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Oh you're terrible! Its just over one month away! Resist the urge.

6/15/2012 #8,551
Vector Phantom

I saw a low quality screen shot that made Yen Sid look really funny

6/15/2012 #8,552

Apparently an old Disney oneshot villain is the super boss. And he's supposedly really fucking hard. Nice to see Disney getting in on it. The Titans were very meh as far as super bosses go.

6/15/2012 #8,553
Vector Phantom

Julius yeah I heard

I dunno, the Ice Titan was pretty annoyingly difficult without being MF cheap

6/15/2012 #8,554
Vector Phantom

....the fuck?

I am watching the battle now and the player dies in one second

6/15/2012 #8,555

He was annoying because of his gimmick. In a straight up fight he'd be relatively easy, but since your chances to hit him were severly limited it made him harder due to being a long fight. As humans we're prone to messing up, but he was not so he had time on his side. Once you got the trick and just stayed focused he wasn't too hard. Asthetically speaking I did really like him though.

6/15/2012 #8,556
Vector Phantom

Hitting attacks back at a boss is a staple of many boss fights, Ice Titan however, took a classic staple amped up the challenge by sending out three to four attacks at once, anyway he was not the best but at least he wasn't cheap

6/15/2012 #8,557
Vector Phantom

Okay this guy doesn't look too cheap

6/15/2012 #8,558

Yeah Ice Titan is pretty much the logical conclusion of Guard. Luckily I like playing defensively and with magic so he really wasn't too hard for me. Shame I could never get Diamond Dust. It looks so pretty! I hated Kurt Zisa though. I could never properly dodge his giant flying tackle saw attack.

6/15/2012 #8,559
Vector Phantom

Kurt Zisa was fun

And it's not like you really need to dodge it or anything

The attacks aren't too deadly

Of course I only ever played on Standard

6/15/2012 #8,560

I assure you he's a bitch on Proud. I really liked Phantom though. He was a very interesting fight.

6/15/2012 #8,561
Vector Phantom

Ugh Phantom is an annoying piece of shit because he flies around too much and the God damn Stop spell doesn't always work on the clock hands

Also Happy Unbirthday to you

6/15/2012 #8,562

Thanks! Its the 20th actually, but no gaurantee we'll see eachother that day. I'm leaving on the 26th by the way. Its definate now. I liked Phantom. I've always been a sucker for creepy things, and the clock tower was never much of a problem. Neither was flying actually. It was sluggish at times but I really don't see why people hate the flying/swimming mechanic so much.

6/15/2012 #8,563
Vector Phantom

Because enemies are fast and hard to catch

Also I hated it in fucking Days where I kept using the PS2 set up by mistake

Damn muscle memory

6/15/2012 #8,564

I'd been so long between playing the two that it didn't bother me. :D

6/15/2012 #8,565
Vector Phantom

I switched from one to the other within a week

6/15/2012 #8,566

Yep that'll do it.

6/15/2012 #8,567
Vector Phantom

Okay the Trickmaster's fireballs are being nigh impossible to dodge

6/15/2012 #8,568

Which one are you playing again? I don't remember the damage being bad in any game, even if they do home in on you.

6/15/2012 #8,569
Vector Phantom

Re:Coded, where you can't heal

6/15/2012 #8,570

Oh, the railshooter! Man that was fun!

6/15/2012 #8,571
Vector Phantom

Except the damn homing attacks are super fricken hard to dodge

I jumped over them and they flew up!

6/15/2012 #8,572

So they hit Sora's crotch? Ow

6/15/2012 #8,573
Vector Phantom

No they hit his chest

6/15/2012 #8,574
Vector Phantom

Okay guide says rolling does the trick

Didn't even realize I could roll during the rail shooter

6/15/2012 #8,575

I don't remember ever trying.

6/15/2012 #8,576
Vector Phantom

I don't recall the controls saying you could

6/15/2012 #8,577


6/15/2012 #8,578
Vector Phantom

see ya

6/15/2012 #8,579

Alright then.

6/15/2012 #8,580
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