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The year is 1789. Lady Luck and Lady Lark requests the pleasure of your company for tea and crumpets. Expect marriages of convenience, childhood betrothals, scandalous affairs, and of course, true love. Regency Era RP
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Florence Crosse


Welcome dear friends, to Cravats and Corsets. Just to give you a heads up on things, this forum is a cover-to-cover role-play. All the topics (aside from this one and the 'Off Topic' section) will require you to be in character. Fun, is it not?

I'm Lady Luck, your MOD. Lady Lark is my fellow MOD, who will help me get all of you signed up and ready to RP. We will probably be the first people who will RP with you.

Another thing is that I highly encourage you to research on the things unique to this particular era.

I think that's it… for now.

Topic Descriptions:

· Introduction

· An Urgent letter from Lady Luck

In other words, the Rules and Regulations topic. We will be adding new ones if we see it appropriate.

· R.S.V.P

Due to the fact that I said this would be a cover-to-cover role-play, I believe Character registration was not a befitting title. Therefore, you shall all be replying to Lady Luck's letter as such, stating your name, age so on and so forth. A format will be given in that respective topic.

· The London Times

Yes, that is a Jane Austen reference. As of now, however, it shall be the official title for our forum paper. Posted there will be announcements for balls, society gatherings and a few petty scandals here and there. I highly encourage all of you to subscribe to that one. It's not like it'll flood your email, for conversations will be scarce there, and it will only be for the MODs use, and those appointed to write in it.

· The Barrel

Most commonly referred to as the 'Off Topic' section. This is the place where you can abandon your character and feel free to talk as modern as possible. In other words, LOL, W**, IASNTTY (I am so not talking to you) and ROLFMAOWDTFCC (Rolling on floor laughing my a** of while dancing the freaking cha-cha) is allowed. Though, I wouldn't know why anyone would like to speak in acronyms…

· Tea with Lady Luck and Lady Lark

This is the event you've all been waiting for… Tea with yours truly. Of course, this topic has a purpose. Lady Luck and Lady Lark will technically introduce you to society. Perhaps give you some tips and maybe even set you up with a certain someone. *nudge nudge*

I do believe those are all the flagged topics I can come up with. I will, however, be introducing new topics (if I make them) here. So expect that.

I've run out of things to say.

I do hope you have fun.

Now, off you go.


Lady Luck

10/18/2010 . Edited 5/13/2012 #1
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