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Fair Charlotte

Like glee club but without the happy singing and dancing, instead you get lovely mutalited body parts and various collourful patterns of blood and guts splattering the ground... actually what an interesting plot bunny there.

Here is a post in the WOW forum that is actually for writers to talk seriously about stuff, not debate pretend religions Cat and Forrest.

I do encourage you to check out some of the other threads too, they would be... interesting, and theres Insanity Streak's thread on poetry, another serious one I think.

anyway feel free to post challenges, talk about gore (or glee I'm good with that) or anything else particularly horrific, like 'R.patts' hair...

9/17/2010 #1
Rurik Lyutsifer

Bahahahaha! Gore Club... Rurik you do have fab ideas old boy =D

Anyway. Serious face. I wanna make The Blackwood curse gory, but I'm waiting for the right bit. I'm sure I'll get there in the end =D

9/17/2010 #2
Xevious Cat

Hey! "Narratives" is another serious topic ... or it might have gone off-topic now ... but that one is for general stories!

And yes Pi is an amazing religion which you should bow down to :)

9/17/2010 #3
Xevious Cat

Oh and "Ideas and Inspiration" is the other serious* one.

*Well, as serious as we can make it.

9/17/2010 . Edited 10/17/2011 #4
Fair Charlotte

This is serious Caitlin.

I havent read that one sorry ru, I'll read it eventually and reply to your post.

9/19/2010 #5
Rurik Lyutsifer

ahh nvm. I'll just wait around with my best serious face on

9/19/2010 #6
Fair Charlotte

I read Blackwood curse, and as god of the gore club, I encourage goriness, but its not a necessity. The story seems like it would be more of a supernatural one rather than axe murder unless you had horrific bloody accidents. So your choice, just depends how people are going to die.

10/22/2010 #7
Rurik Lyutsifer

I wanna have a jack the ripper type scene for one bit, which Im already kind of planning, but its quite a while into the story...

10/22/2010 #8
Fair Charlotte

havent seen jack the ripper.

11/27/2010 #9
Xevious Cat

.... FAIL Megg. First you don't know who Ivan Milat is, and now you think Jack the Ripper is a movie? Hehehe

Jack the Ripper is some un-identified freak that kills girls in gruesome ways ... mostly prostitutes.

11/28/2010 #10
Rurik Lyutsifer

...in London.

11/28/2010 #11
Fair Charlotte

I didn't think it was a movie.

I have never had the misfortune to meet Jack the Ripper, nor catch any sort of passing glance of him *childishly pokes tongue out*


and I knew who he was. But Ru made it sound like a movie. "jack the ripper scene" SO BLEH AGAIN

11/30/2010 #12
Rurik Lyutsifer

Oh, so now it's my fault? *pouts* Lol, I actually wonder if there is a movie about Jack the ripper.... something tells me that there is.

12/1/2010 #13
Rurik Lyutsifer

This forum seems cold and lonely. Maybe thats because it's about gore, but nonetheless..

I suppose I should report my gory story, eh? Well, I was reading a Martina Cole novel the other day, and someone had half of his face pulled off with an apple corer... It was a tad gruesome, but anyway. Im off to eat a cheese sandwhich.

Actually, I lied. Sandwhiches are gross, and I want a chocolate mince pie instead. :D Carry on chaps :D

1/13/2011 #14
Rurik Lyutsifer

I think you might all want to know, that the pie tasted like SEX. If I was ruler of the world, you would all be force fed them!!

1/13/2011 #15
Xevious Cat

Uh ... awesome ... I'm really scared ...

Anyway, I've been neglecting these forums as I've been on the Sims 3 forums ... talking to some random about my irritation about going to the effort of changing the location a Sim lived in to get him away from celebrities and to get him to go back with his wife so they could leave in peace in the country, only to learn that M's band "WooHoo Warriors" had all become famous in the meantime. ARGHHHHHHH.

1/13/2011 . Edited 7/5/2012 #16

I'll pass on the pie, thank you...

This kind of relates to gore, but I've got the Sims 2, and I've been trying to figure out how to kill some of my people. THEY WON'T DIE!!!

1/15/2011 #17
Fair Charlotte
Press ctrl shift c and a box should come up. In tha box type booProp TestingCheatsEnabled true Then hold shift and click on ur sim, click spawn, then go to rodneys death creator, a tombstone should appear. Elect the sim u want to kill, click the tombstone and pick their fate. =D
1/17/2011 #18
Xevious Cat

Haha, I don't have that on Sims 3 ... you only get to kill them by electrocution, fires, drowning, starvation, old age or technically you kill them when they're vampires but they're still moving ... I want there to be some way of killing them with mutant cutlery or lawn gnomes or something ...

1/17/2011 #19

Thank you, Charlotte! *Laughs maniacally*

1/18/2011 #20
Fair Charlotte

Always happy to help murder a Sim. Death by satellite is a personal favourite =D

Cat can you fix my spelling of satellite please?

*Edit by Xevious Cat: I edited it :)

1/18/2011 . Edited by Xevious Cat, 1/18/2011 #21

Yep, I had a father-to-be accidentally get squashed by a satellite.

Speaking of gore, am I the only one who finds it incredibly gross when someone's eyes explode in movies?

1/18/2011 #22
Fair Charlotte

Cant say i've ever seen eye explosions, tho it sounds like the sort of thing I would find hilarious... Have u played god of war 3? very gory, you get to gouge posidens eyes out with your thumbs by pressing L3 and R3. it was also from his perspective at the time -entertaining.

Though the only thing that has ever really made me cringe was watching a fingernail being pulled off. My fingernails screamed at that.

1/18/2011 . Edited 1/18/2011 #23
Xevious Cat

Well, I'll confess something here. When I was younger, Lord Voldemort used to scare the crap out of me :D

I mean, the concept of a writhered old man hanging off the back of Quirrell's head was just plain disturbing ...

How did he even breathe under that turban? Or were there air holes poked into it?

1/18/2011 #24
Fair Charlotte

maybe it was a MAGIC TURBAN!! it did smell like garlic though

1/18/2011 #25
Xevious Cat

Hehe, magic turban ... for some reason I suddenly thought of Puff the magic dragon ...

1/18/2011 #26

I've only played God of War II, I think...I think Poseidon died via arrows in that one.

And total agreement with the fingernail pulling... *Shudders*

1/20/2011 #27
Xevious Cat

Hehehe ... in Half Life 2, there are these things that hang from the ceiling and grab you with their tongues, then eat you and your organs get sprayed around the ground! It's fun watching enemies get their organs pulled out of them ... except when it's you and you see all of your own organs bouncing along the ground ... that's not so great.

Anyway, I don't like eyeballs being cut in half. I realised this fact when I saw 'Eyes Cold Lemonade', Happy Tree Friends. That is disturbing. Also in 'From Hero To Eternity', where Handy gets half his head chopped off by some ice and it slices through his eye ... I really shouldn't be watching such violent things, should I? And I really shouldn't be laughing at them either ... this topic is making me realise how many issues I have ...

1/20/2011 #28

I watched part of a Happy Tree Friends episode, recommended by a friend, and I had NO CLUE what the show was about. I was horrified!!

Speaking of eyeballs...in Kill Bill 2 (I think...) there's a fight scene between Uma Thurman and Darryl Hannah's characters...Uma claws out the other woman's eye, then squishes it under her toes...eurgh.

1/21/2011 #29
Xevious Cat

I also highly recommend Happy Tree Friends, your friend is awesome!

I can easily sum it up for you:

Cute little woodland creatures do everyday tasks and end up injured or most of the time dead by making stupid or impossible mistakes.

The highest offenders for causing death are Flippy, an ex-army bear who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and kills on purpose when he flips out; Lumpy, a big blue moose with low intellegence who sucks at every job he attempts; and Splendid, a flying squirrel superhero who kills whoever he tries to rescue :) (SPLENDID FTW!)

What happened in the episode you watched, by the way?

1/21/2011 #30
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