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Being picked up stunned Luna for a second, but she soon got over it.

"Thanks," She laughed.


"It is," Kayla replied, smirking slightly. She had seen Theo watch Jace and Luna.

8/10/2011 #1,081

"What's that look for, eh?" Theo asked defensively.

8/10/2011 #1,082
Angel lillies

Jace set luna on the couch and stalked off outside to sit on the porch. Jazz walked over to sit by Luna and sunk into the couch.

8/10/2011 #1,083

"What look?" Kayla asked, still smirking.


"Thanks," Luna called out to Jace.

8/10/2011 . Edited 8/10/2011 #1,084
Angel lillies

Once Jace got to the door he turned and nodded at Luna before completely disappering outside.

8/10/2011 #1,085

Luna then turned to Jazz.

"Would you help me clean my wounds," She started. "But you don't have to."

8/10/2011 . Edited 8/10/2011 #1,086
Angel lillies

"Sure Luna, just let me find a first aid kit first." Jazz walked off until she stumbled onto a kit and rushed back to help Luna.

8/10/2011 #1,087

"Thanks," Luna smiled. "How about we go to my room, it's up stairs."

She stood and headed towards the stairs.

8/10/2011 #1,088
Angel lillies

"Ok" Jazz nodded as she grabbed the first aide kit off of the table and followed Luna to her room.

8/10/2011 #1,089

Luna opened the door and motioned for Jazz to come in. Once they were Luna sat on the bed.

"Okay Dr.Jazz, do your thing," Luna grinned.

8/10/2011 #1,090
Angel lillies

Jazz smiled as she reached into the box, she found a clean cloth and some alcohol. "Luna, this is going to sting." As she started dabbing Luna's back.

8/10/2011 #1,091

"Yeah it does," Luna hissed.

8/10/2011 #1,092
Angel lillies

Jazz just chuckled as she finished cleaning the wounds and reached for the gaze. As she was wrapping the gaze around Luna's back she asked,"So Luna anything you want to talk about?"

8/10/2011 #1,093

"Just need to say that I'm really glad to be back and that experience was horrible, also I do plan to keep my promise and hug everyone here," Luna grinned.

8/10/2011 #1,094
Angel lillies

"Ok Luna, well I think that's it. Your all bandged up now." Jazz said as finished. "I'm really glad that your back Luna,I swear Jace and I almost had a heart attack as soon as we heard Blythe annouce that you were missing." Jazz pulled her knees to her chin as she watched Luna.

8/10/2011 #1,095

"Thanks again, and I'm touched that you two were worried for me," Luna replied.

8/10/2011 #1,096
Angel lillies

Jazz hugged Luna again. Jazz got up and walked to the door but turned around to look at Luna, " You should get some rest right now so call if you need anything, and I think that Jace might have been more worried than anyone else."

8/10/2011 #1,097

"You're right I should, and tell him thanks for worrying," Luna grinned. She laid down on her bed and was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

((XD That kinda seems like a love triangle between Luna, Jace and Theo! XD))

8/10/2011 . Edited 8/10/2011 #1,098
Angel lillies

Jazz smiled at her new friend as she closed the door behind her and walked back down stairs she saw Kayla. "Hey Kayla is Jace still outside?"

((Ooooo,yes. haha This should be interesting don't you think?haha))

8/10/2011 #1,099

Kayla turned when she heard Jazz's voice.

"I think so, but I'm not sure," She replied.

((Yeah it will! XD But heartbreaking for the one who isn't chosen.))

8/10/2011 #1,100
Angel lillies

"Ok, thanks. Because I'm no the best tree climber so he has to help me up and I need his opion on which tree would be a more suitable bed." said Jazz as she started walking to the door.

((Yeah it will suck for who ever isn't choosen and awkward,too))

8/10/2011 . Edited 8/10/2011 #1,101

"Good luck in finding your tree," Kayla laughed.

((Yes and we decided to have Theo x Luna, looks like he has some competition XD))

8/10/2011 #1,102
Angel lillies

"Haha, thanks. Lets just hope I don't fall out of the tree while I'm in dreamland. Haha," Jazz joked.


Jace's POV.

I sat on the dimly lit proch thinking about that night's events. I'm feeling counfused, my heart is telling me one thing and then me head is telling me another. I was deep in thought when I heard the door open and saw my sister standing there. "Jace, Luna said thanks, and now it's time to find a tree and for you to haul my butt up it and please for God's sake don't drop me." she rambled, but I stopped listening as soon as she mentioned Luna's name, in which sent my heart a fluttering. She looked at me strange then jumped on my back and I started climbing the first tree that I saw.

((Hhhmm, I wonder how Theo will react to competition, haha yep should be interesting.))

8/10/2011 #1,103

((Yes, it is going to be interesting!))

Luna's dream was a memory from her childhood. She was with her parents in the park flying a kite. She smiled in her sleep at the fond memory, but suddenly two shots rang out and her parents were on the ground, dead. Luna had started to whimper in her sleep. In her dream a person had came out from the shadows, and dream Luna gasped at who it was. Troope stood there holding a gun, laughing maliciously. Next all of her friends from the pack were standing around her and Troope shot each one of them, his laugh getting louder with each kill. Dream Luna tried to stop him, but it was like she was glued to her spot on the ground. When dream Troope had killed them, he brought the gun to Luna's head. Luna awoke screaming, she had woken up before dream Troope had a chance to pull the trigger.

8/10/2011 #1,104
Angel lillies

Jace had just reached the branch that would be his bed for the night when he heard a blood curderling scream coming from Luna's room. He hastly jumped down off of the branch and ran upstairs to her room. Jace slowly walked in"Luna are you ok," as he made his way to her bed and pulled her into a hug trying to compfort her.

8/10/2011 . Edited 8/10/2011 #1,105

Luna hugged Jace back, her tears getting in the way of her talking. Once, she had settled down some she could finally answer.

"I think I'll be alright."

8/10/2011 #1,106
Angel lillies

Jace held onto one of Luna's shoulders as he smoothed her hair, "Are you sure your ok Luna. Do you want me to stay, I don't mind but it's your descion if you want me to stay," he replied as he looked into her eyes.

((Wow, this is getting intense.))

8/10/2011 #1,107

((Yeah it is XD Wish Rose was here so she could rp too.))

"Yeah yeah I'll be okay, but thanks anyways," Luna said.

8/10/2011 #1,108
Angel lillies

((I know I wish she was rping too.))

Jace nodded as he hugged her one more time. Before leaving he whispered "Goodnight Luna." Then he closed the door and made his way back to the tree.

8/10/2011 #1,109

Luna didn't go back to sleep, but sat down on her bed, still a bit afraid if she closed her eyes she would see Troope again.

8/10/2011 #1,110
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