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"Nothing really, but what's wrong with you Jace?" She asked.

8/14/2011 #1,171
Angel lillies
"He's at war with his feelings, 'he is beyond confused'," replied Jazz as she made quotations marks with her hands.
8/14/2011 #1,172

"What kind of feelings, maybe I can help," Kayla said as she sat down in the grass next to Jazz.

8/14/2011 #1,173
Angel lillies
"I think he might like Luna...a lot, and he feels that Theo hates him because of it." said Jazz as she looked at her brother face down listening to them.
8/14/2011 #1,174

"Has he tried talking to Theo, I know he can seem like he hates you, but it takes time to get used to him," Kayla replied.

8/14/2011 #1,175
Angel lillies

Jace looked up at Kayla, and let his head fall back to the ground, Jazz shook her head in a disapproving way. "Sorry Kayla, when it comes to a fight Jace will big and bad but right know he's acting like a small puppy that's scared to death with it's tail in between it's legs-", Jazz didn't finish because Jace tackled had her. "Jazz I am no coward!" he hissed.

8/14/2011 #1,176

"Calm down Jace, and just try talking to Theo," Kayla said.

8/14/2011 #1,177
Angel lillies

Jace got off of his sister, began pacing back and forth. As he ran his hand through his hair,"Kayla, as much as I would like to, I just get this feeling that he loaths me to much to even fathom. Oh yeah and Jazz told me the same thing too," he rambled. Jazz sat up rubbing her back and saying to Kayla" He's hard headed, he thinks he knows everything...Kayla how about we put them together against their wills?"

8/14/2011 #1,178

"If that gets Jace to talk to Theo, we might just have to," Kayla replied.

8/14/2011 #1,179
Angel lillies

Jace stopped dead in his tracks as he glared at Jazz ans Kayla. "No, your not going to get me and him in the same room without a fight." Jazz looked to Kayla ," I've got Jace if you've got Theo,so how's the living room for their talk?"

8/14/2011 #1,180

"The living room it is," Kayla grinned.

8/14/2011 #1,181
Angel lillies

"Ok, I'll meet you in there as soon as I get Jace, oh and do you think we should have maybe two other witnessess other than us, like LP and Landon?" questioned Jazz as she made a leap to grap Jace.

8/14/2011 #1,182

"Sounds good," Kayla replied.

8/14/2011 #1,183
Angel lillies

Jazz nodded as she finnaly grabbed hold of Jace's slim waist and pulled him down with her.

8/14/2011 #1,184

Kayla nodded back before she turned to walk into the house and get Theo.

((We might need Rose for this part.))

8/14/2011 #1,185
Angel lillies

((Yeah, we might..hhmmm I'll see if I can call her and get her online because this might get a little suspenseful.))

8/14/2011 . Edited 8/14/2011 #1,186


8/14/2011 #1,187

((Oopsies, grandma's birthday party. Maybe we can continue around noon tomorrow? American time...))

8/14/2011 #1,188

Kayla stopped in front of Theo's room's door before knocking.

8/15/2011 #1,189
Angel lillies
Jazz had hold of Jace's arm and was directing him to the house were he would stay until Kayla came down with Theo.
8/15/2011 #1,190

Kayla knocked on the door on more time before she went in.

8/15/2011 #1,191

Theo looked up at Kayla, his arm still around Luna. His hand was rubbing little circles on her arm, trying to calm her down. He blushed deeply and nudged Luna so that she'd look up.

((My sister insisted on being on the computer. Alllll day.))

8/15/2011 #1,192

Luna felt the nudge and looked at Kayla.


Kayla smirked slightly.

"Theo, come with me."

8/15/2011 #1,193
Angel lillies
Jazz had finally gotten Jace to stay on the couch. "Jazz if you get off of me I promise I won't run." begged Jace. Jazz just shook her head and began to wait patiently for Kayla and Theo.
8/15/2011 #1,194

Theo frowned. "I'll be back. Soon," he assured Luna, glaring at Kayla when the other girl had her head turned. He followed her from the room. "What?"

((This is officially the worst summer ever. My dog that I've had since I was two, my sister's one-year-old bunny, and my guinea pig have all died. ): ))

8/15/2011 #1,195

((Aww, that sucks ): ))

"Just follow me," Kayla replied, walking down stairs and into the living room.


Luna waited for the two cousins to leave the room before she followed them.

8/15/2011 #1,196
Angel lillies
((aw, Hank and Lucy died:()) Jazz smiled when she heard footsteps getting closer.
8/15/2011 #1,197

Theo slowed to a stop and eyed her warily. "Kayla. I want to know what's going on. I was kind of talking in there."

((Yep. D: And for bumblebee's benefit, Lucy was the bunny, Hank was the guinea pig. My dog was Shiloh.))

8/15/2011 . Edited 8/15/2011 #1,198

"There's just going to be a talk," Kayla replied.


Luna waited for them to get off the stairs before she walked down herself.

8/15/2011 #1,199

Theo frowned but followed her to the living room. He saw Jace and Jazz sitting expectantly. He cast Kayla a scathing look and dropped into a chair across from them. "What is this about?"

8/15/2011 #1,200
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