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Ink and tea-leaves

Heya! This is ther topic to post any ideas for the plotline and to have any questions answered.

1) You can be any of four species:

Full wolf: Basically your regular wolf, excpet that they can talk mind-to-mind with all other wolves and some humans. Historically they hunt and kill werwolves, but alliances have been known to form between individuals.

Shape-shifter: These can shift between wolf and human at will. Can also talk mind-to-mind, but only in their wolf form. Are born shapeshifters, you can't become one. Also hunt and kill werewolves, but as they are partly human, they find it easier to stand them.

Werewolf: These are humans who have been bitten by a werewolf. They become more wolf like the nearer it gets to the full moon and become wolf in the light of the full moon. Most run from full wolves and the fiercer shapeshifters, but the bolder ones fight back and sometimes kill them.

Human: Humans have no wolf form, and some can speak mind-to-mind with wolves, but only 1 in 1000.

2) All OOC convos should be in double brackets, eg ((So what shall they do now?))

Any thoughts the characters have or mind-to-mind talk should be in italics

Any notations about the time or place should be in bold and highlighted, eg, Somewhere in the forest

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