Vertebrates The tailed ones RPG II
They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG. PART 2
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The Omnivores: They believe in peace, proper schooling and trade. Mostly merchants. Heavily influenced by Riches and power. The most balanced species.

10/3/2010 #1

((heh heh heh Meanwhile in a secluded castle on the very edge of the Omnivore lands...))

Malakai had a long hard time waking up. His body felt stiff and heavy and his head was still swiming slightly. He didn't open his eyes and he tried hard not to stirr. He knew instictively that he was caught, though it took another few seconds for him to remember exactly what had happened.

Damn...Lucifer, I knew all this peace was bad for me, I got careless, Malakai thought. Half a year with little work and he'd fallen right into the hands of the one man he never wanted to meet again. Had his message to VAIS even gotten through? Well there was no point waiting around and hoping.

He took careful stock of himself. As usual Lucifer was careful and thurogh. He was strapped to a wide flat table of some sort his arms, legs and chest buckled down. His wrists and ankels were held in more restraints and there was something around his neck that was cold and metalic feeling. That last one brought back nasty memeories and he had to work to push the thought away. He was stripped of everything except his pants though they had obviously been carefully searched then put back on. Everything else was gone which meant all his weapons were gone too.

His body felt strangely weak, possibly a side effect of the knock out drug or something Lucifer had added for when Malakai woke up. either way he doubted he would have been able to stand at that moment.

"You might as well open your eyes and enjoy the view," Lucifer said. "I calculated how long that drug would keep you asleep and I know you woke up a minute ago now."

Malakai opened his eyes and glared at the twisted smiling vissage of the Fox. "Go to hell."

11/3/2010 #2

((I don't want to post too long in one go but there is a little private back and forth here so sorry for the double posts))

Lucifer smirked. "Now now, there's no need to get uncivil."

Malakai snorted. "Uncivil? You've kidnapped a grown man, stripped him, and tied to him to a table. You're already walking down a rather questionable road. I doubt being civil is really something you should worry about," he said.

"Still cracking bad jokes when you're uncomfortable I see," Lucifer chuckled. "Of course that is one of the traits in your personality I admire. Settling your nerves and putting on a good bluff, they're first rate tactics. You really are wonderful."

"Let me go, now," Malakai growled testing the bonds. Either his body was too weak or Lucifer had taken care to ensure that there was no slack because his arms barely even twitched. Given who he was dealing with it was probably a little of both.

Lucifer clicked his tongue. "My dear pet, as Xeru's partner what was his property is my property. By law you belong to me."

Malakai's eyes narrowed, but he didn't say anything. Lucifer wanted to provoke him, it was his way of enjoying things. Malakai refused to give him that pleasure. Lucifer wasn't done though, he bent over Malakai his blue eyes wide as he smiled and looked down at his captive. "Much of this body is thanks to me. I'm the molder of you existence. I'm within you." His face was only inches from Malakai's now. "You will never be free of me."

Malakai tried to bite the half melted blob that was the scared fox's nose but Lucifer pulled back with a laugh.

11/3/2010 #3

((And more posting in a row. Heh oh well))

"You haven't quit drinking I see," Lucifer said conversationally. He'd turned to his lab table and was examining a vial full of dark red liquid. Malakai had no doubt that it was a sample of his blood taken while he was out. "You really should stop, it's bad for your health."

"It's the only way to get the taste of your poisons out of my mouth," Malakai replied.

Lucifer smirked. "Is that why you always were those glasses too?" He asked turning and watching Malakai glaring at him. "Do you hate those eyes? Even after I took such care in picking them out for you?"

"Shut up," Malakai replied.

"Such a short temper," Lucifer chided. He took another vial full of a dark green fluid and placed a few drops into the vial of blood. The blood hissed and turned black. Lucifer took a sample and dropped the changed blood onto a slide and examined it under a microscope. "Interesting."

Something rang like a loud bell above and Lucifer frowned, pulling away from his equipment. "Hmm that was sooner than expected."

Malakai cocked an eyebrow. What was that? Gudging from Lucifer's displeasure it could only be good news for him.

Lucifer stood and walked over to a door and opened it. A dark eyed crow stood on the other side. "I assume you heard?" Lucifer asked him.

The crow nodded. "I'll intercept them."

Lucifer smirked. "Perfect. Feel free to kill them too, Kuro."

The crow bowed his head and left.

Lucifer turned and went back to his microscope. "Now where was I?"

11/3/2010 . Edited 11/3/2010 #4
K.J DarKnight

Archimedes already had a magical shield around all of them should anything attack when they entered.

11/3/2010 #5

"Nora tol ferl hith gara," Kuro muttered. The dimentional door wrenched from its anchor near the bottom of the tower and shoved it away but just as he was going to shove it out of the dimention the occupants came out thus anchoring the door in the high west tower.

Kuro clicked his tongue. "Tch, didn't kick them out. Well I'll just have to keep them there." he closed his eyes and started muttering spells again


VAIS and Ginko came tumbling out of the door. VAIS shivered adjusting to the shift in air. She looked around. They were in a small round room of stones. There weren't any furnishings at all. A small window stood in one corner. "Where are we?"


Kuro finished his spell and a barrier came slaming down around the room the intruders had emerged from. The crow smirked and sent telepathic orders to a number of goloms. "There are intruders contained in the west tower attack the instant they escape the barrier."

20 goloms started heading in the direction. Kuro followed at a distance to observe. Whatever mage they had with them was good enough to access their door. He'd have to assess the groups strength first.

11/3/2010 . Edited 11/4/2010 #6
K.J DarKnight

Archimedes sensed the magical barrier "they know we are here" he observed calmly and idly. He wondered to the door and put his hand up, inches from the barrier "Don't touch the walls" he warned then closed his eyes "Hmm, company is on the way" he opened his eyes again "I'm going to try a few spells to test the strength of the barrier before I can break it"

11/3/2010 #7

VAIS nodded. "Lucifer knows Ginko and I would go after him. He probably set up some early warning system. I'll try and establish a connection with the air here. That way I'll be able to navigate the place and hopefully locate Malakai," VAIS explained. She turned to Ginko. "Follow Arch's lead. I'm gonna disappear for a bit."

Ginko nodded. This was all for Malakai after all.

VAIS closed her eyes and switched to her normal form disolving in an instant and mixing with the air around her. This was going to take a few minuets. The air was very forgein. Lucifer must have had this place set up for at least a year.


Lucifer idly mixed chemicals at his table. Malakai watched, periodically testing his restraints. Something was happening. He could almsot smell it.

Lucifer seemed to notice his adgitation. "You pets seemed to have found their way in, but don't get your hopes up. I have some very capable help."

Malakai gritted his teeth. "What you're not going to greet them yourself?"

Lucifer smirked. "And leave you to your own devices? I think not. Besides I should take advantage of the time I have."

The b*** learns from his past mistakes a little too well... Malakai thought. VAIS and Ginko were definatly in trouble.

11/3/2010 #8
K.J DarKnight

Archimedes tried a few different spells that caused the barrier to change different colors "Hm, they underestimate me" he smirked he stuck his finger to the barrier, white glowing cracks formed all through the magical barrier like cracks in breaking glass, the barrier shattered just like glass though the magical shards evaporated into thin air

11/3/2010 #9

The goloms were ready and waiting when the barrier broke and Kuro gave the first one in front of the door the order to attack. The golom punched through the door taking it out and anything standing right behind it.

Ginko growled and charged the first golom at once twisting her body around it and biting at its neck and head.


So the wyvern did come, that means the air spirit is here too... Kuro thought standing more than two halls away from the main action and observing things through the golom's eyes. He closed his eyes and started a spell. It was best to get the air spirit out of the way first. If she gained familiararity with the air enough to track movements the home field advantage would be lost. Not to mention she would be able to slip past most of the obsticals and make herself a nusance for Lucifer below. "Naru oris tori morten..."

11/3/2010 #10
K.J DarKnight

When the door broke off it's hinges it slammed right into Archimedes throwing him to the floor, the shield he had formed around himself took most of the blow but he had hit the floor hard enough to stun him.

All Gwen had on her was a knife, she screamed in rage and pounced the first golom that came into range

(Gah! I am so freakin hyper right now 0.o)

11/3/2010 #11

((and the fun's only just begun))

Ginko's prey, ravaged by the ferocity of her claws and teeth, crumpled into dirt after a few minutes. The furious wyvern jumped off her fallen foe and dug her claws into a second. More poured through the door one of them spotted the stunned Archimedes and raised an arm to smash him flat.

Ignoring the building chaos of the room. VAIS slowly connected with the sublte shifting currents of air a picture of the castle's formation slowly forming in her mind. Just a little be more...


"Deritos ahlmde verin," Kuro continued to chant energy building around him. He made an archaic guesture with his hand. "Ferilu!" he cried releasing his spell. It raced through the air straight for its target.


Oblivious VAIS continued feeling out the place. Soon she had a full map in her head and people started to come into her awareness her mind turning to one of them at once. "THERE!" VAIS cried though no one could hear it.

At that exact moment the spell struck. Lightning flashed through the room in a brilliant blinding light and there was a crack of thunder. VAIS screamed flickering between her human and wind form as the energy corsed over her. She dropped to the ground in human form, her image flickering and her out line twitching. Her wings looked scorched and her dress was burnt. Red welts appeared all over her skin. She didn't move.

((Had to do that XD))

11/3/2010 #12
K.J DarKnight

Archimedes came to just in time, he cast a quick spell, obliterating the golom over him, he rolled to his feet, charging a more power full spell "Gwen, Ginko, move!" he ordered

Gwen jumped off the head of the golom, she landed and made to sprint back to Arch but the golom grabbed one of her wings and yanked her back. Gwen screamed in pain as it was pulled out of place

11/3/2010 #13

Ginko leapt off her oppenent and landed on the golom that had grabbed Gwen. Her eyes turning red with blood lust Ginko clamped her teeth into the golom arm and threw all her weight forward. The grusome sound of ripping tendons filled the air as the wyvern ripped it out of the golom's socket. Still holding the arm in her mouth Ginko hissed and waved it like a club beating the wounded golom back away from Gwen. More goloms were comming in.

VAIS groaned and twitched on the floor behind them but didn't move.


"Tch still alive," Kuro muttered. This was a strong spirit but one more blast would certainly take care of her. He started his spell again, moving over the words with more speed and authority this time.

11/3/2010 #14
K.J DarKnight

Archimedes moved in and cast the spell he had been charging. the spell blasted into the fray of goloms, completely obliterating the ones in the front and wounding the ones further back. Arch then turned to Vais, he figured they would attack again. He worked quickly to form a 'bubble' over her, cutting her off from the other air so the attack would not hit her again. "Best you stay there for now" he commented idly.

Gwen scrambled to her feet, her left wing slumps down, dragging on the floor, it would slow her down until somebody could force it back in place

11/3/2010 #15

Kuro keeping tabs on the battle through the goloms smirked. "We have a very capable mage. Very well," he shifted targets and released his spell. At the least he'd hurt the spirit enough that she wasn't about to go anywhere and she certainly couldn't keep tabs in her current state. He'd finish her off later.


Ginko leapt forward again and toppled one of the wounded goloms, ripping out its throat and causing it to crumble away. A golom took advanage and got the wyvern's back, striking a blow on her just between the wings. Ginko roared in pain and lashed with her tail knocking the offender back.

More goloms surged forward to circle Archimedies and a few started pounding of the protective shield about VAIS.

The second spell came surging into the room and the bolt went flying straight for Gwen.

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/4/2010 #16
K.J DarKnight

Arch could see it was time for a different style of combat. He held his hand out and a staff formed in it. Using the staff he spun around sticking each golom around him, with a single touch the staff sucked all the life from them

Archimedes was to preoccupied to stop the spell before it got to Gwen

(How would the spell affect Gwen?...)

11/4/2010 #17

((Its a lightning bolt. think like a bug zapper))

Ginko jumped onto a new oponent but the goloms were starting to work together. One of them grabbed her from behind pulling her into a crushing bear hug. Ginko snarled and struggled, twisting her head around trying to bite her captor to death.

More goloms charged at Arch.


Kuro was already starting his next spell.

11/4/2010 #18
K.J DarKnight

Gwen cried out again as the spell hit her, she crumpled to the floor, some of her feathers started on fire from the electric shock

Archimedes slammed the end of his staff into the ground, sending out a shock wave, targeted only at the goloms in the room and the ones still flooding in. hearing Gwen cry out again he glanced in her direction.

Still calm he used the staff and poll-volted over a group of goloms, landing by Gwen he put out the flames with a quick spell and created another bubble over her

11/4/2010 #19

Kuro smirked. The dragon was strong. He'd admit that, but it seemed the dragon was the only one competent in battle. He'd be able to wear him down. He launched another spell his target Archimedes. He wanted to see how the mage would react.


The goloms staggered backward, knocked off balance by the spell, and the one holding Ginko loosened his grip. Like a snake Ginko twisted on herself and clamped down onto his throat, claws ranking down his body.

VAIS twitched and her eyes fluttered open. Her image was still very shaky. "Ugh, that hurt."

An ice spell came charging through straight for Arch.

11/4/2010 #20
K.J DarKnight

Arch felt the spell targeted at him, exactly what he wanted, he worked a reversal on himself that would send any spell cast on him right back at the one who cast it

(wow, just thought of, 'I'm rubber your glue')

Gwen stayed on the floor, she felt like she had just been fried like a bug and probably looked like it too

11/4/2010 #21

Kuro smirked. He caught the energy and sent it straight at Ginko, the back and forth having doubled the original spell's energy. "Thanks moron."


VAIS managed to sit up and pressed her hand to the barrier. She couldn't just sit out damn it! Her whole form was shaky and she felt like she could faint again at any moment but this was Malakai damn it! She'd die before failing him. She closed her eyes and managed to quickly establish a connection with the outer air. Her eyes flew open again. "Ginko jump back now!"

Without question, drilled from years of such sudden orders in battle. Ginko pushed off the golom and landed next to the shielded Gwen. The reboudled ice spell came crashing in and slammed into the space Ginko had been in moments before. The room's tepurature dropped 20 degrees the unfortunate golom that stood there was frozen solid. Three of those too close were parcially frozen and ice formed on the floor tripping up others.


Kuro narrowed his eyes. "Blasted spirit!" He slamed a spell right at her.


VAIs pulled her hand away from the shield just as sparks raced down it, carefully deflecting the attack. "Arch! We have to go down. Lucifer and Malakai are in the basement!"

11/4/2010 #22
K.J DarKnight

Archimedes nodded, he didn't hesitate to use his staff again. this time when he slammed it into the ground, he froze the goloms in place. The spell wouldn't last to long. "Hurry" he removed the bubble from Gwen but left the one around Vais, she could still move about with it around her

He slipped an arm under Gwens and hefted her up, helping her to walk

11/4/2010 #23

Ginko darted forward and offered her back to Gwen. Just this once, after all this was for Malakai and these nice people were helping.

VAIS managed to get to her feet and hopped on Ginko's head. "Let me ride too. I feel sick," she muttered. It was hard to move she'd been badly burnt. Thunder, the only element that could hurt air. Damn the b*** had done his homework. "Careful Arch that mage is about one floor below us."


Kuro decided a change of tactics was in order. He closed his eyes and started another spell but it was different form the others. This was a summoning spell.

11/4/2010 #24
K.J DarKnight

Archimedes helped her onto Ginkos back, but before leaving he took hold of Gwens limp wing, wrenched it out further and then shoved it back in. Gwen wasn't expecting it but she managed not to cry out again for a third time.

"I should have warmed up before this, I'm a bit rusty" Archimedes said, heading for the door, even as he walked he put a shield up around Ginko and Gwen and one around himself

11/4/2010 #25

VAIS looked around at the frozen goloms and the ones who resembled dried up husks from having their lives drained out of them. He calls this being rusty? Damn! I'm glad we didn't fight! VAIS thought.

Ginko trotted forward at an easy gait.

VAIS thought of something and turned to look at Gwen. "If you don't have any good weapons on you open up the second saddle bag on the right. It should have some of Malakai's spare equipment. If you look in the third bag on the left there should be some Alchemy gadgets too."


Kuro finsihed his summoning spell. A dimentional hole appeared and three hell hounds stepped out, drooling acid their fur aflame. "Kill the intruders," Kuro ordered.

Howling wildly the hounds darted down the corridor and up the stairs.

((By alchemy gadgets I mean sudo science stuff which includes spell grenades, shock talaismans, and what ever you feel like making up))

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/4/2010 #26
K.J DarKnight

Archimedes walked at a quick pace keeping up with Ginko, he abruptly looked up, sensing something he didn't like "Hell hounds" he muttered to himself.

"Stop here a moment" he said, getting to one knee he put a hand flat on the floor, white light spread from his hand "We are going to need more help with this.


Gwen nodded "Thanks" she rummaged threw it and found a few items she recognized

11/4/2010 #27

((I think we're gonna have to pick this up tomorrow. Not only am I tired but I have classes. sorry))

VAIS hopped off of Ginko. "No problem since this was a rather slap dash rescue mission. Oh, and if you're going to stay on Ginko's back when the fighting starts I recomend you hang on. Ginko's only used to fighting with Malakai riding." She could feel the presance of the hell hounds comming closer.

11/4/2010 #28
K.J DarKnight

((aww, kay, I should go to bed anyway it's 2 in the morning -_-))

Gwen nodded, she didn't have the strength back yet to fight on her own two feet.

Archimedes summoned three hounds of his own but they were white and glowing dimly and they had wings and five fingered feet, allowing them to grab though they still had razor sharp claws. Their eyes were black and they seemed to shimmer in and out of focus

11/4/2010 #29

((Hi I'm back))

The hell houds came dashing around a cornner ahead and howled wildly at the sight of their intended prey.

Ginko growled and shifted her wieght her tail twitching behind her.

VAIS placed her hand on the barrier again focusing on the local air space. She still felt a little woozy and she doubted she could connect fully with the entirety of the air anymore but she still had a certain range of awareness.

As the hell hounds charged a fresh spell from Kuro blasted down at Arch and his own summoned creatures sending a confusion of dazzling white light and smoke.

"Ginko 11 o' clock high!" VAIS shouted unperturbed by the distraction.

Half blinded by the flash but perfectly fine. Ginko rushed forward slipping under one of the hounds that had tried to pounce her and Gwen. She smaked it with her tail from behind tripping it up slightly. The other two were launching at Arch.

11/4/2010 #30
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