For centuries, vampires hid in the shadows. Now, they are coming to the surface. Hunters are protecting humanity, but are losing the fight with vampires. They have been forced to recruit everyday humans instead of Blood Hunters.
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Chase Granger's Apartment. Number 354.

Two bedroom, 2.5 baths.

10/25/2010 #1

Chase finished putting his books on the large bookcase. He grabbed a glass of wine, flipped on the TV, turned off the lights, and sunk into his couch. Boxes filled the unfurnished room. Chase only had his bookcase, computer, coffee table, TV, couch, and bed unpacked. He only needed the essentials for now. He had been up since six in the morning, cleaning the apartment and moving in boxes, then making trips back to the university for things he had forgotten. He had been back and forth all day. Usually he would be in bed with a pile of textbooks as his pillows. Chase Granger was a scientist, always learning and discovering new things. An amateur, but a scientist nonetheless. He sipped his wine, watching a late night program about solar flares consuming the earth. A doubtful fact, but it was something that kept the wheels turning in Chase's mind. After midnight, Chase abandoned his wine glass and television for his warm bed.

11/3/2010 #2
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