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Good, I'm glad.

5/7/2012 #5,701
Vector Phantom

Ughhhhh I need to keep looking for more accepting OC stories

5/7/2012 #5,702

Yeah finding some would be nice. Why don't you try one? Its a great way to get reviews.

5/7/2012 #5,703
Vector Phantom

Because I have bad luck with getting caught

And also because I am still planning it out

And if I get too many Ocs I would never be able to balance out their duels

Also because I just want to hand my OC over to somebody else and let them do the writing

5/7/2012 #5,704

Well you can say first come, first serve you know. Think about how many you need and stop accepting after that.

5/7/2012 #5,705
Vector Phantom

If anything it would be

Most entertaining OCs get in

5/7/2012 #5,706
Vector Phantom

Anyway the plot would revolve around the villains trying to collect 36 special cards

Some preexisting, some brand new


if only Josh were still speaking to us I would borrow his trinity

5/7/2012 #5,707

Please don't mention him. EVER. That sounds like a cool idea though. Would every character get one to tie them to the plot or would you decide who gets what?

5/7/2012 #5,708
Vector Phantom


And not every character but a lot would

And it would be whoever I felt like giving them to

5/7/2012 #5,709

Thank you. Understandable of course. Why 36?

5/7/2012 #5,710
Vector Phantom

It's a sacred number

5/7/2012 #5,711

Okay. So do you really think you'll do this. I'm throwing my balot into the Yes box.

5/7/2012 #5,712
Vector Phantom

I want to at least do the story

Not sure about the Accepting OCs aspect (of course friends will be allowed to)

But it will have to wait until summer vacation starts

And NS remains my priority

5/7/2012 #5,713

Summer vacation as in Wednesday when your exam is done, or actual summer break in June?

5/7/2012 #5,714
Vector Phantom

Sometime next week probably I have a few things to take acre of, friend to meet, and such

Also it depends on if I can actually figure this out

writing a good yugioh story that makes sense is freaking hard sometimes

5/7/2012 #5,715

I know, believe me I know! I would suggect toning things down a little. When I read your stuff you tend to introduce tons of characters very rapidly and its hard to get one established in my mind before the next one appears. Plus with 5 or more shadowy organizations, things get really confusing. You can be convoluted just pace yourself a little okay?

5/7/2012 #5,716
Vector Phantom

Convoluted stories are the best though XD


In don't inbtroduce the characters that rapidly, they come and they go and they take their turns doing stuff

5/7/2012 #5,717

Rapidly enough to not leave lasting impressions. And you did for NS at least. Though the beginning to that was quite good and worked out very well.

5/7/2012 #5,718
Vector Phantom

Hey it isn't like you don't have a lot of characters too in some of your stories XD

5/7/2012 #5,719

Yeah I know. Its ahrd working with characters I don't really care about but need to fill certain roles with anyway. Well I'm going to bed now. Mata ashita.

5/7/2012 #5,720

Totally irrelevant to you guys were talking about, but man Radiant Historia is an ass of a game. Though I do agree that it's fun~

5/7/2012 #5,721
Halan Lore

Fictionpress changed the captchas

5/7/2012 #5,722
Vector Phantom


Wait emma, you've played it

You have awesome taste in games

5/7/2012 #5,723

Well of course~ ^^

Thanks haha~~ and same to you. At least you have the ability to finish a game. I suck at playing games unless they're mmorpg.. like WoW and maplestory XD

5/7/2012 #5,724
Vector Phantom

I am a bit bored with ti right now


I need to buy new equipment but I just blew all my funds on items XD

5/7/2012 #5,725

Good one haha~~

5/7/2012 #5,726
Vector Phantom

I hate when games do this to meeeee

5/7/2012 #5,727

It's interesting though XD I hardly buy items... only cause it will make my money disappear~~

5/7/2012 #5,728
Vector Phantom

So anyway I forget do you like YuGiOh?

5/7/2012 #5,729

I think it's pretty cool ^^

I have cards and verse people but I really haven't watched much of the anime.

5/7/2012 #5,730
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