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Rurik Lyutsifer

I know the title sounds a bit weird, but I recently have been having some crisis with my story the Blackwood curse, and I thought a page like this one might make it easy for people to ask advice on how to get out of tough situations, plot holes etc. General rules are the same, no discrimination, dont swear excessively, dont be a prick, etc. etc.

EDIT: RURIK LYUTSIFER: I cant spell the title of my own story :'(

9/22/2010 . Edited 9/22/2010 #1
Xevious Cat

I'm not really in a sticky situation right now ... I just have to kill like ... 5 people in two chapters!!! YAYY!!

Actually I don't know if I'll kill them ... I want to spare Joshua and Helga ... I guess I'll have to save Charity ... hmm.

And as for the Revenge story I think I'm fine making up random stuff :)

9/22/2010 #2
Xevious Cat

Grr I accidently clicked on "Reply", but I have nothing to say ... ignore this comment.

Here's some of M's and Rurik's conversation:

"It could be cinnamin, I don't know. I want a synonym donut. ... I'm going to do that now, go up to the canteen asking for a synonym donut."

"Hahahahahaha *whimper* hahaha ... it's hurting my belly ... no, you slut ... ahh."

"Heh ... heh heh ..."

"We're finding Global Citizenship."

"Let's do this."

"Oh dammit ..."

"How did that happen?"

"Okay, not responding ...*sigh* what do you think? Social order?"

"I think the Amish have the key ...."

"Being Amish wouldn't be too bad ..."

"*glares* There'd be no Facebook ... no DVD's ... no McDonalds ... and you'd have lots of cows."

"There'd be no global warming if we were all Amish ..."

"Cows contribute to Global warming."

"Oh, don't attack it, you slut."

"That's how sluts act. Oh look, we're all skinny, and you're too fat, so we'll surround you. That's the social order."

"Didn't we go to a place called Fuckeyama?"

... anyone else a little freaked out?

10/14/2010 . Edited 7/5/2012 #3
Xevious Cat

"I say the word terror, and there's terror ... *train noises* ... United Nations!"


"I don't know ... why don't we try the human rights commitee? Ha, thrust ... They're thrusting towards human rights ... they're just being too forward."

"Haha ... we're going to get there ... we are, actually .... one more time."

"That page looks rusty .. I think so."


"Oh my god I saw a thing about that ... and the waiter came over and was like, there's a leach in your soup."

"A synonym donut, please!"

"The war becomes global, aw!"

"Moscow ... Australia ..."

"Fuck, it's Australian."

"There's a fifth one ..."

"Aw, suspicious!"


"Look at the people, haha!"

... Yeah okay I probably misheard some of that ... and the other one ... but it sounded funny :)

10/14/2010 #4
Xevious Cat

"Ah, forced assimilation ... let's try that."

"National identity? Romantascism?"

"Civicness ... WOAH ... hahaha doo doo doo ..."

"Hey, we are getting there ... we are getting there!"

"Maybe it's at the top?"

"Aid ... the second picture's wrong ..."

"Let's go in a massive cool circle of citizenship ... Ah, citizens of the world!! Doo doo doo ..."

"What?? Ah, album ..."

"Yeah, fuckers! We got from Membrane, *clicks* to global citizenship! ... We just spent 40 minutes doing that ... synonym donuts, I can't say it!!"

"Cinnomon ... synonym ... to anemone!"

"I think it might be CNN ... it's in Nemo."

"Are you talking about anemone?"

"Because Nemo's retarded ... that's an-e-mone."

"No, that's an-e-mon-e!"

"That was like yesterday in roll call ... yum, yoghurt ... he was depressed and he cried like an emo and cut himself."

10/14/2010 . Edited 10/14/2010 #5
Rurik Lyutsifer

LOOLOLOLOLOLOL! Cat this was freaking hillarious! I loved that conversation! it was brillz.

10/22/2010 #6
Rurik Lyutsifer

Im in a sticky spot right now. Im home alone and ive got a massive foam Aardvark nose stuck on my face... I cant seem to undo the knot at the back. I hope you can sleep at night cat! *shakes fist* tis is what your costuming has brought me to!

10/22/2010 #7
Xevious Cat

... I can't sleep at night ... INSOMNIAC!!

And Sniffles ... IS AN ANTEATER!!

Anyway, costumes are fun :)

10/22/2010 #8
Xevious Cat

Why aren't we on this thread? Everyone seems to have writer's block, and we're not complaining about it!

Actually, I'm getting better now ... I've almost finished the next bit of Malcolm's Revenge, and As Thin Of Substance As The Air is going okay with its last chapter ... Not really sure how I'm going to end it, but I want Joshua Puntly and Helga Lovett to live because they're some of my favourite Sims :)

Oh and I have to give you an update on my weird Sims, Joshua threw a party and Helga and her/his family came along. Helga's adopted French son Jake fell in love with one of Joshua's daughters, Fly, and he started hitting on her (It was hilarious watching Joshua freak out). But then he asked her if she was single, and it turns out she's going out with Roderick Landgraab, the guy who I named after the Roderick in Malcolm's Revenge upon Rurik's request! So now, Rurik, it's your fault Jake is having an emotional breakdown!

I was laughing so much :)

12/8/2010 . Edited 7/5/2012 #9
Rurik Lyutsifer

Naww, im a such a skanky bitch. How could I do that to them? If only I hadnt requested that someone be named roderick... ;(

12/9/2010 #10
Xevious Cat

Exactly! Then Roderick Landgraab wouldn't have been born and there would only be two children, Kitty and Sameer ... damn you!

12/9/2010 #11
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