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Ever wish you were a halfblood? Wish you went to Camp HalfBlood? Look no further because here you can be an OC minor god/goddess, a halfblood, even a saytr! The characters from PJO are in here but you cannot be one of them.
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Enough said

9/29/2010 #1
Livvy Grace

Olivia sat on the beach. She winced as she covered up all the wounds from the fight. It was worth it, though. She finally got her revenge. She finally knocked Kenna off her high horse. She proved that she was the best fighter. Not Kenna. She felt tears in her eyes. A satyr jogged up to her. "A note for you, miss," he said as he gave her the note and jogged off.

She opened the note. "Dear Olivia," Olivia read aloud. "I want you to know that I've started dating Juniper again. And I no longer see you as more than a good friend. Grover."

Olivia sighed. She was relieved, though. But something just killed her. "Kenna has everything," she mumbled to herself. "Everyone thinks she's the greatest. They say she's the most beautiful, the smartest, the strongest, the fastest, the bravest. All the guys fall for her. Where's my recognition? I helped them in the war. I nearly risked my life, trying to save everyone. Yet, NO ONE sees me. They think I'm just some other person. THey treat me like...like I'm invisible."

She felt tears in her eyes. Why doesn't anyone see her?

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #2
Livvy Grace

Olivia disappeared for a few minutes, then came back, weaker. "Oh no..." she whispered. "I...I'm fading..."

10/4/2010 #3

( I changed my thing on the swordfighting arena....)

Victoria ran over to Olivia just as she saw her fade than come back.

"Olivia what is happening?!"

10/4/2010 #4
Livvy Grace

Olivia had tear in her eyes and flickered again. "I...I'm fading. Victoria...people don't need me anymore...so I'll fade..."

10/4/2010 #5

" You can't fade as long as the major gods are around!"

10/4/2010 #6
Livvy Grace

Olivia flickered again. "Yes I can...I'm sorry. But people don't need me anymore..."

10/4/2010 #7

(Two or so days later)

10/21/2010 #8
Zavier stared at the beautiful sea as the waves crashed against the shore. He had managed to get a hold of a training sword and he stared at it as he waited. Overly strong due to his crafting but slow with his reflexes. And it was obvious enough even to him that that could easily be his downfall. but if he didn't improve himself quickly... He might never go home. Ever. He glanced at a cluster of nearby training logs planted firmly in the beach sand and gave it a haphazard swing. The sword easily went staight through the log as if it had been mere butter. But the slice had completely missed the target area.
12/5/2011 . Edited 12/6/2011 #9
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