South Forney Asylum
year two" of S.S.A.A, which I closed, sorry all involved- I simply lost my mind
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The same, old, whitewashed walls and beige tile floors there still aren't any windows to the outside, the same plain plexi-glass windows on the electronically controlled doors are feigning the simplisity of the normal setting. twinsized beds with red blankets and white sheets there's always two beds to a room.

Jennie doesn't like the color red, she can only see it as blood.

9/28/2010 #1

Jennie bites and tears at the sheets and begins to sob and cry out, "why am I in purgatory! I was a good girl! Why hasn't anyone prayed for me?! I can't be here this long!!!"

The guard steps in and speaks softly, "Jennie, you're not in purgatory. Your in S F A. Now I'm only going to Tell you once; put your hands on the wall and put your legs three paces apart" Jennie screams a no and the guard rushes her, kicking her legs at least six paces apart and pinning her hands behind her back, watching her as she cries and patting her down for weapons that she couldn't possibly possess.

He lets her go and stands in the doorway once again, "you are in detention. You will not leave this room for thirty minutes, do you understand? You must stay on your feet with your hands behind you and you must face the wall. Once your medication kicks in you will feel light-headed and I will escort you to class. Detention begins now."

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #2

Jennie hears footsteps outside and the guard whispering, she wonders what's going on, and then she realizes that she has company... But, a dead girl can't have company! That's sick!! They're putting some one in the same room as a corpse Jennie hears the echo of her own thoughts in her head.

10/6/2010 #3

Jennie calls out, "You're SICK! YOU ARE SICK TO PUT HER WITH ME!!!!!!!"

10/7/2010 #4
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