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((Er - yeah. This is where we can keep up with the "bad guys". In this case, LP and Landon's old pack. You can get an extra character for this approved by LookingToTheSky. So, shall those who want to participate like to begin?))

Alpha Troope took a deep breath. A flurry of scents flooded his wolf form's nostrils. No one was in this house now, but he could follow their trail easily. Lunar Pulse would not escape him this time; not alive, anyway. He turned to his pack. All in wolf form, they looked tired. Leaves and twigs clung to their pelts. He hadn't let them rest since Landon had run, the traitor. Tha boy would suffer just as much as LP, if not more.

"Listen up!" he commanded through his mind, and their worn eyes drifted up to stare at him. "The filth have been here. With a werewolf." He snarled maliciously. "We set out now to hunt them down. Objections?"

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Ink and tea-leaves

"Yes, but more of a sujestion than an objection" said Tine, coming out of the study. She had a bunch of maps in her mouth which she dropped on the floor in front of them. "They're gone to the woods in the mountains, and it will take us days to run there. I vote we borrow a car from one of the houses around here. We'll be quicker that way."

5/17/2011 #2

Dominick stared at the maps on the ground. The displayed terrain looked somewhat familiar, but he decided not to share this with the alpha for fear of what he would assume with the information. He continued to stare sleepily at the maps.

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Ink and tea-leaves

Tina shifted from foot to foot, itching to go.

5/17/2011 #4

Jackson Troope peered at Tina, considering. He didn't much like cars. Uttering a little rumbling growl, he replied grudgingly, "Who wants to drive?"

5/17/2011 #5
Ink and tea-leaves

Tina raised her nose in the air, volenteering. "I will?" She loved speeding along mountain roads, ecpecially if there was a fight at the end of it.

5/17/2011 #6

"Good, good." Troope glanced around at his pack. A few of them had collapsed during their discussion. Loudly, he barked, "If you are not going to make yourselves useful, you can all stay here to rot! I'm not slowing up, if that's what you're all trying to accomplish."

5/17/2011 #7
Ink and tea-leaves

Tina snickered, before flowing smoothly into ther human form. "And you'd better do the same" she added "if we're going to be driving. I'm choosing the car on speed, not size of boot."

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Troope smiled at his devious beta, flowing into his human form as well. "Well, Tina, go jack us the fastest friggin' car you can find."

5/17/2011 #9
Ink and tea-leaves

Tina winked at him gleefully and sweapt from the flat, leaving the doy ajar and striding down the road, looking at each car in turn with the eye of one who'd done this before.

5/17/2011 #10

((Hehehe, I love writing about evil characters. Considering I'm "the nice one" among my friends, that would probably surprise them. "D ))

As Tina roamed around for a vehicle, he went around his bedraggled pack, tugging them up from the ground. Many changed into their human form (quite unwillingly) and gathered themselves enough that they were able to realize what was going on. Troope led them along the curve of the house, where they in the hedges in wait for Tina and her stolen car.

5/17/2011 #11
Ink and tea-leaves

Tina cruised up in front of the house less than three minutes later in a sleek dark blue car.

"The colour's not great, but the sound the engine's making is diviiine" she practically purred from the front seat.

(Me too, I'm totally different when I know that it's just a character and I don't have to keep it up. I'm way more open and chatty online, and far less 'nice' in real life! I'm a bit too sarcastic I think , so maybe its not a bad thing!:S)

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((Haha, same here, about the whole online thing. I don't know how you all picture me on here, but I'm probably the opposite! Do I seem talkative? Snotty? Prissy or proper?))

"It's good enough for me. You'd better drive as fast as that thing'll go, though. I can't stand to be in one for too long," Troope grumbled, glaring warily at the dark blue death trap.

5/17/2011 #13
Ink and tea-leaves

((Not really. Talkative yes, but you've got to be on here. A great writer for sure, and maybe an incy wincy bit proper, but not nearly as much as I can be!)

Tina nodded and leant over to open the door for him. "Hop in" she said with a dark smile.

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Troope got into the car grudgingly, commanding his pack to do the same. His only joy for the moment was imagining the suffering tears that his torture and - finally - kill of the traitor Landon and the rest of her new friends would bring to little Lunar Pulse's eyes.

5/17/2011 #15
Ink and tea-leaves

Tina grinned as the pack climbed in, then revved the engine twise, laughing out loud at the sound. "All in?" she asked.

5/17/2011 #16

"Leave 'em if they're not," Troope growled, still savoring his last thought and contemplating the many ways he could hurt Pulse before killing her as well.

5/17/2011 #17

Marcus grunted in response to Tina's question.

(How do I seem? In real life I can be real sarcastic.)

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Ink and tea-leaves

Tina giggled at the thought. "With pleasure" she laughed, and pulled away, going unnecessarily fast for a residential road.

5/17/2011 #19

The speed of the car pushed Marcus back into his seat.

5/17/2011 #20
Ink and tea-leaves

Tina twised round and grinned at the flattened Marcus.

(Hmmm, chatty, generally happy, talkative, honest, open, reliable? I could be totaly wrong! I know I come across utterly different to how I actually am.)

5/17/2011 #21

((Blue, you seem sweet and funny. And yeah, I suppose I can be a bit proper, huh? I correct my friends' grammer all of the time. We're way down in the south, so they have VERY hick tendencies sometimes. They've learned to ignore me. "D ))

Troope asked casually as they sped past buildings - if that was actually what those blurs were - in a monotone voice, "So how do we plan to torture the traitors?"

5/17/2011 #22

Marcus returned the grin with an unamused look. "Shouldn't you keep your eyes on the road?"

(Yeah I'm most of those things, but my friends say I'm the quietist of the group :D)

5/17/2011 . Edited 5/17/2011 #23
Ink and tea-leaves

(Than you've got one crazily loud group!)

"Probably" chuckled Tina "and I just love improvising to be honest."

5/17/2011 #24

(Nah we're not that loud XD)

"I agree with Tina, if we need to improvise I think we should," Marcus replied.

5/17/2011 #25
Ink and tea-leaves

(tee hee, we're just bonkers to the extreme...)

5/17/2011 #26

((My friends think I'm quiet too. Until they get me away from the general public, hahaha!))

"Remember, Pulse is mine. She goes last, and she must see the others fall. She's caused too much trouble for a merciful death." Troope paused to think for a moment. "Do yiou think we could hold her in the camp as a slave? Does that sound promising to you?"

5/17/2011 #27

(Haha my friends and I have fun times, we love to mess with each other :D)

5/17/2011 #28
Ink and tea-leaves

"Oooh, I love it!" cooed Tina, practically melting at the idea.

5/17/2011 #29

"And how hilarious do you think it will be to watch that scumbag traitor Landon listen to our little idea - again!" Jackson Troope cackled maniacly at the mere thought.

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