For centuries, vampires hid in the shadows. Now, they are coming to the surface. Hunters are protecting humanity, but are losing the fight with vampires. They have been forced to recruit everyday humans instead of Blood Hunters.
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Emily's secret apartment.

There's a bed in the master bedroom, a couch with a fireplace in the living room, and the rest of the apartment is empty.

10/23/2010 #1

A faint smile spread over Ripp's lips as he fell against the mattress with Emily on top of him. Her naked body was hot against his. "You're perfect," he mumbled against her neck. She gave a soft laugh and pulled herself off of him. "You always say that," she said with a smile, wrapping the sheet around her body and searching for her clothes. Ripp smirked, watching her and reaching for a cigarette. Emily looked at the clock on the nightstand. "I've got to get back," she said, slipping on her tight black jeans. "And you need to do your job. Bring back a good one." Ripp said nothing, then took a slow drag. He pulled the sheet up to his waist when Emily dropped it back on the bed.

"I brought two back last week. The trainers are already overloaded. Why do we need so many?"

Emily bucked her belt and glared at Ripp over her shoulder. "Stupid question." Ripp nodded. They both knew why. Emily finished dressing and Ripp put out his cigarette in the ash tray. She leaned down and pecked his lips. Before she could pull away his hand took her wrist. "Be careful, Emily," he told her.

She smiled. "Yeah." He let go and watched her walk out of the room with sad eyes. Ripp knew her too well. She was never careful, but somehow she always made it home in one piece.

*Emily leaving*

10/23/2010 #2

Ripp stood in the kitchen drinking out of a milk carton. He was still shirtless, but he had put on black boots and jeans. Other than the fridge and the bedroom, the apartment was completely empty. When he looked at the place, he wasn't happy. It was supposed to be full of life, with a kid running around and Emily watching a fight on TV. The place was depressing. It was a constant reminder of everything he didn't have. Everything that wasn't allowed. Everything that lacked even possibilities. Although they shared the rent, and used the apartment as a getway, it wasn't a home. It was only an apartment.

Hunters didn't have the luxury of a home. Hunters had jobs, and sometimes, if they were lucky, the had each other. Even then, it never lasted very long.

11/4/2010 #3

Ripp knew it was late. He dressed quickly and put the milk back in the fridge. Ripp was a fighter, but spent most of his time training the rookies or assisting other fighters. Sometimes, after a long day of training he would be assigned a mission. Missions meant he was recruiting the average human to do dirty work, to share their lives with Hunters. Jobs were different. That meant killing the enemy. Ripp never went on a job alone. He was good, but not that good. Only the council and level three hunters were alloweed individual jobs. He was secretly grateful that he was only a fighter. A vamp hit list was not his first priority.

Grabbing the keys for his bike, he left the apartment and checked his pockets to make sure he had everything. Then he was gone.

*Ripp leaving*

11/4/2010 #4
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