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So! This will obviously be added to over time. Chuck a comment in if there's anything you think I missed.

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One challenge per fortnight. Larger, occasional challenges can be orgainsed randomly.

Each fortnight someone takes a turn creating the challenge (alphabetical order). Head to the challenge roster for a list.

People have to opt-in for the challenges. One topic per challenge and then opt-in's via the comments.

Challenges can be anything (One Word Prompts, Quotes etc etc). If using a quote or an image as the Challenge try to steer clear of those that are copyrighted (as most of these prohibit derivative works).

There are no hard word limits or minimums. However if we can aim for between 500 and 3000 words (unless stipulated in the challenge) it will ensure we're all aware of what we'll be reading. If you find you've written a story you'd like to extend just drop a note in the summary that the thing's longer than expected.

Concrit please! Doesn't have to be anything too in depth just as long as some thought goes into the comments. Alternatively, structured critiques can also be submitted (link to templates forthcoming).


Categories! Learn to love them! Thus far we have:

Challenges: Where all the Challenge Threads live. Each week will have it's own thread so when you create yours make sure it goes in the Challenges category :)

Organisation: Where threads like this one are. I'll likely be the one using this the most to organise the Forum. If any suggested topics can go in the Notices/News thread that'd be awesome.

Resources: Thread where writers resources live. This includes links to articles/tutorials etc etc.

Conversation: Anything and everything. Wanna discuss a movie? Go here. I'll be modding this so if I find anything that fits into another category I'll move it.

General: If you're not sure where something lives post it here. It's the default category and because I get supremely bored at work I'll be able to keep an eye on it and move topics to their proper category myself. THAT SAID - if you're not sure where stuff goes first check these guidelines. I love you guys but if I have to play maid too much I'm going to dish out the most heinous challenges to punish you all :P

Making the Challenges

Please ensure you put when the challenge is due in the topic headline. Please also ensure they go in the "Challenges" category.

For those stuck for ideas for challenges there's a few sites/promps listed on the Resources Links List.

Once you've written your story

Add your story to the Team Free Will C2 Community by following these steps:

1- Go to the story

2- Scroll to the bottom, in the dropdown menu on the bottom left corner select "Add Story to Community Archive"

3- In the popup that shows select the C2 Community Team Free Will

11/10/2010 . Edited 1/9/2011 #1

Your time clock says that you're posting in the future. Does that make you god?

Sounds good, I like your subtle extension of the word limit ;).

11/10/2010 #2

Yeah - I noticed the time difference too 0_o

And yes...have I mentioned how much I hate word limits? Really? :P

11/14/2010 #3
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