The Time Machine RP
This roleplay is about a group of youngish teenagers in the 21st century, who make a time machine, and travel back in time to different time zones. If you want to join, please do...and if you don't, then nobody's forcing you : Angel
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Consulting Sorceress

"Go ahead." Tyler said, nodding her head in the direction of the machine, "All that's going to happen is that you'r gonna go straight through it and crash into the insides of...the thing." she said, lifting her hand to indicate the 'time machine'.

10/18/2010 #31
Just a little Hyper

(My profile pic is of Sam, from this RP...I'm not gay or insane)

"Yeah, what she said." said Sam, somewhat uncertainly.

10/18/2010 #32

"Fine." said Max, and she stretched her arm out to the 'time machine' warily. Then she shook herself; she was braver than this. And then she jumped in...

(Good to know :P)

10/18/2010 #33
Consulting Sorceress


Tyler's jaw dropped when Max jumped into the swirling 'portal'. She stood there for several moments, gaping and staring at it. After a minute, she shook her head, "This is insane!" She said and hastily turned to leave.

10/18/2010 #34
Just a little Hyper

"Wait! Don't leave, Tyler! This could be an adventure. You don't want to miss out, do you?" asked Sam, looking at Tyler pleadingly, with puppy-dog eyes.

10/18/2010 #35
Consulting Sorceress

Tyler flinched when Sam mention this and paused momentarily, then whipping arouns and looking at him, "Look. There's NO such thing as time machines! Or time travel!"

10/18/2010 #36
Just a little Hyper

"Well, where's Max then?" he asked, in a slightly shaky voice.

10/18/2010 #37
Consulting Sorceress

"I don't know!" Tyler shouted in frustration, throwing her arms up in the air.

10/18/2010 #38
Just a little Hyper

"Sorry." he murmured softly to Tyler.

"What now?" added Sam, in an even quieter voice. He was hoping that Tyler would stick around, to be perfectly honest.

10/18/2010 #39
Consulting Sorceress

"Well maybe you should go in after her," Tyler said in a sarcastic cheery voice.

10/18/2010 #40
Just a little Hyper

"Only if you came too." replied Sam persistently.

10/18/2010 #41
Consulting Sorceress

Tyler paused for a moment and considered his offer, before rolling her eyes, "Fine. But only to show you how stupid this is..."

10/18/2010 #42
Just a little Hyper

Sam's face broke out into a smile.

"Thanks." he said quietly.

10/18/2010 #43
Consulting Sorceress

Tyler sighed and put both hands on Sam's shoulders, spinning him around and pushing him towards the portal, "Go on then."

10/18/2010 #44
Just a little Hyper

Sam put his head, and then the rest of his body into the portal...

10/18/2010 #45
Consulting Sorceress

Tyler watched him. Once he was gone, she stood there for a while. She was actually debating whether to actually go, or stay here. She reached her hand out and, hesitantly, put it through the portal, only up to her wrist.

10/18/2010 #46
Just a little Hyper

"COME ON TYLER!" came a muffled shout from the portal.

10/18/2010 #47
Consulting Sorceress

Tyler jumped back at the noise and pulled her hand back out again. Okay, now she was pretty sure that this was for real... She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and stepped into the portal after Max and Sam.

10/18/2010 #48

Jack McLaggen wandered across the field, humming to himself. "Seasons don't fear the reaper....not through the wind, the sun, and the rain..." Something whirly, ominous, and generally science-fictiony at the end of the field caught his eye. "Know what do we have here...." he strolled over two it. It was a curious thing, with a lot of buttons and knobs, none of which served a clear purpose. He gazed into the portal. Then he checked his watch. He was late for Economics. "If that's not an engraved invitation, well then I have no idea what one is."

Jack McLaggen stepped into the portal without hesitation.

(So where are we going?)

10/21/2010 #49

(England, 6th Century, under the reign of King Arthur - Max, Tyler and Sam are already there)

10/21/2010 #50
Consulting Sorceress

Ross stood at one side of the school feild, scratching his head with a puzzled look on his face. Well then. He thought to himself, I swear this is where I left it.

In the lesson he had previously been in, he was right in the middle of writing a sentence in his excerise book when it occured to him that he didn't have his coat anymore. He so wished that these kind of things didn't just come to him at random times of the day, because add he had looked up suddenly, it had caused his hand to j*** to the right and draw and huge pen line down the middle of the page...which meant when he did get back inside after finding his jacket, he would have to start the essay all over again. Anywho, his teacher -rather surprisingly- had let him out of lesson to go and get his lost item, after he had insisted that he knew exactly where it was.

He sighed in annoyance as he gazed out over the feild. It's gotta be here! Unless... "Dang it." He muttered under his breath and punched the air in font of him.

He spun around, about to head off to the gym when a reflection of something metal glinting in the sun caught his eye. He squinted in the direction it was coming from, vaguely managing to make out a square-ish shape of something right at the other end of the, was he gonna have to run all the way over there? No one went to that part of the school near the fence, bordering the houses of the weird scary old people. He didn't even see the point of that part being there at all! He didn't think even the teachers went there often.

He found his mind wondering to something completely off what he was supposed to be long has it been since that part of grass was mowed?

2/3/2011 #51

Carter was supposed to be in gym class right now, but she didn't really fancy running, so she was looking for a spot to sit and draw her surroundings. She wandered across the field, when she saw a person looking at something in the distance. She wondered what he had seen; maybe it was something magical, like a Leprechaun. Carter loved leprechauns. She decided to go and see what he was staring at.

"Hello?" she called, in her soft Irish accent, trying to catch the boy's attention "Hello there?"

2/3/2011 #52
Consulting Sorceress

Ross was brought of his day-dream about lawn mowers when he heard someone's voice. He turned to look at whoever it was and saw that she was obviously talking to there was no one else around, "....Uh...hi." He said after a moment and then smiled.

2/3/2011 #53

Carter returned the smile, but then she faltered.

"Sorry, have I just woken you from a daydream? You're not supposed to wake a daydreamer, or a sleepwalker for that matter. It means that their dream is lost, and they can't recover it. It's quite sad really." she said, sighing and frowning at the boy.

(She's really quite odd isn't she?)

2/3/2011 #54
Consulting Sorceress

Ross shrugged, "Nah, wasn't thinking about anything important." He smiled at her, "...Who are you again? I can swear I've seen you around before...but I don't know your name...or can't remember it." His brow furrowed as he started to confuse himself while trying to figure out he could remember the girl's name, "...I haven't met you before, have I?"

(That makes two of them XD)

2/3/2011 #55

Carter smiled again, and laughed.

"I'm Carter, Carter Mead." she replied, still smiling "And you are?"

2/3/2011 #56
Consulting Sorceress

"Carter..." Ross said slowly with a thoughful expression, "...Carter...Oh! Carter! Right! I know who you are! I'm Ross Cholmondeley."

((Wow...I forgot how to spell his last name then...omg, He's infected me!!!))

2/3/2011 #57

"Oh, Hi Ross. It's a pleasure to meet you...if we haven't met before, I mean. We probably have, but if we haven't then, it's a pleasure to meet you or remeet you." she remarked, a cheerful look on her face.

((ROFL :D Oh no!!!! It won't be long before I start looking for leprechauns XD))

2/3/2011 #58
Consulting Sorceress

Ross laughed, "Same to you!" He stuck his hands in the pockets of his jeans and looked across the field. "Oh!" He said with start as what he was doing before suddenly came back to him. "I saw this thing over there," He pointed across the field, "And I have no idea what it is...but it looks cool! I'm gonna go check it out! Do ya wanna come or are ya getting back to lessons?" He asked.


2/3/2011 #59

"I'll come." Carter smiled happily "Physical Education is optional anyway." she paused "Well, it should be."

((Lol :D))

2/3/2011 #60
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