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Xevious Cat

This is for those of you who want to talk about the stories you've written, all genres welcome. Also, if you want your work to be looked at, here's the place to post it.

In this board, the rules of no discrimination, minimal swearing and no extremely inappropriate references apply. If we deem something to be completely wrong for this forum, we'll delete it. However, we don't mind some side-tracked random comments and some mildly creepy references ... we're still cool!

9/14/2010 #1
Xevious Cat

Hmmm ... well I thought I'd reply to myself just for the sake of it.

Can someone read my comedy story, 'The Exploding Baked Beans Story'?

I want more feedback XD

Reviews appreciated!

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #2
Rurik Lyutsifer

Hehe. I think Ive got this thing sussed. So. Stories eh? I have three chapters of the blackwood curse up now woop woop woop

9/15/2010 #3
Xevious Cat

Yeah okay I'll read it. I'm going to try and post the first chapter of that Portal x The Sims story ...

9/15/2010 #4
Rurik Lyutsifer

Cool, I wanna read that one... Anyway. For anyone else, Xevious Cat's stories are good, I recommend them :p

EDIT BY XEVIOUS CAT: It's Xevious Cat, Not Xeevious Cat. Lol. Oh and the Blackwood Curse is epic :)

9/15/2010 . Edited by Xevious Cat, 9/15/2010 #5
Xevious Cat

It's posted up! It's called 'As Thin Of Substance As The Air' (A Mercutio quote, of course). I'll have to add more chapters soon ... I'm aiming to only have five, because I've still got the revenge story which is going to be 14 chapters or something ...

9/15/2010 #6
Rurik Lyutsifer

cool, Ill have to read it. Romeo and Juliet induced anticipation!! =P

9/15/2010 #7
Rurik Lyutsifer

Kay so my new and my so far favourite of my sotries, far and wide, now has two chapters. If I could get some reviews from you fabulous people, I shall know what directions to take with the following chapters.

11/26/2010 #8
Xevious Cat

Which story is it?

11/26/2010 #9
Rurik Lyutsifer

Far and wide

11/26/2010 #10
Xevious Cat

Okay, I'll read it when it's not so late and I have to get up early tomorrow :) just remind me to.

11/26/2010 #11
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