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Ink and tea-leaves

Here's where you can create your wolf-self. Please read the 'Rules/plotline' thread before filling this in.




Pack status: Ask me before filling this one in.




Then just wait for your character to be approved, and RP away!

9/2/2010 . Edited 10/26/2010 #1

Name: Dorian Ink

Age: 31

Pack status: (i don't really mind, you can pick it)

Species: Werewolf

Description: human, as a werewolf he is 6 ft 9 and has defined muscle more of a runner then a fighter

Personality: Creative and stubborn, aggressive,

Other: not built for fighting but that never stopped him from running in head 1st

10/12/2010 . Edited 10/25/2010 #2
Ink and tea-leaves

Great, accepted!! Sorry it took so long, I though this place was a dead-zone... But anyway, heya!!!!

10/23/2010 #3


1st place on here to accepted me.

also been rping longer then what this place says....just got around to making an account here and on fanficton

btw werewolfs are cool!...well the underworld ones are

10/23/2010 #4

Name: Akira

Age: 24

Pack status:

Description: she is tall and lean with piercing green eyes. She has plump lips and long dark hair. She has an angular, proprtioned face and a curvy body. In wolf form she is smaller than most of the other wolves and has a coat pattern of the mexican wolves

Personality: She is aggressive but loyal to her pack. She can be manipulative and clever. She usually get on people(wolves) good sides

Other: has a dominant like attitude

10/23/2010 #5

how limital are you, like on the cursing sex, etc.

10/23/2010 #6
Ink and tea-leaves

Hey Toxic! Accepted, and not very; all swearing is allowed, but no extreme/v graphic sex scenes.

Also, sorry about the late request, but could you both add in and fill a 'species' section on your character form. See Rules/plot for an explanation.

10/25/2010 . Edited 10/25/2010 #7
Ink and tea-leaves

Name: Kayla Jay

Age: 25

Species: Shapeshifter

Pack status: Alpha female - Cresent Moon pack

Description: As a human a mixture between and as a wolf she has the same piercing green eyes that she does as a human and jet black fur.

Personality: Cheeky, daring and playful. She hardly ever sits still. Loves running and is happiest when hunting.

Other: Has a jade necklace in the shape of a creasent moon on a leather string which she always wears around her neck.

10/25/2010 . Edited 11/12/2010 #8

is that all right?

10/25/2010 #9
Ink and tea-leaves

Perfecto. ;-)

10/26/2010 #10

Name: Luna

Age: 16

Species: Werewolf

Pack status:

Description: Dark brown hair with gray eyes, is 5"2 and in wolf form her fur is white with a very light brown running fron the top of her head to the end of her tail.

Personality: She is loyal to her pack, humerous and can be stubborn

Other: She wears a leather bracelet with pirate skulls on her left wrist.

11/7/2010 #11
Ink and tea-leaves

Great, accepted. Shall we start RPing?

11/8/2010 #12

where do we start..i sort of forgot to ask

11/8/2010 #13

Yeah where do we start?

11/8/2010 #14
Ink and tea-leaves

Well, in any of the RP topics. I've posted in the City topic, so maybe in there.

11/11/2010 #15
Ink and tea-leaves

Btw, do you guys who have werewolf characters want to make your own pack?

Name: Theo Jay

Age: 19

Species: Shapeshifter

Pack status: Beta - The Cresent Moon pack


Personality: Daring and wild. He doesn't have much self controll and can fly off the handle, but will protect those he cares about to the death.

Other: Kayla's cousin. Has a massive white wolf called Mimi who he's had since she was a puppy, and she follows him around like a second shadow. He's surprisingly gentle with her. Has a creasent moon amulet just like Kayla's, but his is made of metal.

11/12/2010 . Edited 11/14/2010 #16

Name: Christopher Swindel

Age: 17

Species: Shapeshifter

Pack Status: Um...

Description: Chestnut brown hair which is short and unruly, blue eyes that hold flints of grey, tall, and not good with people.

Personality: A loner that prefers wolves to humans. He often gets angry over the simplest things, and hates being insulted or patronised.

Other: Was born human, but turned wolf earlier and often forgets basic rules of human society.

1/12/2011 #17
Ink and tea-leaves

Heya! Accepted. :)

1/12/2011 #18
Frontier Productions

Name: Lazirak

Age: 11 (due to his species that's actually a good age.... cause..... ya know... dog years and all......)

Species: Full Wolf

Pack status: ____

Description: Dark gray fur. Red eyes, long, sharp teeth.

Personality: Likes to be alone in the forest. Will kill for food or if threatened. Doesn't like to talk telepathically

Other: doesn't care for anyone. Will not attack unless threatened.

1/15/2011 #19
Ink and tea-leaves

Cool, accepted. :)

1/16/2011 #20

Name: Lunar Pulse

Age: 18

Species: Shape-shifter

Pack status: ...

Description: female; human - medium height, thin, long wavy black hair, usually worn loose, wears a lot of black leather, toned muscles; wolf - black, thin. She has big, knowing gray eyes that turn dark or bright in tune with her mood.

Personality: She is intelligent and defiant when necessary. She is also usually silent, though she will speak up when she believes strongly or thinks that she can help someone out. She hates that some of her kind hunt werewolves, not that she is against hunting other creatures - simply not other predators.

Other: She is annoyed by some people, usually when they act simply clueless, but is always nice. To know what she's really thinking, you have to be close to her. If she tells you anything personal, you've achieved a great accomplishment.

2/14/2011 #21

Oops, I left a few things out. Let's see, her parents are dead. She ran away from her former pack - actually they attacked her and she fought them and ran. Also, she is best in human form with both hand to hand combat and with her bow and arrows, in wolf form she is just as good a fighter and hunter. That's it. :)

2/15/2011 #22

I mean no offense, but you could edit the post, you know? Cool character, by the way. :)

2/15/2011 #23

Oops. Oh well, that's okay, at least I know for next time! Thanks!! ;)

2/15/2011 #24
Ink and tea-leaves

Hey WingedRose! Great character, accepted! Come join the RP!

2/15/2011 #25

Name: Alora

Age: 22

Species: WereWolf

Pack Status:

Description: As a human I am 5'8 weighing 115 with long wavy blond hair that falls to my lower back and icy blue eyes. As a wolf I am pure white, my human eyes still shine through in my wolf form. I am average built for a wolf and very stealthy.

Personality: I am very bold and do not care what others think. I am nice, sweet, and a little peppy most times. I do have a very bad temper and you would not want to make me mad.

Other: I am a very bad flirt. I Come from a bad past with abusive parents. Will stand for anything and everything I believe in. Cousins with Lunar Pulse, yet I have not seen her in years.

2/15/2011 #26

Hello cousin!!! Oh my gosh, we are reunited!!!!! :D Just kidding, I saw you at school today, so... (We actually are real life BFF's and are like sisters. (: )

Oh, and I now have pictures of what my person looks like in both forms!!! Human is and her wolf form is

2/15/2011 . Edited 2/16/2011 #27
Ink and tea-leaves

Accepted, but could you please edit the appearance a bit? She sounds a bit too perfect and angelic... Also, a white wolf with blue eyes? Hmmm... Please edit, but you can still RP.

2/16/2011 #28

Name: Serena


Pack Status:

Species: Shapeshifter

Description: and

Personality: Keeps to herself and doesn't care about others. Very quiet, but loud and agrressive when made mad.

Other: Comes from an unknown past, one filled with vilance.

2/16/2011 #29
Ink and tea-leaves

Fine, but could you expand on the history a bit? Thanks. Accepted.

2/16/2011 #30
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