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Sup People? If you like challenges, you might wanna check this out! Here it is: my Showdown For King Forum is actually for contests! And this month, It's a fight to the death between Poetry Writers! Better hurry up though, cause November's almost over!
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Its that time of year again when the trees have been stripped n***

Ridden of their bright green leaves

And the ground of its fire

All that remains are the crystals that fall from the sky

A soft blanket wraps around you and I

And we can't help but shiver in delight

When the sun is no longer in sight

When the animals are no longer heard

And yet

It's so magnificent

That it has you glowing, the moment you step into its grasp

Okay Then! As some of you may know, you are now in the:

Seasons With a Passion: Winter Collection!

The topic for this season is: Winter, no duh!

Yup, the Challenge Topics don't get specific until the Ten Contestants have been chosen! So good luck to all of you!


-Lasts from December to February

-Submit entries within the month of December

-Ten Contestants (or lower) may be chosen either in December or January, depending on circumstances

-First Level-Pawn-: Competitors are to submit their short-story entries. Which are to be submit + processed in the prior of 1 week. Votes will be held in a period of 2-5 days. But will immediately be taken off. Therefore, you must Vote quickly, otherwise entries will be judged by my associates and I. 8 Competitors will be allowed to move on to Level 2.

-Second Level-Bishop-: Competitors are to, once again, submit short entries within a one week period. Votes will be held, and winners will be decided. 6 Competitors will be allowed to move on to Level 3.

-Third Level-Knight-: Competitors submit short-story entries, which will be processed within one week. Votes will be held, and if necessary, submissions will be judged by me and my associates. 4 Competitors will be allowed to move on to Level 4.

-Fourth Level-Rook-: Short-stories must be entered, within one week. Votes are to be held, but will be taken off immediately, around a period of 2-5 days. Submissions are to be judged, and a chosen 2 Competitors are to move on to Level 5.

-The Fifth Level-Queen-: Remaining two contestants battle against one another in an intense battle. Both have to PM the other a topic to write about for the final entry. But, I need to know of the Topics as well. The Topics are to remain secret, and are only to be revealed between the remaining contestants and I. Also, it must have a connection to Winter. If it is necessary, there may be a final Topic (decided by me) that the two are to submit entries to. (Like a tie-breaker, I guess)

-The Sixth Level-King-: Congratulations! You're the Winner!

Anyways, Good Luck!

For More Info, Go To:

Seasons With a Passion

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