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Name: Hunter

Age: 14

Species: Shape-shifter

Pack status: ______?

Description: A fighter wolf. My colors are jet black on my back and frosty white on my belly. My eyes are two seperate shades: left blue, right green. Thin, pale scar on the left side of my muzzle but does not appear on my human form.

Personality: Depends othe kind of day I've had....usually calm when troubled, but often energetic and game for anything.

Other: Once lone wolf, recently adopted into new pack. Not the pack for me. Still avoiding former pack becuse of misundering with the alpha. Being tracked but not likely to be found. Other than that, I m quite but loyal to a fault to any I know are true. I love to lie in the snow and dig under anything I can.

3/10/2011 . Edited 5/16/2011 #31
Ink and tea-leaves

Cool, accepted!

3/11/2011 #32

Okay, I figured I could come here to add another character... So, here it goes. :)

Name: Alpha Jackson Troope (of the rival pack, you know..)

Age: 27

Species: Shapeshifter

Pack status: The Alpha of the rival pack that is after Lunar Pulse. (I figured it would make it interesting if we got a peek into his wack-job mind.)

Description: Big, burly man with black hair and dangerous eyes that match. Tattoos around his upper right arm; they're just a jumble of symbols, no one quite knows what they mean.

Personality: Easily agrivated, bursting of authority, very much a j*** and overly-cruel to his subjects.

Other: Smarter than his personality and description hint at. No one knows where he came from, so this makes him even more intimidating.


Name: Landon

Age: 18

Species: Shapeshifter

Pack status: ...

Description: Sandy, always ruffled hair, weird electric blue eyes, tall and thin.

Personality: Good humor, can be serious when the need arises, very defiant when he thinks that one, even his elders, are wrong.

Other: LP's best friend from her former pack.

Okay, that's all. I just thought these extras could boost up the tempo a bit.

3/19/2011 #33
Ink and tea-leaves

awesomeness, accepted! Hmmm, shall I make a charrie from LP's old pack? Then we can RP them as well...

Name: Sistine (Tina) Jacobi

Age: 19

Species: Shapeshifter

Pack status: Beta

Description: Totally stunning. Tall, with flowing, wavy red hair and shockingly green eyes. Willowy figure. Her wolf form is copper coloured with the same eyes.

Personality: basically an utter b***. Is power-hungry and cares only about herself. She'll kock down anyone who happens to get in her way. V slippery and hard to get around.

Other: From LP's old pack.

3/20/2011 . Edited 3/20/2011 #34

Name: Spencer

Age: 23

Species: werewolf

Pack Status: Unknown, at this time.

Description: [Human] 6'2, slender but strong. He has ear length, messy brown hair and bright green eyes. A little bit of facial scruff and intensely white teeth. In other words, Very handsome. He usually wears jeans with a plain shirt and a plaid overshirt and converse. Almost Indie style. [Wolf] (Except eyes are bright green)

Personality: Loving, and always there for anyone who needs him. He is like a go-to guy for anyone and everyone. He hates seeing people upset and will do whatever he can to make them feel better. He's like everyone's gay big brother. If need be, He would kill to protect the ones he cares about. He also has a sharp, sarcastic, and witty side to him that comes out whenever he's angered or annoyed.

Other: nothing right now. c:

[hope its okay if i join !]

3/22/2011 . Edited 3/27/2011 #35
Ink and tea-leaves

Heya! Accepted! You may want to start in the mountains topic, cos that's where they're heading now.

3/23/2011 #36

[kay! : ) ]

3/23/2011 #37
Just South of Sanity
Hey! Can I join?

Name: Blythe

Age: 14

Species: Shapeshifter

Pack status: ...

Description: In human form, she has long, straight, brown hair and large, green eyes. As a wolf, she is mostly white, but the tip of her tail is black. She has the same green eyes.

Personality: She is extremely loyal to those she loves. She is pretty stubborn and hates obeying others, but will force herself to if the other wolf has a higher ranking than her.

Other: She was once part of a caring pack, but she was seperated from them during a snow storm. Now she does not know if they are alive and just wanders around, looking for a place to belong.

4/6/2011 . Edited 4/6/2011 #38
Ink and tea-leaves
Heya, great character, accepted! Jump right in! :)
4/9/2011 #39

Hey, d'you think we could make a topic for LP's old pack? Just for any who want to make an evil character so we can decide (in an exciting way) what they're doing behind the other's backs? Wanted to clear it with you, see if you thought it was good or not. ")

5/15/2011 #40
Ink and tea-leaves

Yeah sure, go ahead! I'll enable the making topics thingy.

5/16/2011 #41

I want to make an evil character.

Name: Marcus Sanchez

Age: 14

Species: Shapeshifter

Pack status: I don't know, you chose.

Description: He has green eyes and dark brown hair. He is a bit above average for his height at his age, he normally wears a black t-shirt and jeans. In his wolf form his coat is a mixture of light and dark brown.

Personality: He looks up to his Alpha, so he tries to match his personality to his Alpha. He can be as cold hearted as his Alpha when he wants to be. He listens to what his superiors have to tell him and does it to a "T". When he is with someone he trusts, that is when his carefree and caring personality emerges, though rarely.

Other: He has a burning hatred for werewolves. He has a scar on his right eyebrow.

5/16/2011 #42

For "the bad guy pack"

name: Dominick

Age: 15

species: shapeshifter

pack status: ______

Description: A bulky, fighting wolf. Blackish grey hair/fur. Green eyes, on both his human and wolf form.

Personality: Clever. He is smart, and this is very problematic to his enemies. He is one to get revenge when crossed, no matter how small or meaningless. Against werewolves after they had killed his brother.

Other: a very good friend of Hunter (though Hunter had not known about the deeds his pack has and will do). Met him when they were cubs. A good hunter and able to take down large prey , such as deer or moose, by himself. Views himself as a very important piece of the pack.

5/16/2011 #43
Ink and tea-leaves

Both approved! :)

WingedRose, as you're playing the Alpha for LP's old pack, d'you want to give the wolves in that pack positions? I've put Tina as Beta if that's okay with you, but d'you want to choose for the others?

5/17/2011 #44

Hmm. Yeah, I supose. This'll be hard... Er - let's say Marcus is a fighter. You can make him as rough an' tough as you want to, blue-bumblebee. Um, Dominick can be the best fighter of the group, save the alpha. Do you want Tina to be, like, a brilliant huntress or something?

5/17/2011 #45
Ink and tea-leaves

Sure, and utterly cunning and a total b***. She's the beta, so dominant too over everyone but the alpha.

5/17/2011 #46

Great! This took off even better than I'd hoped. ")

5/17/2011 #47
Angel lillies

Name: Jasmin


Species: Shape- Shifter

Pack status:...

Description: Female-5"5 ft tall, thin and curvy body, dark brown hair, has scene/emo hair style, piercing green eyes, pale fair skin, has a few facial piercings.Wolf form- jet black, violet eyes, a little smaller than the average wolf.

Personality: She is very kind and loving,can be a flirt, but can get very mad when harm is done to her twin brother or friends.

Other Has a twin brother named Jace. They are nomads; they took care of each other as children, did whatever was key to staying alive(they don't know who their parents are, or if they are even alive).


Name: Jace


Species: Shape- Shifter

Pack Status:...

Description: Male-6"0 ft tall, lean ,muscular, dark brown shaggy hair that falls into his green eyes, a strong chin with a nature cleft, fair pale skin, a few facial piercings. Wolf form- jet black fur, with brown eyes, a larger size for a wolf.

Personality: is very stubburn, VERY protective of his sister, would do anything for friends.

Other: Has a twin sister named Jasmin, he and his sister are great fighters.

6/11/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #48
Ink and tea-leaves

Great both accepted! One thing - please change Jacob's name. Not that I'm that anti-Twilight, but another Jacob shapeshifter might get a bit confusing...

6/14/2011 #49
Angel lillies

No problem, and is the name Jace ok?

6/14/2011 #50
Hailo's Angel

Name: Nefertari Taskulah

Age: 18

Species: Shapeshifter

Pack status:

Description: Human form; She's around 5'9 and is slim and fit. She is graceful, agile, fast, and flexible. She has three parrallel scars running diagnally across her back that looks like a huge set of claw marks. She has both ears pierced, along with her belly button, and has a tattoo of three spiked circle encircling around eachother on her right upper arm. Wolf form;

Personality: Outgoing, friendly, hyper, kind, sometimes bubbly, secretive about her past and family, trustworthy, kinda trustful, wise, smart, daredevil, fears little, rushes headfirst into things without thinking, prideful, stubborn, muleheaded, and can have an attitude and can be sarcastic. She loyal to her pack and with protect her pack and her aplphas with her life. She never backs down from a fight and will only quit if she has no other choice or her alphas tell her to back down.

Other: She is a great fighter, but an even better hunter. She will protect her pack, pups, mate, and herself with her life. She is secretive about her past and will avoid talking about it. She will never tell anyone that 'Stalker' is her twin brother.


Name: Arran Taskulah, though he is known only as 'Stalker'

Age: 16

Species: Shapeshifter

Pack status:

Description: Human form; Black hair, dark eyes, tan skin stretched over a tall, mascular body. He is 6'1 of pure muscle, attitude, and meaness. Wolf form;

Personality: Merciless, temperamental, hateful, revengeful, forgets nothing, manipulator, liar, deciever, brave, bold, daring, untrustful, untrustworthy, attitude, saracastic, smart, patient, and just plain evil. He feeds off of other's fear of himself.

Other: Nefertari is his twin sister, though no one knows except himself and Nefertari and he will most likely never tell anyone.

6/16/2011 #51

Name: Navara Ikakku

Age: 20

Species: Shape shifter

Pack status: (anything is fine ^^)

Description: In her human form she appears something like this ( but prefers to wear t shirts and pants. Her wolf form looks like this She is small but has very fast reflexes and is quite quick

Personality: Has a very protective personality, and only fights when one threatens one she cares for or hurts her or her close friends and family

Other: has a mysterious past and has no memory of it. She has no family but wishes to have some.

6/17/2011 #52
Ink and tea-leaves

@Angel lillies, that's great, way better!

@Hailo's Angel and InamuzaYukiOokami, both fine, accepted! :)

6/19/2011 #53
Hailo's Angel


6/19/2011 #54
Ink and tea-leaves

No problemo :)

6/20/2011 #55

Thanks ^^

6/22/2011 #56

Name: Damon Giminero

Age: 17

Species: Shifter

Pack status: N/A

Description: A moderately tall boy with dark, shaggy hair. He has green eyes that are somewhat golden when he is in wolf form. His fur is black with a patch of greyishness on his front paws.

Personality: He is a quite one usually but can't help but be a bit goofey around other goof-balls.

Other: Not a picky eater, but eats often. He will usually be seen nibbling on something, but he is not at all fat. He is sleek and built to run, not fight. Occasionally makes his way into trees.

9/21/2011 #57

Approved! :) Welcome to this forum.

9/21/2011 #58

Thanks. Where should I start?

9/21/2011 #59

Well, right now there in the mountains, you could have Damon meet up with them somehow.

9/21/2011 #60
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