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Hi Team, I thought it may help to post up a Resources thread to help with challenges and writing in general.This will be a place where links and excerpts can be posted and discussed, though not ad nauseam (in relation to the latter). If things appear that they would benefit from discussion or debate then please start another thread.

I've just received a copy of '396 Books & Other Resources Writers Recommend to Kickstart Your Writing, Stand Your Thinking On Its Head, And Vastly Increase Your Ability to WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW by Holly Lisle'. Would anyone like a copy?

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Do we perhaps want a category for this? That way any resources/useful tips can go in that one :)

11/16/2010 #2

Ok, here's a link to that template I mentioned a while ago, to assist in critiquing anything we post in the forums. Think of it just as a tool to prompt you on breaking down the different aspects of the piece - I used to use this for bullet points and then write itout into real sentences after the fact. This is stolen from uni, so the wording for the different category descriptions is not mine..just in case anyone is wondering :)

Let me know if that link doesn't work.

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Link works :) I'm gunna be creating lists of stuff like this in separate posts so we can keep track of 'em all. Yay for organisation! :P

11/24/2010 #4

Writing blog which is rather good, if anyone has not already seen it:

The League of Extraordinary Writers is a group of debut YA authors who write science fiction and dystopian works. The five of us have works that run the gamut of near-future mind control to far-future space travel, but they do have one thing in common: a future where the Earth we know now is twisted, gone.

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This is an online (and print) Sci-Fi magazine - some good reading in here on occasion, both fiction and non-fiction (author profiles, interviews, articles about topics that might feature in your fiction, etc.)

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A link to a challenge generator that google so helpfully found for me:

I used a sort of mish-mash of a couple of the concepts for this weeks challenge. Some may consider this cheating but hell, sometimes my brain just decides it doesn't want to work :P

11/24/2010 #7

The Queensland Writers Association - they run seminars and all kinds of stuff, lots of good resources here.

11/24/2010 #8

Last for now, but certainly not least:

A word of warning to anyone who hasn't been here before: This site kicks arse, full of things that might give you ideas. But for the love of god don't read it when you're actually in the process of writing something. Because you'll suddenly realise that it's been 3 days since you looked away from the monitor. It will eat your free time, crap it out, set fire to it, stamp out the flames and then shoot it into the sun.

Just looking at the page for say, Supernatural, contains so many potholes you'll wind up with about 40 tabs open.

11/24/2010 #9

I have just come across an English to Old Norse Dictionary in pdf format:

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