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Hailo's Angel

(Can I jump in soon?)

7/18/2011 #871
Just South of Sanity
((Yeah sure. Join in in the city topic soon I guess.))
7/19/2011 #872
Hailo's Angel

(Okay, thanks! :D)

7/19/2011 #873

"Well, who wouldn't love Scooby?" LP asked reasonably, winking at Luna.

((Just out of curiosity, is there Scooby Doo in England - or just any other country other than the US? I've always wondered that.))

7/19/2011 . Edited 7/19/2011 #874

"Or the whole gang," Luna grinned. "Hey, Landon, I'll give you a scooby snack if you get me a cup of juice."

((Yeah, that's a good question. Also, when should Luna get captured?))

7/19/2011 #875

"Not that I have anything against Shaggy or Scooby," Landon said, wrinkling his nose, "but I don't usually take up the habit of eating dog treats. You're welcome to one though."

((Maybe she goes up to bed early, LP comes to say goodnight and she's not there. They freak out, and so on and so forth. ") Does that sound alright?))

7/19/2011 #876

"Nah, I'm good," Luna replied.

((I think maybe she will go outside to the porch and then they notice she's been outside for a long time and they see that she's not there.))

7/19/2011 #877

"If you say so." Landon shrugged. He slung his arm lazily over LP's shoulder.

A thought ran through LP's mind as she watched Scooby and Shaggy leap into Velma's arms. "I haven't been hunting in ages," she observed mournfully. "That used to be my favorite thing to do."

((Sound good!))

7/19/2011 . Edited 7/19/2011 #878

"Maybe once this whole ordeal is over you can hunt to your heart's content," Luna said. "I'm going to go outside for a bit, remember, don't do anythinggraphic," She winked. Luna walked to the front door and went outside to sit on the porch.

7/19/2011 #879

LP stared indignantly after Luna. "Graphic? Graphic!" she scoffed as she heard the door shut. She looked up at Landon. "I don't really come off as someone who would jump at the chance, do I?"

He laughed and shook his head. "Nah, it's just me. She thinks my charm will just be too much for you."

LP rolled her eyes. "I've been dealing with you so-called charm for six years. I think I'm immune."

They laughed and LP leaned her head into his shoulder as they watched the cartoon.

7/19/2011 #880

Luna closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She smiled as she filled her lungs with the fresh clean air.

((Should the other pack be brought in now?))

7/19/2011 #881

((Yeah. We can just go ahead and play them on here, right? I'll play some random, nameless people as well as Troope, I guess.))

7/20/2011 #882

((Yeah, we can.))

7/20/2011 #883

((Then here we go!))

Troope slid through the darkness. A light fog had settled over the dew-covered grass outside of the house. He gave the all-clear and four other members of his pack emerged from the trees, slinking to his side, all in wolf form as he was. They stopped dead as a door opened. The werewolf came out of the house. A few members of the pack snarled softly. He grinned.

7/20/2011 #884

Luna tensed when she thought she heard something, but seeing nothing she let her guard down.


"What are your orders?" Marcus softly asked his alpha.

7/20/2011 #885

((I want so bad to say, "Kill the spare," like Voldemort did in Harry Potter, but I shall resist the urge... Ignore my nerdy ramblings.))

Troope smirked over his shoulder at him. "Take her."

7/20/2011 #886

Marcus grinned while he creeped towards Luna in wolf form. Once he was near her he pounced, shifting when he was in mid-air and grabbed her, covering her mouth with his hand. He dragged the struggling Luna to his Alpha.

7/20/2011 #887

Troope shifted smoothly in front of the girl. He gave her a sweet smile as he stepped forward, approaching her as one would a wild animal. Her eyes - full of hatred - followed him hotly. He raised a hand and ran his fingers over her arm, pinned to her side by Marcus. "You'll do just fine," he muttered. Turning to face the others, who had shifted along with him, he announced proudly, quietly, "We now have bait."

7/20/2011 #888

Luna glared daggers at the back of his head. She couldn't believe she was captured.

7/20/2011 #889

All of the pack grinned madly up at Troope. He faced the werewolf again and smiled serenely. "Hope you don't mind, half-breed," he smirked, plucking a knife out of his belt and seizing a lock of her hair. "We need some proof to show Pulse. You understand."

With that he sliced the knife through her hair. He pulled a cloth from his pocket and wrapped it neatly in the rough material. He walked up to the house and lay it down on the wood of the porch. Using the knife, he carved his name beside it. "That ought to convince them," he muttered to himself.

He returned to his pack and led them off into the forest, Marcus and another male clutching the werewolf girl in roughly in their jaws.

7/20/2011 #890

"Where are you taking me?" Luna cried out. She tried to free her arms by pulling them, but when she did that, the teeth of the wolves would dig into her skin.

7/20/2011 #891

Ignoring the girl's cries, Troope swerved through the trees until the group reached the campsite - a spacious clearing that had become a temporary home to his pack. They shifted once they broke the treeline. Marcus and the other wolf dropped Luna. Troope leaned over to Marcus and whispered with a grin, "Go get the turncoat."

Marcus trotted off and came back with Theo - the wolf who had been in league with Pulse and her friends. His eyes widened as they fell on the werewolf.

"You know this one, I think?" Alpha Jackson Troope said loftily as the girl was bound by the wrists and ankles.

7/20/2011 #892

Luna eyes widened slightly at the sight of Theo. She winced as the ropes were tied tightly on her wrists and ankles.

"What are you going to do to me," She asked, afraid of the answer she would recieve.

7/20/2011 #893

Troope watched Theo closely. He showed no expression. A flicker of anger rushed through the alpha.

"Perhaps you should decide," Troope suggested calmly, catching the younger man's eye. "You... Or Marcus."

Theo's eyes darted to the other shapeshifter, who was smiling maliciously at Luna.

7/20/2011 #894

Luna glared at Marcus, a feeling of fear and helplessness filled her though Theo was there. She dropped her glare and stared at the ground, awaiting her fate.

7/20/2011 #895

Troope stared at Theo, waiting for a response. After what seemed like forever, the boy met his gaze and said slowly, "Pulse would do anything to save her friends. Should we not keep her as a captive and use her to lure the enemy into our grasp?"

Troope studied him, wariness creeping into his mind. He plastered a faint grin onto his face. "Yes. You may be right." He turned to Marcus. "You are out of luck. No killing tonight. Take her to my tent - she will stay there until I... speak to her."

7/21/2011 #896

Marcus's grin dropped when he heard that he wouldn't be able to kill the werewolf. He and another pack memeber grabbed Luna roughly by her arms to take her to Troope's tent.

7/21/2011 #897

LP frowned as Landon flicked through the channels. Scooby Doo had gone off and he was trying to find something elso to watch. "Something's wrong, Landon."

"What?" he said distractedly. "This isn't unusual. There's never anything good on."

"No, not that," she replied, shaking her head. He put the remote down and looked at her. "Luna's been gone way too long."

Landon's brow creased. He stood up and marched to the door with LP at his heels. He swung the door open and looked around. "Luna?!"

"There." LP pointed at the ground, where a cloth lay folded. Landon picked it up. A horribly recognizable lock of hair fell from it. Scratched onto the wood below was: Troope. Landon swore.


Troope went into the tent with the werewolf girl. "Name," he demanded casually, staring at her coldly.

7/21/2011 #898

Luna glared at the alpha, keeping silent.

7/21/2011 #899

Troope scowled cruelly and aimed a heavy kick at the girl's jaw. "I said,name," he snarled as he drew back and glared with satisfaction at the trickle of blood rolling down her lip.

7/21/2011 . Edited 7/21/2011 #900
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