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Ever wish you were a halfblood? Wish you went to Camp HalfBlood? Look no further because here you can be an OC minor god/goddess, a halfblood, even a saytr! The characters from PJO are in here but you cannot be one of them.
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Note, you cannot be a major god/goddess only an OC minor god/goddess. Please complete the following sheet before going anywhere else!

Here is a sample OC sheet:













Here is my OC sheet:

Name: Victoria


Stereotype: The 'princess' ( Almost everyone calls her that because of who her father is)

Appearance: Straight black hair with two red streaks on the right side, blue eyes, pale skin. She is slim about 5'8''

Clothing: Purple or blue flowered sun knee length dress, brown cowboy boots. I not something like that, jean shorts, flowered halter top, flip-flops

Parents: Zeus and Elaine Westly

Species: Demigod

Weapons/Powers: She has a ring,that was given to her by Zeus, that when twisted will turn into a sword. She has control over weather and lightning. She also got a temper from her father

Personality: She is nice, sweet, and caring but when provoked can be a very dangerous enemy. Most of the time she is great to be around. She loves anything that has to do with the sky, but underneath all her peppiness she absolutely loathes her father

Likes: The sky, dancing, piano, her friends, running, fashion, clothes

Dislikes: Her father, bad hair days, mean people, school

History: She was born after a long affair between Zeus and her mother. Since her mother is a dance teacher, she has been dancing since she could walk. When Victoria was twelve she was attacked by a hellhound and was taken to camp by a saytr. That summer she went on a quest and gained respect from the Olympians

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Livvy Grace

Name: Olivia

Age: 18

Stereotype: The Rebellious Minor Goddess


Clothing: Her usual clothing is a camoflauge shirt and cargo jeans with army boots.

Parents: Ares and Athena

Species: Minor Goddess

Weapons/Powers: She is the Goddess of War Honor, meaning whether or not you'd be respected in war, and Weapons. She has a bracelet that can change into any weapon.

Personality: She is very rebellious, wise, and competitive. She hardly ever listens to anyone and does anything to win. From her father's side, she gained much power in battle and a great use of weapons. From her mother, she gained much wisdom about many things and the ability to make a plan that's nearly unstoppable. She is angered easily and quite swift on her feet. At a young age, Apollo gifted her and she has muh creativity.

Likes: No rules, having fun, winning battles, plans that work, being the leader, and being around friends.

Dislikes: Rules, being serious (Though she knows when to be serious, she just hates it.), losing battles, plans that don't work, bossing her friends around (Anyone else is fine.), and being alone.

History: Olivia was born to Ares and Athena on Mount Olympus. At a very young age, Apollo gifted her with a great amount of creativity. Almost all the Gods and Goddesses were fond of her. At a young age, she would ride with Apollo, so she could see the world. Some days, however, Athena would take her and help her in battle strategy. Ares would give her lessons in weapon control. Hephaestus would let her in his workshop and she would make weapons. Some that were great and some that nearly killed her and Hephaestus both. Hermes would take her on his deliveries. Artemis taught her how to use a bow and arrow. Aphrodite would take her to Earth and show her how she created love and even let Olivia help her with some pairings. Demeter taught her about nature. Poseiden taught her about the sea and its creatures. Hera would let her choose let her choose which babies should be girls or boys. Zeus would let her choose which places needed rain. Even Hades taught her the system of death and let her come down to the Underworld several times, but supervised by Hermes usually. She also befriended Persephone during her first visit to the Underworld. The only God she never warmed up to was Dionysus. Dionysus and Olivia always argued. Dionysus made her drunk one night when she was fifteen and she took revenge. The next party she embarrassed Dionysus by making a confetti arrow blow up in his face and scare him so bad, he was tangled by all the vines he caused to spring up. They've loathed each other ever since. The first time Olivia visited Camp Half-Blood was when she turned sixteen. There she met Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Juniper, Tyson, Nico, and Clarisse. She immediately befriended Clarisse, being they were similiar. She also befriended Annabeth very quickly. She befriended Nico quickly as well. It took her a while to warm up to Percy, but eventually, they found a common interest. Criticizing Dionysus. She also befriended Tyson after Percy, due to both of them having in interest in creating things. She befriended Grover after a while, since he taught her about satyrs, being Dionysus refused to. Juniper took the longest. She thought she was quite annoying and stuck-up, but then realized she was nice and befriended her. The next year, she met Thalia, when Artemis introduced the two, being they were alike in many ways. They instantly became good friends. Zeus wants her to come back this year and teach the demi gods as much about war as possible. She happily accepted and now cannot wait to teach all of her knoweledge to others.

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Name: Kenna

Age: 19

Stereotype: Tough type. Gets along with people though. Talks alot. Very random. But has never lost a fight, except the time she got mad at her dad and her knocked her out then sent her back to land.

Appearance: Brown hair, Blue eyes. Has blond highlights, not exactly tall or short but in between. She's skinny but very athletic. She can kick anyones butt in a fight.

Clothing: Like to wear alot of black and purple. She's not exactly scene but she's kinda like that. She's not exactly girly but not all tom-boyish either. but she dresses kinda like that.

Parents: Unknown mortal and Poseiden


Weapons/Powers: Controls really any sorce of water. Has a necklace that if she rubs it will turn into a sheild. Has a bracelet that if she rubs it turns into a dagger.

Personality:Any way she wants to act at that moment. shes random. but she is her own person and acts how she wants

Likes:anything really

Dislikes:whatever she feels like.

History: (yall know bout my history i dont feel like typin it)

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Name: Javier Marc

Age: 19

Stereotype: The shy but resourceful guy. Speaks with a stutter except when under stress.

Appearance: Dark blue messy hair and eyes, he appears asian with slightly tanned skin. 5"10.

Clothing: He wears a long hooded jacket in navy blue and black pants.

Parents: Aphrodite and Daniel Marc.

Species: Demi-god

Weapons/Powers: Uncanny ability to find and craft things well. Strange ability to leak pheremones under stress. He owns no weapons yet.

Personality: Shy and hesitant to speak but unwilling to to keep quiet when he thinks it matters. But once he's opened up he's ulimately optimistic and caring.

Likes: Living, his Family, Love, Animals, Funny and Talkative people.

Dislikes: Fighting. Suffering. Death. Being away from his family.

History: He was raised by his father and takes care of his family of four. He has two younger siblings who depend on him to care for them while their father is at work. He has ostracized in schools for his dyslexia and inability to talk well. Managed to make a small business selling knick knacks he made himself, often carpentry or metal work. He often had women interested in him but was unable to return their feelings because of his hectic lifestyle. His pheremones often get him into trouble without him meaning too so he's had a miserable time.

He was forced to come to camp half-blood by his father against his will. He only just found out about his abilities.

10/3/2010 #4


Age: 18 3/4

Stereotype: none

Appearance: Black hair dark brown eyes

Clothing: black short sleeve shirts with black knee shorts

Parents: Zeus and ?

Species: Demigod

Weapons/Powers: Gold Coin the turns into a sword or spear and black bracelet that turns into a shield

Personality: cool kind of silent but takes action when needed

Likes: Girls in bikinis fighting and football

Dislikes: people who give me crap

History: Was born at Mount Olympus, because Zeus loved Bailey's mother very much and allowed her to stay on Mount Olympus until Bailey was born. But when Bailey's mother decided she would have an affair with Ares, Zeus banished her and Bailey from Olympus. After having Bailey, she left him at the doorstep of an orphanege. Where he would live till he was 6. While at this orphanege he was very different from the other kids. He learned faster than all the others and was quick on his feet. On his 6th birthday he was attacked by a Fury. Chiron was there before much harm could be done however. But his mark from the Fury will forever be with him as a scar down the left side of his forehead to the bottom of his left cheek. Now he has been at camp for a 12 years. And he remains the 2nd best Demi-God fighter at the camp. He is 2nd head of Zeus Cabin following his sister Victoria. And he is Zeus's favorite son. But, He is the half sibling of Kenna on their mothers side. But because of his mother abandoning him neither Kenna nor Bailey know they are related. But Kenna is a kid of Poseiden. Zeus did not know that Kenna's mother had already had an affair with Poseiden before she had a baby with Zeus. After that is when their mother had an affair with Ares. Their mother has actually been rumored to have several different kids. All with different godly parents.

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Name: Riley MacLean

Age: 16

Stereotype: The nerd with a very dry sense of humor.

Appearance: A shock of red hair, often cropped close to his head. Soft green eyes that speak of the Irish countryside, framed by rimless eyeglasses. Has long, thin eyeborws that are made for jumping up and down in skepticism.

Clothing: A green button-up shirt, left untucked and sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Crisp blue jeans qith cuffs rolled up. Black Converse sneakers. For some quirky reason, carries a pocket watch in his jeans pocket, chain and all.

Parents: Athena and John Q. MacLean, PhD

Species: Halfblood

Weapons/Powers: For physical combat he carries a bow and arrow, with which he is no more accurate than an average Apollo cabin member. For close quarters he carries a stiletto blade attached to a mechanism on his wrist that allows him to whip it out with the flick of a wrist. However, due to the coupling of his parents' skills, Riley is a master of psychological warfare. He knows just exactly how to hone in on an opponent's insecurities and can even make monsters give up and be swallowed in their woes (a curious phenomenon involving the creature collapsing into a single mote of dust, as opposed to the mound created by celestial bronze). He much prefers using this than his bow.

Personality: Exceptionally smart, somewhat arrogant. He will not hesitate to turn any moment into a teaching moment. Also, he has a notoriously dry sense of humor. His jokes, more often than not, don't actually sound like jokes. When angered he commonly launches into long and somewhat humorous rants.

Likes: Books, a nice quiet place to read them, socializing, making his brand of jokes, messing with people's heads, Shakespeare, classic rock, Monty Python, Sherlock Holmes.

Dislikes: Physical combat, being interrupted while lecturing or ranting.

History: Born of a brief union between Athena and the chair of history/psychology at Dublin University, Riley showed an exceptional intellect from an early age. By the age of seven he had beaten European chess champion Stefan Bashkir in an online tournament. He had an exceptionally quiet childhood. There are few, if any, monsters in Ireland. When they did arrive, they crossed over from England. They appeared in the form of typical Dublin docklands thugs, but as they cornered him Riley's halfblood eyes pierced the Mist and discovered two rogue Cyclopes. Having no weapons, Riley merely looked at them and said, "Daddy doesn't love you." The Cylopes immediately collapsed into nothingness, their sobs fading into the evening fog. Bear in mind, however, that these were two baby Cyclopes. An adult Cyclops or indeed any monster of respectability would not be dispatched so easily.

Riley immediately realized he was far from normal. FOrsaking family, friends, and education, he buried himself in the public library until he hit upon the legends of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Out of nowhere a spinning appeared above his head, roatated, of its own will spun some golden thread, and disappeared. This, then, was Athena's claiming of one of her own. Upon arriving home Riley receiving a phone call from a clerk at Dublin International Airport. He was booked on a business-class (to this day he wonders why his mother wouldn't pony up for first) flight to New York City the next day. A cab picked him up and brought him to camp Half-Blood. Beyond the fact that he is a son of Athena, that he was given these gifts of weapons (found in the trunk of the taxi along with the rest of his luggage), Riley MacLean knows nothing about himself.

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Name: Rhiannon Knightleigh

Nickname: Rea

Age: 16

Stereotype: Goth ( her father is Hades)

Appearance: wavy dark brown hair with purple streaks, tall and slim, pale, high cheek bones, creamy complexion, scar down her left cheek

Clothing: black skinny jeans, black combat boots with silver buckles, purple skull tee-shirt, purple peasant blouse, black motorcycle jacket, black arm socks,leatherstudded gloves

Parents: Hades and Cassia Knightleigh

Species: Demigod

Weapons/Powers: She can crack the Earth and call forth skeletons. Has a flashdrive that when she takes the cap off, a 3 and a half foot long Stygian iron sword appears.

Personality: A little dark, with a morbid sense of humor. Gets angry quickly, but can take a joke. Likes writing horror stories and is a good artist.

Likes: drawing, writing, the color black, rhinos, black cats, running, playing basketball, sports, the night, the moon, her father

Dislikes: the color pink, school, math, puppies, sitting still(she has AD-HD), the sun, heat,

History:Was born when her mother Cassia, an author and fitness trainer, dated Hades for a while. He was masquerading as a fitness trainer and she fell for his wash board abs. Rhiannon was chased by a dracenae, and she met a fellow demigod who died getting her to camp. Has never really had friends and is a loner at heart.

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Name: Chaitra


Appearance: Brownish black eyes, black thick hair, tall, thin, dimple on left cheek

Clothing: Jeans and shirts

Parents: Poseidon and Divya


Weapon/power: controls water, have a golden watch which makes me invisible and a sword

Personality: She's sweet, friendly, funny everyone in her school loves her but miss her now. Very caring, do anything for her friends, and very sensitive, gives respect to everyone

Likes: mom, books, camp, halfbloods, friends,water, nature

Dislikes: Kronos, giants, one who trouble me a lot

History: She was born in India. She suffered a lot without father. He left her and her mom, when she was a new born baby. A satyr met her during her classes and explained that she's a demigod and got into camp, at age 13

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Name: Emily

Age: 16

Stereotype: Green Freak (this was an offensive term to her, she was always seen talking to plants and hanging out in the forest)

Appearance: about 5'2' in height, black frizzy hair always tied in a messy bun, pale, skinny, dark brown eyes,

Clothing: shirt, jacket, jeans, rubber shoes

Parents: Demeter and Michael Auburn

Species: demigod

Weapons/Powers: She uses a crossbow, which her father gave her (her father loved archery). She can grow any kind of plant anywhere as long as she knows the plants well.

Personality: a bit weak but smart, she never gives up, gullible, loyal

Likes: science, plants, archery

Dislikes: heights, closed areas

History: She was a good student, who loved science. Sometimes, her classmates found her weird seeing her talking to plants. She also loved hanging out in the forest. Her father one day disappeared mysteriously. Not knowing what to do, she strolled the city streets and there was one time where monsters started attacking her. She used her crossbow to defend herself. Ares saw all the happenings and he was impressed. He gave her a guide to lead her to the place where half-bloods live and train themselves.

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