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"I'm a little tired," she replied, wiping his cum off using the sheets.

[I wanna see it now! My friends said it was really good.]

12/22/2010 #721

"I'll let you rest, then."

(you better, it's so awesome it's hard to describe.)

12/22/2010 #722

"What are you going to do?" Alice asked, lying down beside him.

[Hopefully I can find time to watch next week. :D]

12/22/2010 #723

"I'll watch you sleep."

(sorry, keep missing you, I'm being constantly distracted.)

12/22/2010 #724

"That's so creepy," Alice joked, smiling weakly at Maddox.

[It's fine. :]]

12/23/2010 #725

Maddox smiled back and kissed Alice tenderly.

12/24/2010 #726

Alice kissed him back, but then she gently pushed him away. "This might just lead to round three," she said, laughing.

12/25/2010 #727

"Eventually we'll have round three, but after you've gotten some rest."

12/25/2010 #728
Alice smiled softly before closing her eyes. ''How many rounds do you think we're going to have?"
12/26/2010 #729

"Depends on how many we're able to have before you're too worn out."

12/27/2010 #730
She nodded. "Is this the first time you've taken part in the solstice?"
12/27/2010 #731

"No, but this is the first time I've truly enjoyed the company. My last solstice partner was over two hundred years ago, and it was so awful that I deprived myself of this ritual."

12/27/2010 #732
"What happened?" Alice asked, opening her eyes for a second to lace their fingers together.
12/27/2010 #733

"She was nothing more than a traitor, after my seed and my head on a spike."

12/27/2010 #734
"How did you know?"
12/27/2010 #735

"She tried to cut off my head with an ax while I was sleeping. She would have succeeded if it weren't for Argos who had found out about the conspiracy."

12/27/2010 #736

Alice pursed her lips. "Do you know if she's still alive?"

12/27/2010 #737

"She's dead," Maddox said curtly, "She was executed by the High Council as a traitor by beheading and then burned to ashes."

12/27/2010 #738
"Will any of your old flames come looking for me?" Alice suddenly asked. "I mean, they seem to want you really bad."
12/27/2010 #739

"They may or may not, depends whether or not they value their pride."

12/27/2010 #740
"I hope they don't," Alice said, shuddering at the thought.
12/27/2010 #741

"Don't worry, not many of my kind cross over to the human world. Mainly because their powers are not as strong here as it is in the demon realm."

12/27/2010 #742
"I still want you to protect me though," Alice grinned, pulling Maddox on top of her.
12/27/2010 #743

"Of course, there's no need to ask." Maddox said, complying to Alice as he eased on top of her.

12/27/2010 #744
"Just making sure," Alice whispered before softly kissing Maddox.
12/27/2010 #745

"I thought you wanted to rest."

12/27/2010 #746
"Well, if you don't want to..." Alice trailed off, gently pushing Maddox off her. Then, she turned to face the other side.
12/27/2010 #747

He pulled her back to him and he kissed her tenderly. "Rest, I don't want you to be overly exhausted on your first solstice."

12/27/2010 #748
"I can't believe you just said no," Alice replied with a frown.
12/27/2010 #749

"Trust me, as much as I would love to indulge on your body again, you are only human after all. You have your limits."

12/27/2010 #750
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