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Sup People? If you like challenges, you might wanna check this out! Here it is: my Showdown For King Forum is actually for contests! And this month, It's a fight to the death between Poetry Writers! Better hurry up though, cause November's almost over!
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Okay, seeing as its that time of year again when the leaves turn red, orange and yellow

Fluttering off of their branches and onto the ground to paint it the colors of fire

How about I hold this contest for Autumn?

When the ground is tinted with flames

And when the trees shed their leaves

Waiting to grow anew once the frosty bites of Winter have passed

So here it is, my very first, (annual, b.t.w)

Seasons With a Passion Collection!

A contest that will be held once every season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), holding a collection of stories, each having something to do with the seasons.

Ten contestants will be chosen, and from there, the ten of them will have a showdown, with a new theme every time a person moves up to the next Level.

Okay, just in case that confused some of you, what I mean to say is; ten contestants will be chosen, and thus the showdown begins. These ten contestants will be informed of whether or not they are able to move on to the next Level. And from then on, they are to compete against one another to find he/she who is at top, number 1. The next topic, about what the story should be about (along with the extra details) will be posted on this forum. And from there, the contestants will have a number of days to write, and submit their entries for the contest. (hopefully, there will be entries. But why not? This is just a contest for fun, anyways)

As the number of contestants dwindle, and carry on to the next Level, we will finally have the finale, where the top two contestants verse one another for the prize, which is, being in the spotlight. Not only winning a contest, but also having viewers drawn to your story. It's the attention most writers want, isn't it? The popularity of their stories. For each contestant must Review the finalist's story, and the finalist is complied to post Links to the Top 5 Writer's Stories onto his/her page.


~Write a piece, for the Topic/Season. No matter how thin the thread that connects the two together, there must be a connection. (And it must be a Poem)

~ And: Make it about something you truly care about, because emotions are powerful things. If strong enough, your sadness can make another cry. If passionate enough, your anger can course through the reader's veins, and, if powerful enough, you could render a person truly open to the stunning beauty of the world around them. So write it because you truly feel the empowering magic behind your words.


-Every entry must have 'Seasons With a Passion' included somewhere in the Summary, and you must post the Link to the story somewhere below.

~ The Poem has to have a connection to the Season.

~ (Optional) Write down exactly what inspired you to write what you did.

~ Only one submission per Contest/Level.

~ Varying from your Summary to your Author's Note, whichever one you prefer, at least one of them needs to include 'Seasons With a Passion' somewhere amidst the text.

~ (This rule applies to every Contest: No Mature Content:-N***, Sex, R***, Slash-I don't mean to offend anyone, and I'm sorry if I did-e.t.c)

Now this may be kind of obvious, but we need Votings! So would anyone, varying from writer to reader, please vote for whichever story you think is best, I will hold Polls, but each will close within a period of 3-5 Days, so you'd better hurry up when the time comes!








Okay, the ranking, first of all, (if enough people decide to participate), there will be 10 Pawns, and depending on their entries, eight of them will carry on to the next Level. As Bishops, only a select few (6 to be exact) will be aloud to carry forward. Once they have reached Knights, four contestants will battle against one another, and only two will carry forward. Once they have reached the grand ranking of Queens, there will be one battle, and the winner, will have reached the top rank, which is: King.

Hi. This idea just randomly came to me, to hold a Contest. And it seemed like so much fun! I mean, come on, you get to verse fellow writers in a 'Battle of the Stories' kinda thing! If you guys like the idea, tell me so! Cause in order to hold upcoming Contests, I need to know if people like my idea or not. I mean, I think it's pretty good. A Showdown between Writers. That just screams awesome, doesn't it? Well, I hope you guys are interested, and that you decide to participate, because remember, this month It's Poetry, but next month, It'll be Stories (more info on those later).

Good Luck to those of you that actually joined (If any of you did)

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