Vertebrates The tailed ones RPG II
They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG. PART 2
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The Herbivores: They believe in the powers of magic to protect and guard. The most fearful of the three races. They believe that knowledge is POWER. Their land is littered with magical schools.

10/3/2010 #1
Jade Lin Zheng

Uriel woke up from her self-induced sleep. Gracefully entwining her limbs together to stretch muscles not used in years. Wings, glowing a slight melancholy light, lifted behind her before snapping out to their full wingspan, easily touching the walls of the cavernous room. She could already sense it, the fortress was empty. Which means the plan must have been put into action already. Stepping down from the vertical bed, her slim gown danced around dainty feet. She would need to get to the new headquarters if she wanted to be of use. Running her hand over the wall, she didn't flinch or stop when her hand caught on the blood-stained rock, dragging a deep gash along her palm. She just kept moving as graceful as ever, letting the crimson liquid drip down the walls hissing as it did. Blank doe brown eyes watched as a warped portal was created from her blood, sinking into the runes she had carved into the stone. It was time to move on yet again.

Stepping in, she wondered how long she had slept this time.

((To the evil lair!))

11/28/2010 #2

[[From common ground]]

Ginko glided high in the air, the clouds coiling about them as she looked about at the distant forest below, serching intently.

12/10/2010 #3
K.J DarKnight

Gigi recognized when they got to the herbivore lands having just traveled threw it

Gwen tried to ignore her wounded shoulder and arm, she had lost allot of blood but at least it had stopped bleeding

12/10/2010 #4

Ginko seemed to have found where she wanted to go. They had been flying for a long time and had moved to the edge where the more civilized lands gave way to the unkempt forests known to most as just "the wilds". In the shadow of a tall snow capped mountain, Ginko dove head first for the ground at suicidal speed.

12/10/2010 #5

((Well sorry for the double post but I'm a little bored so I thought I'd just move along and really give Gwen something to react to XD))

It really seemed that Ginko was just going to crash straight into the foot hills but at the very last second there was a beeping and clicking noise and a multi-colored dimentional door appeared just inches from the ground lopping off the heads of grass in the meadow it appeared over. Ginko took the lot of them inside and the door slamed shut with a polite beep.

The door had shifted their location to somewhere else entirely. The exact location was unknown and never stayed put for very long. The door they had accessed the place from was keyed specifically to the biorythms of Ginko and Malakai and could only be opened by them. Further it could only be accessed in a specific way that only they knew of, each one specific and alternating between a variety of combinations so that the door could not be accessed the same way twice. Not even Lucifer had managed to crack the door way though he'd attempted several times.

The place itself was always underground. Wide caverns carved with a variety of tools all neatly encased in a series of metalic alchemic gates and thick walls made of an alchemic metal that was six times harder than steal and inheriently magic resistant. A special customized barrier surrounded the area; its strength estimated around the same power as the most powerful mages in existance. The place had a built in teleportation system that moved it every thirty minutes and only those items keyed into the system would move with the place. More over lined along walls and scattered about like after thoughts were enough weapons bombs and other alechemicly enhanced gadgets to arm several small countries.

Needless to say, Ginko, Gwen, Gigi, and Pine were "safe".

Ginko landed, her claws clicking on the metalic surface and purred, swishing her tail and very pleased with the fact that she had accomplished her mission.

"Ah je vois. C'est Ginko! Mon amie, welcome! Where ess mon fils Malakai? What brings you 'ere with strangers?" Someone asked.

Ginko purred louder and lunged forward, knocking off Gwen and the others in the process. She tackled the person who'd spoken and started licking him, her tail wagging madly.

"Ack! Non non! Mon petie lézard! Arreté vous s'il vous plait! Stop! I 'ave guests to regestar!" the man, a skunk with his long white striped tail protested trying to wrestle the beast off him.

Ginko pouted but backed off. The skunk dusted himself off adgusted his over large magnifying goggles and grinned at Gwen and the others. The goggles made his eyes seem three times too big for his head. His hair was a frizzy wild mess of tangled mats of black hair with a white streak to match his tail. He had a thin face and a long thin pointy nose. He was tall and gangly and his fingers were also too long for his hands, thin and delecate looking with bandges and chemical stains all over them along with burn marks and old scars. He stood smiling in a long white lab coat slightly singed and staind with soot and other things here and there. His dark pants and shirt fairing no better. His shoes looked partially melted and had holes in them.

"Bonjour! 'ello! Since vous est with Ginko, vous must be 'ere because of mon fils Malakai! Ah what trouble 'as zat scamp got into now? Well no matter! I am getting a'ead of myself. Excusé moi madamoiselles! I do not get many visitors! My manors are, how you say, rusty. Je m'appelle 'enri Bonchance, zee best engineering alchemist zee world 'as ever seen! If vous aves un problem j'ai un solution! 'ow may I be of assitance?" Henri said. When he talked he had an odd habbit of guesturing with his hands his index fingers and thumb forming "L"s with the other fingers curled against his palm. He bowed his head at the end of his introduction and looked up expectantly at them waiting for a reply.

((XD and here is Henri. He talks with a rather thick french accent and slips into french a lot. If you don't understand him just have your characters say so and he'll try and explain again. A few tips for reading it though Z=th and everything starting with "h" has had the "h" dropped))

12/22/2010 . Edited 12/22/2010 #6

((Haha xD! I guess my terrible french will come in handy for a bit.))

Pine's skin still burned slightly but she knew her manners. "C-Comment voulez-vous faire. Je m'appelle Pine. Désolé pour l'intrusion." she rarely spoke out of her language, so she hoped she hadn't accidentally said something wrong. Pine turned to Ginko. "T-Thank you for getting us here safely." her hands shook from the skin burns as she reached up to stroke the wyverns neck.

12/22/2010 #7

((Haha sweet! XD french rules))

Henri blinked seeming to only just then notice the Ginko and Gwen were bleeding and Pine had what looked like burns all over her arms. "Ack! Vous êtes blessé! You're 'urt! Non non non! Zis ess unacceptable! Come come come! Let me 'elp vous!" He cried rushing forward. "It jus' would not do to 'ave zose entrusted to me by mon fils to be standing zere 'urt!" He shoved the lot of them further into the lab and snapped his fingers. A whisle and a beep echoed from inside the place. Henri spouted a string of very fast french and a tray on wheels appeared with bandages and various medical herbs. There were also three metalic tags on chains. Henri held these out to the girls. "Also put zese on s'il vous plait. We are due to jump in cinq minutes and it would not due pour vous to be left behind."

12/22/2010 #8

Pine looked puzzled but helped Gigi translate. "He... He means we have five minutes?" she put a tag round her neck and one around Gigi. "Merci monsiour. Pardon, allons-nous?"

12/23/2010 #9

"Ack! Madamoiselle! I am flattered zat you know mon langue mais it ess not neccisary! I speak perfect anglas!" Henri smiled. "I do not know where we are going. Zat ess zee point. Zee system merely teleports mon 'ome every 'alf 'our. If you don't 'ave a tag on, zee system will not reconize you and leave you be'ind. Troublesome concidering we are several miles below ze surface of zee earth." He started pouring a lotion over Pine's burns and carefully wrapping them in bandages. His delecaite fingers working with surprising skill and dexterity.

12/23/2010 . Edited 12/23/2010 #10

"T-Thank you." Pine managed to squeak. She was so terribly shy. "I-Its very kind of you to help us."

"Though... I guess I haven't been really honest with everyone." her gaze went to Gigi, Gwen and Ginko. Her lashes fanned her eyes as she spoke. " I-I think I know why they want to kill me."

"But more specifically. I think I know what they want."

12/24/2010 . Edited 12/24/2010 #11

Henri shook his head. "Zere ess no need to zank me madamoiselle. Mon fils sent vous 'ere. Zat means I need to 'elp vous. It ess important to Malakai."

When Pine went on to say that she though she knew why people were after her. Henri was very quiet and just listened. He did not know what was going on but he knew that Malakai would show up eventually and fill him in. Until then it was important he gathered information that Malakai might not have but need.

12/24/2010 #12

"W-When I was little... I had a sister. She wasn't like me. She was beautiful, smart, fast and strong." Pine said softly. "But she was also... My twin." same features but with a more outgoing personality, Pine always faded into obscurity. "She was prophecized to be the one who would end 'THE ONLY' once and for all."

Pain sparked in Pine's eyes. "B-But she was ended first."


Vinnatol landed on the plains of Common ground and sniffed the air. "They passed here." Trees carried hints of their presence.

Lyre came up behind him, quiet as a mouse. "But they're long gone now." Lyre told him.

"Lyre?! Aren't you supposed to be-" a small goldfish bowl shaped bubble closed around his head just as Lyre magicked a chain to pin his arms together.

Her eyes glittered wildly. "Dead? I don't think so... Its a shame I can't kill you. But I did hear of a wonderful way to extract information in my travels." Then she said something far worse. "Did you know... That appendix removal without sedatives can be quite... Interesting?" Dark magic glowed at her finger tips.

12/26/2010 . Edited 12/26/2010 #13

Henri tilted his head. "Who exactly ess zis ONLY zat you speak of?"

12/26/2010 #14

Pine turned to him. "I-I'm not too sure myself... I only know that the name is said in fear by all who've kept history. But I know it must be an immortal entity, perhaps even something close to 'God'?"

12/28/2010 . Edited 12/28/2010 #15

Henri pursed his lips. "Lucifer ess working with zis 'Only'. Esn't 'e?" He nodded without even waiting for a response. "I see. Zis ess no good." He finished warpping Pines arms and went to work on Gwen. "'ow ess mon Fils. With vous 'urt I am worried pour 'im."

Ginko whined.

12/28/2010 #16

((20 minutes later...))

Lyre looked to the sky. This new revelation was not appealing. Relia still wasn't fully ended. How much longer would she be battling her once friend? And this poor misguided kid. Was simply a pawn. "How long are you going to sit siren?"

Vinnatol looked up, rage in his eyes. But he knew he was powerless. 'I know when I'm outmatched. Whats the point?' The words appearing in magical violet scrawl above the bubble surrounding his head. 'You have what you want. Release me.'

"In a moment..." Light flashed around the two and she teleported them.

((to Common ground))


"S-Something like that..." Pine mumbled. She wasn't sure how killing her would help 'THE ONLY''s plans. But she knew that it must be related to her somehow...

12/28/2010 . Edited 12/29/2010 #17

Henri shook his head. "Villians! Ugly wates of good air! I spit on zem all!" Henri commented turning his head and spitting on the floor. "I guarantee zis Only ess not'ing more zan a devil and I know zat devils will always seek out even ze smallest threat to zere life like ze cowards zat zey are." He looked at Pine. "If 'e ess after vous. Zen 'e zinks vous etes a threat. I do not doubt zat ." Henri smirked. "And if zat es ze case zen vous might as well become 'ust zat."

Henri finished helping Gwen and turned to Ginko who purred at the soothing touch of balms and bandages. "We are as safe 'ere as one can be in dis world. Feel free to use it pour as long as vous wish."

12/28/2010 #18

"Thank you Monsieur Henri." Pine gave him a polite nod, her head was still spinning from thinking about the dire situation she was in. Still, she wondered how she would be able to become threatening? She was a scholar not a mage nor warrior. She wasn't about to book read 'The Only' to death. "I could have sworn they called the entity they serve 'The One'... I wonder if they mistook it for 'The Only'."

12/29/2010 #19

Henri shurgged. "Ze one Ze only. Zey sound similar to me. Perhaps zey use ze one reference to confuse people."

12/29/2010 #20

"Possibly..." Pine murmured, her mind deep in thought. "But you're right Henri. If they think I might become a threat. I should become just that. I need to get stronger..."

12/30/2010 . Edited 12/30/2010 #21

Henri grinned. "Well vous 'ave come to ze right place. I am after all an amazing alchemist. What aide I can offer I will. I never turn mon back to a madam in need."

1/1/2011 #22

"An alchemist?" Pine broke into a smile. "Oh that would be wonderful. Though i'm afraid I don't know where to start."

1/3/2011 #23

Henri placed a hand on her shoulder. "Well I believe some rest ess in order. Vous are 'urt and ze day 'as been long. Mon fils will probably come later after whatever trouble vous escaped ess dealt with. We can plot all we want zen," he said leading Pine to a back room with a rather plush bed. "Do not worry. As I've said before vous are safe 'ere."

1/3/2011 #24

"Thank you Henri." Pine yawned. "I hope they can reach here safely too." It had been a tiring day.

1/5/2011 #25

Henri waved his hand like he was batting the thought away. "Perposterous! Malakai ess well aquainted with zis lab. 'e knows all of ze entrances and ze passcodes to enter. As for ze others...well zat depends on how many Malakai brings with 'im. Mon fils can be a...stubbornly secretive man and I will admit too many people will just attract attention." Henri paused. "But never fear. If zere are others truely in danger from zis 'One' zen he will lead zem 'ere."

1/5/2011 #26

As time passed. Henri had gone back to fiddling with his latest gadget. He wasn't sure what it was going to do but he had a feeling he was on to something. He took a pair of wires and twisted them together...

Malakai and company entered through the gateway.

Seirai blinked and looked around. "Where on earth are we?"

"This is Henri's place," VAIS replied. "He's a vertitable genius of geniuses when it comes to mechanical alchemy but..."

BANG! an explosion rang out and a soot covered body flew out and skidded on the smooth metalic floor toward them. The tips of his hair were still smoldering. Malakai looked down at the body. "Hello Henri."

Henri coughed and lifted the cracked lense of one of his goggles in order to see properly. "Ah, 'ello, mon fils. 'ow are vous doing?"

"He's completely bonkers too," VAIS said with a sigh.

1/13/2011 #27
Yuki Kuran

Evangeline couldn't resist a little giggle. He was a funny looking man, especially covered in soot like this.

1/14/2011 #28

Malakai smirked and picked up Henri with one hand. "Ginko and everyone got here okay?"

It was about then that the wyvern appeared. She squeeled and charged at Malakai. The dingo held her enthusiasm with one hand. The wyvern pressed against the hand and purred, licking it with her long tongue.

"Ze mandamoiselle ess resting in ze back. I've been 'earing about what's been going on," he glanced at Seirai and Eva. He didn't notice Mica who didn't mind as most people didn't notice her. Mica was exchanging glances with the wyvern who had noticed her and both were deciding whether to approve of the other. Henri smiled at Seirai and Eva. "Mon Fils! Youv'e brought more girls! Ah you are become quite ze knight in shining armor!"

Malakai punched Henri who dropped to the ground out cold. "Say that again and you'll loose more of your teeth old man." He stepped over Henri's limp form and further into the lab like he knew where everything was. He picked up a few tags and tossed them at the girls. "Put those on."

Mica slipped hers around her neck at once. Ginko had sniffed Mica and decided she wasn't worth interest and was following Malakai around. Seirai rolled her eyes but complied as well.

Malakai snapped his fingers and whistled. Another of Henri's mechanical dolls appeared holding a tray with a botttle of scotch on it. Malakai found a overstuffed chair that looked out of place in the indutrial style lab and settled in it so perfectly there was no question who it was made for. He opened the scotch and started drinking straight from the bottle. "Get comfortable but don't touch anything. He'll be up in a bit and we'll get started. Pine's back there if you want to check on her," Malakai said pointing to a door near the back. With that he seemed to completely ignore everyone around him.

VAIS rolled her eyes. If she didn't know for a fact that Malakai needed this time to actaully relax more than anything she'd have said something. As it stood she merely warded Seirai from saything something with a look.

Seirai sighed and stepped over Henri as well and walked towards the back. She knocked lightly before opening the door. "Pine? Are you alright?"


Mica was over come with curiosity. She decided this was a perfect place to explore. With a quick glance at Malakai she hopped on the wall and disappeared into the shadows of the ceiling.

((Mica climbes like a gecko XD))

1/15/2011 #29
Yuki Kuran

Eva gasped and went to Henri's side immediately, but she didn't say anything to Malakai. Until she got a feel for this place, she couldn't risk a fight by upsetting him, which was sure to be the case. When he tossed the tag at her, she reluctantly put it on, and even though he said not to worry about Henri, she stayed by his side.

1/15/2011 #30
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