurs

10/6/2010 #13

Rhey walked with the stranger, her footsteps echoed in the hallways. She froze when she realized she will be staying with another person and backed away, shaking her head, ''I can't,'' she nearly choked out.

10/6/2010 #14

"You have to stay somewhere" Missy retorts

10/7/2010 #15

Rhey swallowed, "I- I can't stay with people,'' she choked out, shaking her head.

10/7/2010 #16

"why not?" Catoure asks, seemingly curious

Jennie calls out from inside the room, "You're SICK!" and Missy stops listening after that

10/7/2010 . Edited 10/7/2010 #17

Rhey bit her lip, "please, I can't be with anybody,'' she pleaded timidly.

10/19/2010 #18

Catoure sighs, "Okay. Just pick a room" So I can get back to work she thinks to herself

10/22/2010 #19
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