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Does your historical story need a beta? Do you need a historical story to beta? Do you just want to hang around with like minded people, or play historical role play, from ANY period in time? If so, then this is the place to come!
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Because, just one role play thread for all the time periods is wierd...

Name: Faye Clarke

Character Details: Probably easier for you just to go read my story "Screams of the Silent" than to list all her traits etc.

11/30/2010 #1

Nah! Love You ♥ - this is a WAY better idea!

Name: Emily Albright

Info: 17 year old VAD nurse, tempermental, fiery, bit of a b***. Loves her job, ♥ Faye :)


12/22/2010 #2
*walks up to Emily* So what do we have here, nurse? Anything I can help you with?
12/22/2010 #3

(your formatting's wierd. Are you using your phone?)

*hands Faye a clipboard*

Of course, bandage him up, and talk to him. He likes to practise his English.

12/22/2010 #4

(Yes. Sorry!)

*takes clipboard*

Hello, I'm Faye. I'm here with the GIS, is it alright if I take a look at your shoulder?

(I think we need Callie to play a patient. And I've got to go now - sorry I know this should go in the chat thread, but I don't have time to do two posts! Byeeee!)

12/22/2010 #5

Luckily for you, Callie is here. Oh yes. Worship me.

God, you two, spam my inbox much? Between this and normal emails from you two, I have about 3000 emails. And *that* is why I refuse to get facebook, even MORE spam from you two!!

Name: Flight Lieutenant Harry Georgeson

Info: Dashing young pilot, ladies man. Loved by all. Injured when his bomb exploded before he dropped it. By some miracle, he wasn't killed, and he didn't loose some looks, merely has some burning on his arms and chest. Something of a player but whatever, he's fit :)

Why, Faye, you most certainly may take a look at my shoulder, go right ahead

12/22/2010 #6
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