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Welcome to Team Free Will! (and yeah, you totally know it's sticking now :P)

I've about got the forums set up in preparation for our first challenge next week and remembered a suggestion from Maladicta that we all say a little something about ourselves. I shall get the ball rolling (because I'm bored as hell at the moment and have no work to do heh). Just add a reply to this thread for each of you with intros :)

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You all obviously know my name's Stacey but I guess on here I'm Pixel Minion (Minion?).

When I'm not getting heinously bogged down writing fanfiction I'm attempting to plan and write my first novel (one in a series of four). My preferred genres are Sci-fi, Fantasy and Mystery. My favourite author is Terry Pratchett. When I'm not writing I'm coding web pages, getting drunk with friends or shamelessly fangirling over my preferred TV shows.

My biggest weakness when it comes to my writing is lack of focus. I get too many ideas and I tend to skip from one to the other randomly. I'm also an often-painful perfectionist and when it comes to writing seriously I tend to freak out if I think it's not going to be pristine first go. Logically I know first drafts are NEVER perfect and that you have to work at them but unfortunately wielding that logic is like wielding a tiny little stick to beat down a hulking monster of an irrational fear.

I'm looking forward to the challenges because it will hopefully get me writing original fiction on a regular basis. I figure if it becomes a habit then maybe I won't notice I'm writing seriously until I suddenly find myself with a finished novel :P

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Phew, I thought I'd be the last person to get to this :)

I am Darian, as you know. I'm currently slaving full time for Telstra to earn booze money, and studying a Bachelors of Fine Arts (Creative & Professional Writing) at QUT, part time. For reading I'm mainly into Spec Fic of all kinds, but mainly Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Future, Historical Fiction and Horror. For writing I'd be doing much the same, except that with working full time I only really have time for short pieces, generally. And there isn't enough room for comprehensive world building in something of that length.

This leads me onto my main weakness (yes Stacey I'm using your intro as a template) which is not having enough time! Or more accurately, my spare time is limited and I often put off doing any writing in favour of social activities. Sure, drinking and writing is when I'm at my most creative, but the side effect is a slight decrease in attention span.

I'm hoping that these challenges will provide a much needed boot to the posterior and encourage me to write more regularly and more frequently

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Future Steve

So I take far too long to do everything...

I'm Steve, I'm currently based out of the UK between having enough funds to fire myself towards Oz in a tin can. I haven't been writing nearly enough since I was in Uni so I'm hoping this will give me a much needed kick in the arse. I haven't used fictionpress before so hopefully I'll get the hang of it.

I'm mostly a bit of a sci-fi and fantasy nerd, light on the fantasy mostly but there are exceptions. I have a long time love of Lovecraft and cosmic horror in general but as of yet no proven ability to write scary.

So in keeping with the theme, my main weakness is self criticism and a short attention span. About half an hour into writing something I usually start hating it, hopefully thats something I can work past.

Also, I love making up monsters.

That is all. X

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