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The year is 1789. Lady Luck and Lady Lark requests the pleasure of your company for tea and crumpets. Expect marriages of convenience, childhood betrothals, scandalous affairs, and of course, true love. Regency Era RP
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Florence Crosse

I,(Insert full name here), agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.




Family Background:

*Residence will be given.

After you have been accepted, please move on to the Tea with Lady Luck and Lady Lark thread. :)

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I, Damien Royce Barnaby Gray, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 26 years old

Appearance: Tall (around 6'1) with the lean, ropy muscle of an athlete. A classically handsome face with sprightly golden locks that would have looked utterly angelic if not for his full, sensual mouth and his deep-set, hooded eyes - the exact brooding gray of a sea at storm.

Personality: Sought out at society events for his caustic tongue and cynical humor, all delivered with the charming smile of a perfect gentlemen. The veritable rake with a notorious reputation, the type society mothers warn their daughters off, yet the one they can't help but flock to. Also seen as a man with a growing fortune, wrongly assumed due to an inordinate amount of luck and a penchant for gambling, but in actuality, a result of the sound dealings of an astute businessman (a fact he readily hides in order to propagate his degenerate reputation). In his spare time, he commits the most scandalous and public acts of debauchery, all just to irritate his older brother.

Family Background: The b*** son of a powerful nobleman, who was forced to claim him due to the ingenious actions of his deceased mother (God bless her soul). Unfairly mistreated by his father due to the circumstances of his birth, Damien learned at a tender age the cynicism of a much older man. Even after his father's death, he dealt with the harsh judgement of his older brother, who constantly lectures him on his faults and shortcomings. The only true affection he'd ever received was from his youngest sister Emmeline, who "forces" out the best in him.

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Florence Crosse

Dear Mr. Damien Royce Barnaby Gray, I am pleased to hear that you have accepted my invitation. Unfortunately, my cousin, Lady Lark cannot join us for she must honor a prior commitment. I ask for your understanding.

For your convenience, a carriage will pick you on the said date at noon. I believe you are now staying in a townhouse in Southfield.

Respectfully yours,

Lady Luck

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Florence Crosse

I,Viola Clarisse Romina Heralds, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 19 years old

Appearance: Exceptionally ordinary. Her figure was neither endowed nor stick thin. To her, she met all the qualifications of becoming a plain jane. Her hair was well past her shoulders, and her skin was white, with a rosy tint on her cheeks, smooth yet marred by a light dusting of freckles on her nose. Her coloring was yet again, unexciting. Her hair was a dark brown. She wished to call it mahogany, or maybe even chestnut, but alas, it was just a mere brown. Her eyes, a light shade of brown. Her favorite feature, however, had to be her hands. They were slender, and well acquainted with the keys of her piano.

Personality: Viola was a bluestocking. Literature was her passion. The outdoors never seemed to agree with her, so she took refuge in the confines of her library. Her health has never agreed with her as well. Being cooped up in the library all day put a stopper to her having many friends. Her aloof personality was just a shield put up by her to guard her from the cruelties of the outside world.

Family Background: Viola comes from a family of 4, her being the youngest. Her parents, her older brother, and finally her. Due to her wavering health, Viola's parents, as well as her brother, kept her from going out often, which brought about her love for books. Her relationship with her family was strong and built up by trust. Having not a lot of friends, Viola conversed mostly with her brother, and the servants around the house.

Born in a family of great wealth, her father being the Earl of Heartford.

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Dear Miss Viola Clarisse Romina Heralds, I'm as pleased as punch to hear that you've accepted my invitation. Due to a rather untimely series of events (of which I shall not go into detail here), my cousin Lady Luck cannot join us for tea and crumpets - something I'm sure she is profusely apologetic about.

For your conveyance, I shall send my personal driver, Whitby to pick you up on the said date at noon. Please forgive him, for he is somewhat deaf in one ear, though I cannot bear to let him go for he has been serving my family for quite some time. (It's the left ear, I believe, which is problematic, so I suggest putting yourself at his right at all times). I understand you're staying with your parents in a townhouse in Summerton.

Marvelously yours,

Lady Lark

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I, Arabella Marie Wayland, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: Eighteen years old.

Appearance: Slim and fairly petite, only 5'1, she has very fair, light blonde hair that cascades down to the small of her back in loose, natural ringlets, her skin is fairly pale, her pale blue veins visible along her arms, her most striking feature would have to be her eyes, emerald green in color, framed with long, dark eyelashes.

Personality: Kind and mothering, she tends to keep to herself and is quite shy, she doesn't leave the house often and that has had an affect on her social life. She has always loved children and is always willing to care for her younger sisters when needed.

Family Background: She comes from a large family with four other children, three younger sisters and an older brother, her mother was widowed three months ago and has need Arabella's assistance around the house more, causing her small social life to crumble.

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Florence Crosse

Dear Miss Arabella Marie Wayland , we are terribly sorry for the overdue reply. Please contact us immediately if you are still interested in joining us for tea. We await your response.

Much appreciated,

Lady Luck & Lady Lark

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Little Eloise

I, Emmeline Louisa Quinley Gray , agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 19 years old.

Appearance: Golden blonde hair flows down till her chest and bounces with soft tiny curls. Her eyes are somewhat iridescent (under the light, the colour always seemed uncertain), but she insists that they're the same stormy grey as her brother's. Her skin is ivory smooth and glistens under the sun. She is tiny and slender.

Personality: Emmeline was happy-go-lucky, bubbly, and charismatic. However growing up, she was influenced to expect everything to be handed to her on a silver platter. Spoiled as she may be, overall she had a good heart despite that she may be a victim to social pressures.

Family Background: Emmeline's two older brothers were all she had left. Her elder brother inherited her deceased father's title as Earl. Her second brother, Damien Gray, was her closest companion left due to her eldest brother's new responsibilities. It seemed as if Damien didn't seem to match up to her older brother's standards. Fights were made, however, she was the main reason their fights remained inconspicious. As much as possible, she would like to keep her family from getting even more broken.

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Florence Crosse

Dear Miss Emmeline Louisa Quinley Gray , I am delighted to hear that you have accepted my invitation. Your brother has told me many wonderful things about you, and I am excited to make your acquaintance. Unfortunately, my dear cousin will not be joining us due to her riding injury (But I assure you, it's nothing serious.) She sends her apologies and hopes that she meet you soon when she gets better.

For your convenience, I will be sending my driver to pick you up on the agreed date. You will be staying with your brother in his townhouse in Southfield, I believe.

Respectfully yours,

Lady Luck

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I, Zachary Thompson Fisher Knight, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 21 years old

Appearance: He has a somewhat lanky build - ever since childhood. He has a mop of unkempt dark copper hair. He has a pair of green, deep set eyes. He has a pale complexion, since he spends most of his time indoors, inventing and tinkering. He was always a bit tall for his age. Never really one to care about his apperance, he would go to future employers in an ill-fitting suit and unpolished boots. Overall, he wouldn't garner a second glance.

Personality: He was a curious fellow. He always wondered about how things work and what exactly goes on inside. As a child, he would rather fix an old pocket watch than play outside like other boys his age. He isn't accustomed to the easy lifestyle of noblemen, who merely inherit their position without even lifting a finger. He believes in hard work, dedication, and perseverance - which makes him seem somewhat unapproachable, even boring. He has a secret soft spot for music and the arts.

Family Background: Zachary's father is the exact opposite of his son - loud, inappropriate and most of the time, a drunk. These actions led to an early death, which was a great waste for he was a very clever man. His father's death left their family destitute, and his mother was hard pressed to find a new husband to support her and her five children. Growing up, Zachary was more of a solitary child and would spend the entire day just looking around the house for old gears and springs. He still got along with his siblings by settling their arguments and mending his sisters' broken dolls. He cared for his family like his father never did, and often considered himself the man of the house despite the presence of his new stepfather.

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Dear Mr. Zachary Thompson Fisher Knight, on behalf of my cousin and I, I would like express our joint pleasure that you have graciously accepted our invitation to tea. My husband is a great fan of your inventions - he secretly enjoys attending the many conventions and exhibits on reccent scientific breakthroughs and innovations - and he says without a doubt, your mind is without par. It heartens me to know that I shall play host to such a brilliant young man.

For your convenience, I shall send my personal driver Whitby to your residence at noon. Despite his failing hearing, Whitby is a dear fellow and would provide a rapt audience if ever a sudden scientific revelation occurs to you during the trip. If I am not mistaken, you have recently taken an apartment in Scarsborough.

Marvelously yours,

Lady Lark

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Paradox Complex

I, Marianne Annaliese Callahan Montgomery, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 20 years old

Appearance: Her light brown hair falls in slight waves, and they comes to short inward curls until her chest, but it is usually tied up in a french knot and held up with a small gold crown. Her eyes are a sort of dark blue that are often mistaken for violet (they are much easier to identify up close). Her lips are often tinted red, as to draw more attention to her graceful yet pale features.

Personality: She is quite the strange social butterfly. She pays much attention to detail and she knows exactly what she wants. Though when she was a child, coming from a poor family, her mother didn't allow her out of the house at all. So, soon after her mother's death, she was forced to move herself back out into the world, causing Marianne's confusions and misunderstandings when it came to most gatherings, but her charming sense and eccentric style were very much yearned for at many events.

Family Background: After their horrid mother had died, Marianne had to take care of her younger sister while their father tried to find his earnings. Soon, their father found himself engaged to a Duchess, and the sisters were forced into the public without much knowledge. Since they had come from a poor family, the sisters really didn't now much about anything really. So most of their dinners are spent trying to figure out what the strange food in front of them is, or which type of silverware to use.

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Florence Crosse

Dear Miss Marianne Annaliese Callahan Montgomery, I am thrilled to hear of your acceptance of my invitation. My cousin and I are anticipating your arrival. I will be sending my driver to pick you up in your residence in Summerton.

We will meet you on the agreed date.

Respectfully Yours,

Lady Luck

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I, Antonia Faith Sanderson, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 17

Appearance: Antonia has black straight hair with bangs that cover her whole forehead and reaches her waist. She's decent sized, not too tall nor too short. She's incredibly pale because she doesn't spend time under the sun and if she does, she carries enormous hats and parasols. Her eyes are the color of black, and she looks exceedingly average. But Antonia has a very pretty smile that rarely makes its way to her face, and her cheeks flush tomato red at the smallest of compliments. Antonia's eyes can be very empty of emotion, but that is because of her wanting to hide herself from the world. Life can reach her eyes, she just doesn't really show it that much.

Personality: Antonia(Or Tonia as she is called) is shy and socially awkward. She rarely speaks up in fear of embarrassing herself, but if she does, she does it in a very unsure tone. She gets easily excited, and doesn't really get what 'fun' is. For her, 'fun' is sitting down at the library and reading tons of books about fantasy and magic. She believes in things like that, but she does not talk about it. Only a few people can make her smile and laugh. Antonia loves singing but she only does it for herself. She gets shy infront of people. Antonia is scared of the sun, she has a particular phobia. Her skin gets really red and that's the reason why she stays in her room or at the library.

Family Background: Antonia is the youngest child of them 6, and the older ones are all boys. Her father is retired from his work as a doctor, and her mother is a stay-at-home. Her eldest brother is an Admiral and her second brother and third are fellow doctors. The three of them have their own families and are scattered across Europe. Her fourth and fifth are in college and are usually not at home. So she is the only one left in the house with her father and mother. They are well of and Antonia sometimes works as a teacher at a school nearby. But she spends most of her time trying to will herself to get out on the sun, only to fail in the end. (She's really scared.)

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Florence Crosse

Dear Ms. Antonia Faith Sanderson, we are pleased to hear that you have accepted our invitation. My cousin and I are happily await your arrival. I believe my cook has been dying to try out her new recipe, and this will be the perfect occasion. I certainly hope you enjoy cream-puffs. I must say, Selena and I have been gorging ourselves on the pastry for a while now.

For your convenience, I will send my chauffeur over to Scarsborough at noon.

Sincerely yours,

Lady Luck & Lady Lark

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I,Felicity Isadora Brandon, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 18

Appearance: Felicity, often called 'Fee' for short, has long, curly fire red hair, which is usually pulled up into an elaborate coiffure. She has hazel eyes, that change between blue and green, depending on what she is wearing, set into a paleface with noble features. She has a faint spray of freckles across her cheekbones, form birth, rather than fro going without a hat or bonnet. She is petite for her age, and is often mistaken to be younger because of this.

Personality: Felicity has always been a tease around men, and of course, a flirt. While she acts demure when it is called for, she is often quite loud and 'fun' when she is not around the people that expect her, as a woman, to be demure. She is spoiled and somewhat self centered from the way she grew up.

Family Background: Felicity was raised in a grand house in the country. The only child of Lord and Lady Brando, she was showered with gifts and presents. Despite this, her parents often ignored their only child, leaving an army of governesses to raise her. A tease in the ballroom, she has fun flirting with society's most eligible bachelors. However, she was stops her flirting once it leads closer to a possible marriage. She has always harbored a deep fear that if she gets close to anyone, they would leave her or ignore her like her parents.

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Florence Crosse

Please add a sentence or two in her appearance as well as her personality. :)

6/22/2012 #17

Is that better? I can add more if you need me to...

6/23/2012 #18
Florence Crosse

Yes, she looks fine. But I beg for you to excuse us because most, if not all of us are very busy at the moment, resulting to the sudden lull in this forum. :)

6/28/2012 #19
That's quite alright. Am I allowed to begin then?
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Florence Crosse

Yes! You can begin! You will be residing in Scarsborough. :)

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I, Rowan Rachel Maere , agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 20

Appearance: long curly black hair that goes to the middle of her back. She has piercing green eyes and stands at 5"10. She is also very tan. She does have a beautiful face and is naturally pretty but she isn't that beautiful. She has uneven legs, her eyes are seemingly to far apart, and her hair is 'to crazy.'

Personality: She is the kind of adventurous girl but hides it in a personality of manners and doing to whatever she is told. Really though she just wants to be able to see the world and do her own thing. She knows that it will not happen although she wants it to. She was also taught that having smarts was great so she bestowed it upon herself to learn everything she needed to know. She wasn't just book smart though. She also knew a lot of things that protected herself from being robbed, or hurt by a man.

Family Background: her mother and father always made her do outdoor activities. She learned how to horseback ride at a young age and she always got in trouble before her parents explained to her to be lady-like no matter what. Ever since she was thirteen she was the perfect picture daughter. She has been suppressing a side of her though, a wild streak that was just asking to come out. She always listened to everyone and didn't talk unless spoken to.

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Closed Account Nov. 25th 2012

I, Evie Alexandria Hockingson, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 26


Personality: Independent, original, analytical, and determined. Has an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action. Highly value knowledge, competence, and structure. Driven to derive meaning from her visions. Long-range thinkers. Has very high standards for her own performance, and the performance of others. Natural leader, but will follow if she trusts existing leaders. She may appear cold at first but once you get to know her she is very sweet and kind person.

Family Background: Her mother was Korean and her father was British (so she has a bit of British accent in her speech). She grew up in a wealthy home, attending a private academy and earning private tutoring lessons at home. She earned a master's degree in pschycology and a bachelor's degree in chemistry and biology. Evie wants to be a scientist when she grows up.

11/18/2012 #23

I, Gabriel Michelangelo Rabisi, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 21

Appearance: 5"11. He has an average body that is toned but not overly muscled. His face is handsome but sharp and it gives the impression of being indifferent. His eyes are black and his lips are full and wide. He has shiny black hair that is medium length and layered, his bangs frame his face and are almost shoulder length. He almost always is wearing formal attire.

Personality: Gabriel is somewhat aloof but also mischievous. While not shy by any means he is still rather quiet and prefers to watch rather than mingle. He looks like he is deep in thought when sometimes he is just relaxing and not thinking at all. He likes drinking tea and chatting casually will peers. He is a hard worker and wishes to be a good provider for his future family. Small talk with strangers irritates him but good conversation is enjoyed. He likes having lots of useless information hanging in his head. Disrespectful and arrogant people frustrate him, even though he is rather arrogant himself.

He enjoys music and is attracted to women who are educated, music oriented, and witty. He has no ability to dance or play sports, his strengths are more in weight lifting, but that does not mean he is above enjoying social events.

Family Background: While his family is not rich, nor poor, his parents pretend to live lavishly. His mother is doting and his father is disconnected, his relationship with his parents is stilted and uncomfortable and they don't get along well. His father is of German and Italian descent and his mother is English. His relationship may not be very close to his parents but he visits them regularly. He adores his younger brother Stephano, although the two bicker quite a lot.

2/27/2013 #24
Florence Crosse
Accepted! You will be residing in Summerton. I shall make a character for you now.
2/28/2013 #25

Great! :-)

2/28/2013 #26
Florence Crosse

I, Lady Arabella Marie Lockhart, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 18

Appearance: Arabella's the conventional beauty that attracted men like honey attracted bees. She was a rather succesful debutante, yet found no interest in any of her suitors. Her mother nearly flipped the dinner table over when she firmly stated that due to all the unattractive males she's encountered, she'd much rather join the convent, though she really never would. Her eyes were the bluest blue and her hair, like strands of the purest gold that cascaded down her back in waves (she never really did enjoy her hair up, no matter uncouth it was). Her features are soft and many mistake her for a soft and naive girl, and she absolutely hates it.

Personality: Arabella's an oddity. Her mother knew, after catching her daughter attempt to run away via miniature pony, that Arabella Lockhart would be a piece of work. Stubborn, vain, spoiled and free-spirited, Arabella was something else. She finds it incredibly ridiculous how women would lower themselves for men who, she knew very well, to not be worth it. She wished to travel the world and not rely on silly rakes who sought her hand. Though she did love to watch them squirm while talking to her. It amused her greatly at times.

Though balls were a great fun because she adored dancing and music. Perhaps that's one perk of having men around. They made decent dancing partners.

Family Background:Being the daughter of a Viscount, Arabella got everything her little heart desired. She had the royal treatment and couldn't want or need anything. With three older brothers however, Arabella was never one to prefer lady lessons over a good horse race. Or perhaps dirtying her dress for some berry picking. She hated how her mother tried to force her into cross stitch or drawing. She found it a complete bore. She then bloomed and rather enjoyed the attention she was getting from the male species.

Her brothers didn't however, but she found it as a way to get more of what she wanted, so she welcomed the attention. Besides, being called beautiful rather often wasn't something she'd complain about. although dull personalities and wandering hands did annoy her to no end.

Matrimony however is definitely something she never considered. "I'll reap the benefits while I'm young and live as a spinster in a huge house with a lavish garden and all my things all by myself. It would be far more entertaining then being prisoned and enslaved by marriage."

3/1/2013 #27

I, Mallory Kieran Sinnet-Delaney, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: Thirty-four.

Appearance: Mallory's face claim is Jayma Mays. Mallory is 5 feet and is very petite, weighing 110 pounds. She has a slim, boyish figure and has pale skin with an ever so slight pink tinge to it. Mallory's huge grey eyes and shoulder length auburn hair, which has a fringe or is parted so that she has a side bang that covers half of her forehead, are her most noticeable features. She has a button nose and a heart-shaped face. Her bottom lip is slightly plump while her upper lip is thin. Such features make her look quite doll-faced. She isn't very strong physically, and looks fragile, like a porcelain doll.

She has a scar on the right side of her neck as a symbol of her prematurity and a birthmark on her right shoulder, a small barely noticeable black dot. She also has slight scars on the back of her legs from a surgery she had as a child to prevent her from walking on tip-toe because if she did so, she would have difficulty walking because her ligaments would tighten and cause pain to her feet. It didn't work, so she still walks like that. She was inclined to walk on tip toe as a child because she believed that it made her faster on her feet, helping her speed and improving her balance.

She may not look as if she is looking at someone, but she is. Her eyesight is better on her left eye than on her right eye. When she's looking at someone it seems as if she is looking at the space next to a person's head.

Personality: Ever since she was a child, Mallory had always been adept at stroking people's egos and seeing the best of people, although she may not be as heartfelt with her compliments since her recent incidents. She had always been interested in the workings of the human kind, quite the psychologist, in all honesty, and has always had the ability to see both sides of a story without her judgement being clouded. Along with her strong morals, Mallory holds fast to the belief that no-one is pure evil. And as time went on, Mallory became quite cultured and refined, always one with class and polite professionalism. She enjoys expanding her vast intellect and embraces her gothic state of mind, indulging in all matters of art and hunting, though the latter is rare.

Great with words, Mallory knows how to tactfully persuade, but allows others to do more talking than she. Listening and taking little things into account, such as manners, presentation, and personality, are what get people far, she believes. It is without a doubt that she is ambitious, for she learned that trait from her father, who along with being quite high due to his status as a doctor was an avid hunter, and thus she had learned to love a good chase with an endless curiosity for the odd and untraditional. She remains a pacifist unless it is about something that she strongly believes in and lets loose only with those she is comfortable with.

Family Background:

Born to a wealthy English surgeon and a just as wealthy but deaf Irish noblewoman on October the sixth, Mallory Kieran Sinnet was produced after several miscarriages and under-developed fetuses. This continues to remain a secret to this day.

Mallory's birth was a quiet affair in a homey little cottage, and her upbringing wasn't all that different. She attended one of the best primary schools her father's wage offered, learning lessons on manners and key subjects such as writing, reading, the sciences, mathematics, and physical activity. She stayed there for a duration of her childhood and teenage years, taking extra classes on the arts, sign language, and human behavior upon both request and necessity. Her father took her hunting in the summer, as it had been a long-standing tradition in his family and she was the only child he had to implement it on. This taught her honor and how to value life, a lesson she grew to seriously take to heart. This also led to her fascination with weaponry and morbidity, though it was quickly smothered by her grandmother's hasty lessons on lady-like topics. That didn't mean that the girl didn't enjoy such topics; on te contrary, she adored cooking and dancing and gardening, but preferred sewing lace and ruffled dresses over needlepoint, and writing stories over writing letters of small talk to other young girls.

Then, the suitors arrived. It started slowly at first, her parents and grandparents edging her towards men one at a time. But soon they began to swarm; dressed in silk frocks and reeking of scented shaving cream and cologne, men asked her to dance. Too polite and understanding her duty, the ginger humored them for a time, listening to their stories and nodding good-naturedly at their compliments. She accepted their flowers daintily, although specifically asked for them to be potted and not trimmed at the stem, but would not accept their gifts. "If you are truly worthy of my hand, please pass unto me the gift of knowledge and understanding; of compassion and yet level-headed-ness; of justice and thoughtfulness. I will adore any man who is as open-minded and understanding of human ways as I, yet as sharp and quick-witted as I as well."

It was a taxing, arduous task, no doubt, but eventually, when many suitors had given up on the baffling young woman, one man had exceeded her expectations. Edgar Gilligan Delaney had often asked her to dance on many an occasion, but all the while he had not spoken boastfully. Instead, he had not only appraised her family and she, but enchanted the girl with tales of people and their respective lineage, flaws, secrets, and fears. He did this in such a way that it seemed as if he were talking about fictional characters. Poetry seemed to run through his lips, spinning information as easily as a spider spun a web. And it was all true. Not only that, but he was sympathetic with the plights of others, urging them to help themselves when they could and, when they could not, seek his help. The two seemed to click, trading information and views on subjects while earning the other's respect. The two were married a year later and remained married ever since, regarding each other as equals throughout their marriage. They had three children: Giles Corey, age nineteen, Annabelle, age seventeen, and Wyvern, age twenty-one. All the children are polite and mild-mannered, taking many traits from their parents. Annabelle is quite the thoughtful, intelligent eccentric, taking after her mother with Giles Corey tagging along as silent and solemn as a ghost, while Wyvern inherited his father's quick wit, high standards, and grace.

There may have been subtle manipulation during the Delaney's marriage - as faithful as they were to each other, Edgar was horribly over-protective and Mallory's growing interest in dark matters worried him. Their marriage certainly wasn't too carefree, what with darkness hidden in the walls of their home, but they, with their tact and finesse, hid it from all who dared suspect.

Mallory was widowed four months ago, when Edgar was killed on his way back from a meeting with other nobles. The woman was devastated, having her love ripped from her so suddenly. A small funeral was hosted and the man was buried with the rest of his deceased kin in a mosoleum. After two months of grieving in the silence of her room, Mallory has begun to make small appearances at parties and whatnot, but more often than not spends her time at her late husband's grave, reading aloud to his tombstone in a jaded reverie. Yet, despite her current morose composure, a spark still occasionally flickers in her grey-blue eyes; the spark of perseverance if only for her children.

(If she is too old for this forum, I will set up a character sheet for each of her children.)

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Florence Crosse

(There is no age limit or specification in this forum, dear!)

Ms. Mallory Kieran Sinnet-Delaney

We are tickled pink to receive your reply, Ms. Delaney. My cousin may not be able to join us for tea, but I am pleased to tell you I can make your acquaintance at your earliest convenience. I am well aware that you'll be residing in Scarsborough during your stay here? Wonderful! I'll have my driver pick you up at our request.

Sincerely yours,

Lady Luck

6/21/2014 #29

I, Wren Carolina Matthews, agree to meet with her Ladyship, Lady Luck, over tea and crumpets. Below are details I believe her Ladyship may need.

Age: 20

Appearance: Maturing at a young age, Wren has a body that could be considered quite scandalous. She stands at a modest 5'6" which makes the proportions of her body decidedly not modest. Having a rather large bust, wide hips, and a narrow waist all of her clothing must be specifically tailored to look flattering rather than revealing on her form. Inheriting most of her looks from her gypsy mother, Wren has light mocha colored skin which is flawless except for a small rather delicate scar on the fleshy part of skin at the base of her thumb. Long ebony black locks hang down to her waist in thick and unruly curls, she usually prefer's her hair down allowing it to breath freely except for when she ties is back with a simple ribbon at the base of her neck. Her body is toned with years of work and dance, no matter how scandalous it may be, her exotic looks are compounded by her heart shaped face, wide amber eyes framed by dark lashes, and full pouty lips that are a healthy shade of pink.

Personality: Only recently finding out that she is the illegitimate daughter of a very wealthy Earl, the product of a scandalous affair between her father the Earl of Millsburrow and a gypsy woman, Wren is still figuring out what it means to be a lady. And so far what she understands is that to be a lady she has to be everything she is not. A lady is to be refined and elegant, where Wren is decidedly crude and humorous. A lady must be coy and witty when trying to entrance a potential suitor, Wren is more demanding and passionate when it comes to matters of the heart. Wren lives for herself and for the love of living, she enjoys the freedom of dance, not the stuffy kind that they do at balls, but the kind that lets your body express what the music is telling you. She is fiercely protective when it comes to those she cares about and hates with a passion those who would harm them. She is rather innocent when it comes to the affairs of the heart, but she will forever deny it and is a very good actress. She enjoys pursuits of the mind and body, and loves to be out doors.

Family Background: The product of a single scandalous night, Wren was born to one of the largest gypsy troupes in northern Europe, she grew up in a wild and free lifestyle. She traveled the entirety of Europe and has learned many languages and the art of dance, it wasn't until about two years ago, when her mother had died that she had found out the truth about her father. Curious, she traveled to meet the man her mother and grandfather had so often spoke about, her mother in fondness, her grandfather in disdain. She traveled to find that the Earl of Millsburrow was indeed wealthy, but alas it was not her father, it was her brother, Micheal who had taken over the estate when her father had passed four years earlier. Micheal was overjoyed that he had a sibling, although he was a little ashamed of her heritage, Micheal welcomed her with open arms, but in light of her atrocious manners he was at a loss on what to do, so he contacted Lady Luck and Lady Lark, hoping that they would teach her how to become a proper lady befitting to be a daughter of the Earl of Millsburrow.

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