Vertebrates The tailed ones RPG II
They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG. PART 2
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Pine's eyes opened at hearing the knock and she stood up quickly to greet Seirai. "Y-Yes... I'm... Much better now."

1/17/2011 #31

Seirai walked forward noticing the bandages on her arms. She pursed her lips. "That doesn't look good. What exactly happened?"


Henri raised a hand pointing at the ceiling with his customary 'L' guesture. "Zat was not fair. Mon fils est tres mechant today," he complained sitting up. He pulled out a tattered dirty hankerchief and whiped the soot off his glasses. One of the lenses broke under his touch. Henri shrugged and put the goggle lenses on his face again anyway. He looked at Eva who was hovering over him with such conern. Henri smiled. "'ello madamoiselle. Comment-allez vous?"

1/19/2011 #32
Yuki Kuran

"Um, fine?" Eva had heard some French before at the magic school, there were quite a few spells written in it, but she was no professional. "Does he do that often?" Eva pointed to Malakia.

1/19/2011 #33

Henri glanced at Malakai who had exchanged the now empty bottle of scotch for a whet stone and was now sharpening a few of his daggers. He waved a dismissive hand at Eva. "'e ess 'ust in a bad mood. Mon fils 'ave vous been using zat vile sword again? Vous etes tres mechant when you're animec."

"Shut it old man or this goes between your eyes," Malakai muttered, holding up the dagger.

"Ding ding ding ding ding! We have a winner," VAIS said sarcasticly.

Henri smiled and got to his feet. "Well zen we'll 'ave to fix zat at some point, but introductions must always come first! Excuse moi madamoiselle pour mon poor maners!" He took Eva's hand and bowed over it. "I am 'enri Bonchance ze BEST alchemist ze world 'as evar seen!"

1/19/2011 . Edited 1/19/2011 #34
Yuki Kuran

Eva stood there for a minute when she took her hand and bowed. She was not used to such customs at all. She blinked a few times and recomposed herself. "I'm Evangeline, mage apprentice. You can call me Eva if you like."

1/19/2011 #35

Henri snorted. "Magery ess overrated. Vous should study up on alchemy! Alchemey can revolutionize ze world!"

"Especially if Lucifer had his way," Malakai put in loudly.

Henri pouted. "You're life est ruined by one crazy alchemist and suddenly ze whole idea sours on vous. Haven't I already proven zat such insanity est rare and unsual amongst TRUE alchemist like moi?"

Malakai glanced around at the indestructable untraceable fortress that housed them all. He turned back to his knives. "Not particularly, no."

Henri tuted. "I still maintain zat zat vile devil's obsessions with ultimate power come from 'is studies in magic and NOT alchemy."

"I may buy your weapons but that doesn't mean I'll ever buy into your ideaology," Malakai replied not looking up.

Henri sighed and turned back to Eva. "Well never mind 'im. Mon fils est tres bitter. Wonderful to meet vous ms. Evangeline. Please make your self at 'ome."

1/19/2011 #36
Yuki Kuran

Eva smiled and looked around. Alchemy was a concept she was not familiar with. The mages at her level had little to do with it. "What exactly is alchemy. The most I know about it is that some people can use it to turn non valuable metals into gold."

1/19/2011 #37

"It... The voice... Somehow it made my arm..." sizzle, rot, burn? Pine bit her lip and gestured to the bandage. "Umm.. Like this I guess?"

1/20/2011 #38

Henri waved his hands wildly. "Bah vous are talking of ze old days such a zing est rediculous. Philosopher stones are dreams of ze lazy! No! Alchemey est a beautiful blend of ze impossible and ze improbable. Where ze miricals come from NOT zis untraceable energy of mana zat only a few people can use but something zat everyone can touch and use as zere own!" As Henri spoke he'd walked over to a small chemical table standing off to one corner and he started messing with a few of the flasks. "Zink about it! Healing zat does not require the long training and skills of healers! Protection without the constant watch of a mage. Power and posibilities in everyone hands!"

"So they can kill eachother faster," Malakai put in.

Henri pouted. "Oh! Vous etes TRES mechant! Zat est not fair Mon fils! Vous always take ze negative of it!"


Seirai nodded and waved a hand over the bandages. Well the alchemist had done a fair job. Whatever he'd put on there seemed to be helping restore the damaged cells. She was impressed. Perhaps it would help to get some of that ointment for herself.

"Well if I'd known this would happen I would have given you a blessing or something to prevent harm," Seirai said.

1/20/2011 #39

"Don't-. I-I mean don't feel bad. No one knew it was going to happen." Pine told her. "I mean... This has kind of been a wake up call for me." she looked at her bandaged arm sadly, cradling it to her chest. "I have to get stronger."

1/21/2011 #40
Yuki Kuran

Eva was still somewhat confused. "Have you ever studied magic and magery," she asked. "I mean really studied it." She thought it was worth it to defend her cause. It may have been the fact that she was a kitsune, but magic seemed to flow through her in large quantities. The hard part was controlling it.

1/22/2011 #41

VAIS rested an intangible hand on Eva's shoulder. "You don't want to get him started or he'll be at this until hell freezes over," she told the kitsune. "Remember he maybe a genius but he's a complete loon as well."

Luckily Henri had been distracted with his mixing to hear Eva's last comment. He held up a flask of some clear liquid sniffed it a few times and nodded. "Zere prefection! Mon fils drink zis vous will feel better." Henri declared walking over and holding out the chemical.

Malakai glared at him. Henri looked back unphazed. The skunk alchemist shook the flask a little and smiled. "It est not poison et it will not change your natural chemical make up. Trust ton pe-"

"I know what it is," Malakai muttered taking the flask and downing it in one shot.

VAIS shook her head. "One of these days Henri you're going to have to teach me how you do that."

Henri blinked. "Do what?"

"Get Malakai to take something good for him without all the damn complaining," VAIS explained.

"Just because you're an air spirit doesn't mean I can't cut you sis," Malakai growled.

VAIS rolled her eyes.

Henri looked around. "Well I have aquainted myself with Ms. Evangiline but where did ze other one go? We 'ave notes to compare and stories to catch up on!"


Seirai patted Pine on the head. "And I'm saying the point is you shouldn't have to worry about things like that."

1/22/2011 #42
Yuki Kuran

Eva smiled at VAIS's comment. She was right, most geniuses were loons. She nodded in acknowledgement and let him continue what he was doing with no further comments.

1/22/2011 #43

Pine smiled sadly. "Shouldn't... The world would be nice without worries." she tugged the covers off her legs and slid off the bed. "Is everyone else alright?"

1/23/2011 #44

Seirai glanced at the door. "More or less. If you're up to it we can walk out and join the group. That Dingo idiot did mention something about talking things over."

1/23/2011 #45

Pine nodded. "I-I'm up to it." she got off the bed with shaky legs up straightened up. It wouldn't do any good to show such weakness.

1/26/2011 #46

Seirai offered an arm for support and they walked out and joined the others.

Henri smiled upon seeing them come out. "Ah! Madamoiselle Pine. Vous are feeling better no?" In the same breath the alchemist turned to Seirai, took a hand and bowed over it. "Et vous, madamoiselle, I believe we did not 'ave ze chance to exchange introductions. Je m'appelle 'enri Bonchance ze best alchemist in ze world."

Seirai pursed her lips and pulled her hand away. "Charmed I'm sure. I'm Seirai Yuki, a Healer who would rather not be mixed up in all this trouble."

Henri chuckled and tapped the side of his nose. "Ah but trouble is a fact of life and est what makes it so interesting."

Seirai rolled her eyes.

1/27/2011 #47
Yuki Kuran

Eva agreed with a giggle. "He's right you know."

1/27/2011 #48

Malakai snorted. "Spoken like a moronic maniac and a clueless brat. Anyway no one's making you stay healer."

"Actually yes someone is and his name is IDIOT DINGO," she replied.

"Mon fils! Do not insult une belle femme!" Henri protested.

"Whatever, we have work to do so let's cut the chit chat and start," Malakai said.

1/27/2011 #49

"M-Much better Monsieur Henri. Thanks for asking." Pine said polietly. "And you too Seirai. How was your journey here?"

1/28/2011 #50
Yuki Kuran

Evangeline fought the urge to stick her tung out at him. She was trying to act grown up, and he'd probably cut it off anyway. Instead she smiled to Henri and gave him a look that said "we'll get him later".

2/11/2011 #51

Malakai acted as if Eva didn't even exist. "Alright, from what I understand the situation is as follows: some omnipotent egotistical bigshot known as 'The one' or 'the only' or whatever is making his move which is all fine and good but that lunatic Lucifer has decided to involve himself."

Seirai pursed her lips. "Which means you're only involving yourself until your personal archnemisis is dead or no longer working with this One?"

Malakai's eyes glittered over the edge of his shades. "It's not like I'm getting paid."

The healer made a disgusted face and looked away.

Malakai smirked. "Not only is there Lucifer, there's an unknown number of other accomplices. There are at least two. Luckily one has an issue with a certain unicorn sorceress so there's no reason to get overly involved. That little brat Vinnatol is another story." He turned to Henri. "Think you can come up with something to counter a siren song?"

Henri cocked an eyebrow, his eyes sparkled at the idea. "Ah a siren? 'ow interesant! Mais why are-t-vous wanting somezing like zat? I understand zat siren music can dissolve non-magical creatures mais vous est..."

"The song is more versitile than just that," Vais interjected.

"Anyway that's only a theory that I don't want to test if I can help it," Malakai added.

Henri beamed. "I accept! Zo I do not 'ave any way to field test zem."

"I'll figure out something." Malakai turned his dark tinted glasses at Pine. "Now how do you fit into all of this? Why is it so important that you die?"

3/12/2011 #52
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