Vertebrates The tailed ones RPG II
They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG. PART 2
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Awe, darn. I really shouldn't have slept all day. Alright.

11/6/2010 #181
K.J DarKnight

I did nap but I'm still tired. I would stay up anyway but I am going out hiking in the morning and I'm going to need the energy

I'll post in the RP maybe once more but if I don't reply again just know I've fallen asleep. so just in case, goodnight and ttyt :)

11/6/2010 #182

Ah its okay I understand you don't need to explain yourself.

Damn Arch's little price sounds really painful. You've sent the healers into a tizzy. Good thing Malakai is out or he'd be upset XD

11/6/2010 #183

(ignore this)

11/6/2010 . Edited 11/6/2010 #184
K.J DarKnight

Heh, I fell asleep like right after I posted that -_-

Yeah, extremely so, but he can't have such incredible power without paying for it.

I think the healers are going to be terribly confused, a sudden unbearable pain for seemingly no reason

11/6/2010 #185

Sorry.. Dx nodding off now...

11/7/2010 #186

Sleep tight then.

11/7/2010 #187

What's wrong KJ? What do you mean writer's block?

11/8/2010 #188
K.J DarKnight

I can't think of a thing to write -_-

11/8/2010 #189

Yeah well I'd say it's Rynx's turn to reply anyway so we're all on stand by. I don't think there's anything to wite at this juncture.

11/8/2010 #190
K.J DarKnight

I suppose that's true

11/8/2010 #191
K.J DarKnight

Ok Yuuki, where did we lose you?

11/8/2010 #192
Yuki Kuran

my first post was about two pages ago in the common grounds. i can only really get online once a day, and only for a short time, so i don't exactly have tome to read through all of the posts i've missed in all of my threads -.- I should probably try to drop out of some of these forums, but they're soooo fun! anyway, I basically have no clue what's going on at all.

11/8/2010 #193
K.J DarKnight

aww sad

lets see, Gigi (sheep) and pine (owl) are running frantically to the clinic, Nia (thunder bird) is standing in the street

Archimedes (Dragon), Gwen (Griffin). Malaki (dingo?), Ginko (?) and I feel like I'm missing somebody, are all in the clinic. Arch and Gwen are bedridden for the time being, Malaki is supposed to be staying in bed but he keeps finding excuses not to be

ummm yeah idk what else to tell ya

11/8/2010 #194

Dx sorry guys! I was asleep!

Feel free to simply mention being in one of those places and/or seeing one of the other characters? :3?

11/9/2010 #195
K.J DarKnight

sorry I have to go already

11/9/2010 #196

np X33!

Sorry dove! there's a lag between posts. Dx so I didn't see yours till i already posted... Its editted now.

11/9/2010 #197

I noticed thanks.

11/9/2010 #198

Going to bed. see yah

11/9/2010 #199

night!~ X33

11/9/2010 #200
Yuki Kuran

thanks for the info. that's a lot of animals...

11/9/2010 #201

You know Rynx I was thinking of Malakai and Lyre meeting and I bet they'd totally get into a fight. XD Afterall Malakai maybe a bounty hunter but he's also two parts wanted man in other countries and kingdoms.

*evil laugh* couldn't help but share my random thought enjoy ^^

11/10/2010 #202

-_- so bored... I wonder where Terrian went he made the big deal of joining and we haven't heard a peep from him since. Did I scare him off with that whole "Wil E. is dead" thing?

11/10/2010 #203
K.J DarKnight

No idea

11/10/2010 #204
K.J DarKnight

Anyone around?

11/11/2010 #205

I'm washing dishes at the same time but yeah I'm here.

11/11/2010 #206
K.J DarKnight

Oh thank Heaven! I am so bored X_X

11/11/2010 #207

And what are we supposed to do? All our characters are tied up with other people. Well our villians are sort of free (Lucifer could just ditch Vinnatol) but that's pretty much it.

11/11/2010 #208
K.J DarKnight

Just bored and wanting somebody to talk to....

11/11/2010 #209

Actually I feel the same. XP I came up with details on Malakai's sword and I'm itching for some more action. Actually this whole situation with the chemleon dude could potentially be awesome as I could show Malakai's more ruthless side. *evil laugh* he's been acting like a decent person so far but Malakai really is like one part villian and I've been wanting to show it off somehow.

Sorry I guess I'm coming off as self-absorbed with my guys huh? Sorry XP

11/11/2010 . Edited 11/11/2010 #210
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