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Enough said

9/26/2010 #1

Victoria almost laughed as Olivia and Kenna were looking around in awe, at her cabin. It was pretty amazing, the walls were marble and the furniture was made out of gold. Bt hey, he was the king and requested it this way.

She plopped down on her bed," What about Jake?"

9/27/2010 #2
Livvy Grace

Olivia also plopped down on the same bed. SHe saw Nico and Grover walk in. "Go. This is a girl thing."

9/27/2010 #3

" Yeah go" Victoria seconded with a wave of her hand.

9/27/2010 #4
Livvy Grace

"Olivia can we go to the lake? As friends?" Grover just blurted out.

"Okay..." Olivia said with a shrug. "But hold on."

9/28/2010 . Edited 9/29/2010 #5

" So..." Nico said, leaning against the doorframe.

"So..." Victoria replied.

9/28/2010 #6

"Okay Nico. You needa go, pronto." I looked at Liv and Tor. "So... About Jake..." I said and waited for nods of approval to go on.

9/28/2010 #7

" Bout Jake what?"

9/28/2010 #8

"Well...." I sighed. "We spent all of Fall Break together. That is why you did not see me. He is soo great. He has the perfect smile. The most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen. I mean I think he's perfect. Like I think he's the one. It's just when I'm with him it's like he's the only one on this Earth. He's perfect. I can see us together forever. But the thing is... Daddy doesn't like him... And he has just recently found out he's a kid of Hades...." I said.

9/28/2010 #9

" Aw" Victoria coed." Like Romeo and Juliet , Romeo thou Romeo were art thou Romeo"

Victoria giggled and plopped back down on the bed.

( Sorry hav to go, will get on tomorrow. Text you when I do)

9/28/2010 #10

(Okay! Bye Vic!(:)

9/28/2010 #11
Livvy Grace

"I'd say "Aww..." but you know...I'm not the romantic type." Olivia told her.

9/29/2010 #12

" It's so cute!" Victoria squealed.

She jumped back up and twirled around.

9/29/2010 #13
"yeah but the fact is..... Daddy don't like him and that's always a problem.....". What am I gonna do?" I asked my friends.
9/29/2010 #14

" hmmmm" Victoria thought." Maybe if you proved to Poseidon that he really is a nice guy....."

9/29/2010 #15
"Girl you know it ain't that symple. Poseiden hates any kid of Hades. There is know way he approves of Jake. He hates his guts and he ain't even met him yet." I sighed. Why did my dad have to be a god? Not to mention the fact why sid he have to be king of the ocean? If only there were a wag to prove it. I though.
9/29/2010 #16

" Ohmygods!" Victoria exclaimed, getting an idea." what if he were to save you in some way shape or form?"

9/29/2010 #17
"Omz's I like where this is goin!" I smiled at the thought. But what would we do? Zeus could prolly hear us plannin and I don't know what kinda crazy skeem Tor was gonna come up with. So I asked her, "But Tor? What would we say? You know ur dads prolly listening and he will prolly tell poseiden." I explained.
9/29/2010 #18

" My dad has more important things to do then listen to teenage girls plans to make father's approve of their boyfriends" Victoria said." Okay say that maybe you were to get in a fight with either Liv or me."

9/29/2010 #19

"Okay, thats a great idea. Except the gods aren't that stupid and they know we would never get in a fight like that. They know we are best friends. But..." I smiled, "Now what would happen if one of the kids of Ares 'kidnaps' me and takes me and holds me hostage somewhere?" I smiled again. This was gonna be good if we could figure it out (:

9/29/2010 #20

" Brilliant!" I exclaimed.

9/29/2010 #21

"I know now we just need to get a Ares kid in on it." I said.

9/29/2010 #22

" Maybe we could get Clarisse"Victoria suggested." she would jump on a chance to kidnap a child of Poseidon."

Victoria kicked off her shoes and draped herself across the ," How do we get my dad to like Nico?"

9/29/2010 #23
"same way we get poseiden to like Jake. We get you fake kidnapped. There. It's a done deal." I smirked. This was gonna work yet.
9/29/2010 #24

" Yeah, I guess so." Victoria replied, twirling a black lock of hair around her finger, as she had a habit of doing when she was thinking.

9/29/2010 #25
"So how are we gonna do this? I mean what if Clarrisse ain't up for it?"
9/29/2010 #26

" Clarisse will have to be up for it." Victoria rolled her eyes." I can make her, and besides Liv can get her to do it for us"

9/29/2010 #27
"true. This is confusin me. We gotta get Jake in on it. Nico too." I said to my friend Victoria.
9/29/2010 #28

" Yeah"

9/29/2010 #29
" Did not think it would be this hard." I told Tor
9/30/2010 #30
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