The Beta Project
Does your historical story need a beta? Do you need a historical story to beta? Do you just want to hang around with like minded people, or play historical role play, from ANY period in time? If so, then this is the place to come!
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Please follow this layout:

Pen name:

Preferred name:


Write a couple of lines about yourself:

11/28/2010 #1

Pen name: KissMeOnTheSidewalk

Preferred name: Soph/Sophie

Author/Beta? Mainly Beta, but I also write :)

Write a couple of lines about yourself: I'm quite a proud person, but I'm also fiery. I don't take no for an answer, but I won't beg. If somebody won't let me do something, I'll tend to just do it anyway. If I were in a Hogwarts house, I would SO be in Slytherin! :p

11/28/2010 #2

Pen name: It's up there. Whats the point of this bit, Sophie?

Preferred name: Callie

Author/Beta? Both. But I prefer writing if I'm being honest.

Write a couple of lines about yourself: Ack I hate these things. There ya go, that's one "line about me." I hate writing about me :)

TBH, I think that this layout is a bit strange Sophie Wophie. No need for the pen name thing. And what if they aren't a beta for us yet, or haven't posted their story because they want it beta-ing first, and therefore aren't an author either?


Ya know I love you really though, right? x

11/28/2010 #3

Pen name: HannahWynwood

Preferred name: Nah

Author/Beta? Author, but I do a bit of modding for Soph and Callie.

Write a couple of lines about yourself: I love Historical Fiction, it's the best type there is. I love to act, and I recently played Flora in Cold Comfort Farm. If I could be any historical character it would have to be Nelly Gwynne, who was one of King Charles II's mistresses, and reputedly the only one he ever loved, or a WW2 Nurse would have been interesting too I imagine. I am a proud member of the GirlGuides movement, and I am working towards my Queen's Guide Award at the moment :)

11/28/2010 #4

Pen name: AriaRose7

Preferred Name: Aria

Author/Beta: Both, but mostly author

Write a couple of lines about yourself: I am trying to become a professional author and decided to use both this site and FF to put myself out there. My favorite categories are Fantasy, Mythology, and Historical. The novel I am working on and planning to one day publish is inspired by Norse Mythology.

8/6/2012 #5
Soma Younn

Pen name: Soma Younn( if you rearrange the letters it's anonymous)

Preferred name: Just Soma

Author/Beta? Author

Write a couple of lines about yourself:

I'm a very shy person, so I prefer to stay anonymous online, especially when I'm writing stories, but I will tell you that I like historical fiction, I just think it's so cool how people used to live. Yet, I really hate history class. Wierd, right?

3/5/2015 #6
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