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Medea tossed her dress on a rock and ran into the water planning to swim a few miles.

5/13/2012 #31

Athena took Penelope's hand. Poof! They appeared in the mountains. Athena held up her hand. A spear appeared. She threw it to Penelope. Then another spear appeared in her other hand.

"Come and fight me, little one."

5/17/2012 #32

Penelope looked at the spear in her hand.

"Huh? But you didn't teach me anything."

5/18/2012 #33
Cool Monsters

The young boxer's friends left. As he walked home Ares suddenly appeared in a red light.

"Behold! I, Ares, god of war, have chosen you to be my champion!"

The young boxer, Machus, stared, unable to think of what to say. Finally he nodded.

"I am ready."

5/20/2012 #34

Medea reached a rock and climbed onto it. She looked out to sea then back to the coast. She leaned back and rubbed her abs. Maybe she should work out a bit more. Get more definition.

5/20/2012 #35

Daphne wondered where they went. They'd really disappeared like magic! She forgot she had no clothes on and kept looking around.

5/20/2012 #36

Athena motioned to Penelope.

"Come and fight me or I'll attack first and you won't like that!"

5/21/2012 #37

Penelope tried to attack her with her spear.

"I don't know what I'm doing! You didn't teach me nothing yet!"

5/22/2012 #38

Daphne couldn't find them. She sighed. Then she remembered she had no clothes on and got her dress and put it on.

5/23/2012 #39
Cool Monsters

Ares was training Machus by having him carry heavy objects.

5/24/2012 #40

(Is this just gods training people to fight each other?)

5/24/2012 #41
Cool Monsters

(So far but anything else from Greece or Rome could be used. The Olympics are coming up soon for instance.)

5/25/2012 #42
Cool Monsters

Many hundreds of miles away a huge red bearded man with a horned helmet and a heavy fur coat over his red and black scale armor walked through the snow, carrying a huge double bladed axe.

5/28/2012 #43

Daphne didn't know what to do so she went home.

6/1/2012 #44

Medea swam back to shore. She was happy that she wasn't even out of breath. She started jogging along the beach, suddenly realizing and not caring that she'd forgotten where she'd left her dress. She didn't need it anyway.

6/2/2012 #45
Cool Monsters

Another man in a heavy coat and horned helmet appeared, this one with a huge two handed sword. The two faced each other, for they knew each other from the past and hated each other.

First Man

"You dog! You've come a long way to die!"

Second Man

"It's you who'll die and see Valhalla this day!"

The two rushed at each other. Sword struck heavy shield, which splintered from the impact. At the same moment the other shield was split in half by axe.

6/3/2012 #46

Athena knocked Penelope down.

"Get up and fight! Or have I chosen a coward? You are far mightier than you think!"

6/4/2012 #47

Medea returned to the town. Men stared admiredly at her. She ignored them. They were all weaklings and she wasn't about to let one of them get her pregnant and ruin her plans of being the mightiest warrior in the world.

6/4/2012 #48

Penelope felt like crying but she got up and swung her spear at Athena.

"You're mean! I'll show you!"

6/5/2012 #49

A man tried to grab Medea's butt. She kicked him you know where and he fell to his knees moaning. She kept walking.

6/5/2012 #50

(That's nautty! Pleese don't do that. And I don't know what to have Daphne do here.)

6/12/2012 #51

Athena laughed.

"You can do better than that!"

6/12/2012 #52

Penelope was really mad. She kept swinging and swinging and swinging her spear trying to hit Athena.

6/14/2012 #53
Cool Monsters

The red bearded man drove his axe against the other man's sword. Sparks flew and the sword shattered. The other man drew his dagger and snarled.

6/15/2012 #54

Penelope kept fighting but didn't really know what she was doing.

6/20/2012 #55

Medea went to the colleseum to talk about the next sporting event.

6/20/2012 #56

(I still don't know what Daphne should do here!)

6/20/2012 #57

Penelope kept fighting.

(This isn't really going anyplace.)

7/28/2012 #58

Athena knocked Penelope down.

"You're improving but you still have a long way to go."

(Let's go on a quest like Jason and the Argonauts.)

7/30/2012 #59


"What am I supposed to do? Keep getting beat up by you?"

(Yeah! Do we get a boat or something?)

8/2/2012 #60
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