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Ever wish you were a halfblood? Wish you went to Camp HalfBlood? Look no further because here you can be an OC minor god/goddess, a halfblood, even a saytr! The characters from PJO are in here but you cannot be one of them.
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Victoria turned back to her father," Father, I believe-" she was cut off by Nico walking toward her.

She gave him a frantic glance and mouthed," He will kill you."

10/19/2010 #31

Olivia's mind kicked in overdrive. "Hey Zeus! My mom wants to see you in Japan! Something about a remain of an ancient Greek weapon?" She turned to Riley. "I'm your half-sister, well on the godly side, of course."

10/19/2010 #32

"Your mother can sort it out herself." Zeus said

10/19/2010 #33

"Well, she said she needed the strength and bravery of a powerful God like yourself," Liv told her grandfather, turning on the charm.

10/19/2010 #34

Zeus narrowed his eyes," I sense lying."

" Dang you can't fool this guy." Victoria muttered.

10/19/2010 #35

Liv sighed. "Fine, you want the truth? I just want to spend time with my new half-brother, and you're scaring him so much I can't speak to him!" She looked like she was tearing up.

10/19/2010 #36

Riley coughed, somewhat uncomfortable. "Don't I feel special. Besides, I'm fairly certain the Greeks never went to Japan." He coughed again and begind flipping idly through his mythology textbook.

10/19/2010 #37

"See dad, you power is so,um, great and powerful that the poor boy is scared to death."

10/20/2010 #38

Riley gave a dry little chcukle. "Hardly. I am not afraid and I certainly do not cower." He pointed a finger at Zeus. "And I happen to know that this guy is not nearly as omniscient ashe would like us to think, or as much as the Christian God or even Odin, who has his twin ravens Thought and Memory and the eight-legged horse Skipbladnir."

10/20/2010 #39

Liv facepalmed. Her half-brother wasn't helping. "Hey Tor! How 'bout we go IN THE WOODS?!" she yelled, shouting the last three words louder so Nico would get the point.

10/20/2010 #40

Riley caught Liv's facepalm and was quite unfazed. "What? I've done my research." He hefted his mythology textbook. "And if I'm supposed to bow down before somebody just because he wants us to, and for no other logical reason, well, hate to break it to you, pretty lady, but t'ain't gonna happen."

10/20/2010 #41

This sent Liv over the edge. "Do you know...who I am?!" she growled, fire in her eyes. Literally, it seemed somweone was making a fire in her eyes.

10/20/2010 #42

"Look, can someone just tell me what the blarney hell is going on?"

10/20/2010 #43

Liv stared him down. "Well I'm a daughter of Athena and Ares...and before you ask, they didn't intend it! Anyway, anyone here can tell you not to get on my bad side..."

10/20/2010 #44

" She's being serious." Victoria said." And if you knew about the power my father possessed you would be cowering in fear. He was the one you fooled Kronos not Athena or any of the other gods. He is King of The Gods for a reason. My father is the most powerful god, that's why he is KING OF THE GODS!"

10/20/2010 . Edited 10/20/2010 #45

Riley massaged his temples for a moment. He was teetering on the edge of a rant, a rant that had been nagging at him even before he had realized his lineage, during his disillusionment from the Church. "Let me make myself abundantly clear. I DON'T. GIVE. A F***." He squinted up at Zeus. "Sing, O Muse, of rage," he began, quoting and mocking Homer's Iliad, "sing, O Muse, of nonsense. Tell me, O Great and Powerful Zeus, He of the Mighty Lightning Bolt, Lord of-" Riley examined Zeus's suit "-Brooks Brothers. King of the Gods, hear my plea. If you can do anything, then why, pray tell, haven't you done ANYTHING?????" He strapped his hidden blade weapon to his wrist and whipped out the long, thin, stiletto blade. In his other hand he hefted the textbook on Greek mythology. "This, Most High Reverend Pontiff or Whatever the Hell You Are, is what I think of the gods!" He began to stab the book brutally, until it was fit only to line a hamster's nest.

Riley fell to his knees and began to sob. This was more rage at his God than the new gods he had just met, rage at the world, rage at himself, rage at the incredibly confusing cosmic situation into which a meek bookworm from the Dublin suburbs was thrust.

10/20/2010 #46

Liv sighed and kneeled down. "Hey, it's okay," she said soothingly. "We've all hated the Gods at one point or another. Heck, I still hate 'em sometimes, and I live on Mount Olympus." she then patted him on the back. "By the way, nice blade."

10/21/2010 #47

Riley sniffed somewhat childishly. "Thanks.....apparently it was a gift from my mother...." He laughed, his defense mechanism of good humor slowly rebuilding itself. "Bit much, wasn't it? My friend Charlie used to tell me, 'Riles, one of these days that mouth is going to get you smitten by a cosmic being of incredible power.' I paraphrase, of course."

10/21/2010 #48

Liv smiled. "I see. But here's a tip. Next time I say something stupid, it's a cover for a friend of mine. The daughter of Zeus? Well, she's dating a guy her dad doesn't approve of, and he doesn't know. So...of course being the smart one...I have to make up excuses for 'em..."

She made sure Zeus had left before she said this.

10/21/2010 #49

Riley frowned for a minute. "Dating? Is he a halfblood too? Aren't we all related? Doesn't that make it at least mildly disgusting?"

10/21/2010 #50

Liv sighed. "It's kinda complicated. Well, you see, Gods don't have DNA. So for instance, if you dated a girl from the Athena cabin, that's uncalled for, being you guys have the same godly parent. But let's say you fell for...an Ares camper. That'd be fine."

10/21/2010 #51

The half-formed idea in Riley's head died a fiery death. "I see. So will I get to meet my mother anytime soon?"

10/21/2010 #52

Liv shrugged. "Can't say. Unlike Zeus, she's quite mature and not as clingy. But she does visit from time to time, so most likely."

10/21/2010 #53

(Could you, perhaps, play Athena when the time comes? You're better at this than I am.)

Riley looked down at his wrist and realized the blade was still out. He quickly flicked his wrist again and the blade retracted. He looked down at the pulverized mythology book. "Ah hell. Now I need something to read."

10/21/2010 #54

(Sure, no problema.)

Liv handed him a book. "Here take this. I've read it a dozen times, so I won't really miss it.'

10/21/2010 #55

Riley took the book and examined it. "It's not, like, Twilight or something, is it? Because I'll start stabbing it again."

10/21/2010 #56

Liv laughed. "Are you kidding? I hate those! So corny and stupid. I mean, vampires sparkling? Come on! Anyway, it's the Hunger Games."

10/21/2010 #57

(I don't mean to offend you or anything, but I don't really read teen books.)

Riley frowned at it, then shook his head. "Thanks but no thanks. I have, ah, sophisticated taste. Would you happen to have the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? How about Don Quixote? Canterbury Tales? Sherlock Holmes?"

10/21/2010 #58

Liv thought about it. "I do have Sherlock Holmes somewhere..." she searched through her bag. "Ah. Here it is."

10/21/2010 #59

(This is getting rather mundane. We should spice it up somehow.)

10/21/2010 #60
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