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This is for people from Earth traveling to another planet or time or dimension.

1/13/2011 #1

In another world, a group of wizards planned what they should do.

Wizard 1

"We have little time left!"

Wizard 2

"And no choice. We must act now!"

Wizard 3

"Then let us combine our powers and summon the one that will save us."

(Hey, TLC! I'm using your Jan idea so pbbbttt!)

2/5/2011 #2

(Hey! Jan's based on me so watch it! I moon you! Pbbbttt!)

(So who can I play here?)

2/16/2011 #3

(Whoever you want. And I kick your butt.)

A big green woman with fangs walked along. She was half human and half orc.

2/19/2011 #4

(Nooo! Pbbbttt! I kick yours!)

A pretty orange girl with a nose like a gorilla walked by. She was half human and half hobgoblin.

2/20/2011 #5

The half-orc picked up a rock and threw it. She was bored.

2/20/2011 #6
The half-hobgoblin almost got hit by the rock. "Hey! Who threw that?"
4/3/2011 . Edited 4/3/2011 #7
"Better not do it again!"
2/4/2012 #8
The half-hobgoblin looked around. "Who's there?" (Nobody I guess.)
4/5/2012 . Edited 4/5/2012 #9

The half-hobgoblin went to the water and looked in. She looked at her animal nose and ears and teeth and sighed.

"I wish I was all human and pretty!"

4/25/2012 #10

The half-orc looked around.

"Who said that?"

4/27/2012 #11

The half-hobgoblin looked around.

"Who said that? What do you want?"

4/29/2012 #12

The half-orc walked over to her.

"Hey, are you half human too?"

5/3/2012 #13

The half-hobgoblin nodded.

"Yes I am. I'm Yuki. What's your name?"

5/5/2012 #14

A half-goblin was walking around.

5/5/2012 #15
Cool Monsters

A half-dragon awoke and spread her wings. She rose into the sky.

5/5/2012 #16

(Cool! Is this Sei Ku or another half-dragon like her? And the half-goblin should be a cute little green thing.)

The half-orc smiled, showing her small tusks.

"I am Greem."

5/6/2012 #17

The half-goblin saw them. She was a little green girl with little fangs and was wearing a fur dress and no shoes. She walked over but didn't say nothing yet.

5/6/2012 #18


"Hobgoblins don't like me because I'm half human and humans don't like me because I'm half hobgoblin. Do you have that problem too?"

(Yuki is wearing like a kimono and she's barefoot too. She's red and orange with orange hair.)

5/6/2012 #19

(Greem is also green and has a short raggedy dress on and a skull drawn on her left cheek. She likes to stick her tongue out at people.)


"Who cares what people think? I can tell you're a good person even if you are funny looking."

She looked at the half-goblin.

"Are you a half-goblin? Hey, we should form a club!"

She holds out her hand for the other girls to put their hands on hers.

(Like Fantastic Four.)

5/6/2012 #20
Cool Monsters

(Don't rip off Jan. Maybe I'll make a villain for you three to fight.)

5/6/2012 #21

(Make that four. Let's see, what can my character be?)

Nearby in a cave, a half ogre yawned and stretched. She got up and walked out of the cave, having to duck because, even though half human and female she was still well over seven feet tall. She had a huge club as big as a human. She wasn't planning to use it unless villagers attacked her again, though. She was bored and just wanted to find something to do. She wore a sort of fur scarf around her large breasts and a fur loincloth low on her hips. She didn't wear shoes and didnt need them, the bottoms of her feet were like leather. She was yellow in color with long wild orange hair, thick like pig bristles. She had small fangs.

5/7/2012 #22

Yuki shyly puts her hand on Greem's and grins.

"Friends forever!"

5/7/2012 #23

Greem looks at the half-goblin.

"Well? Don't you want to join us?"

5/8/2012 #24


"Don't be afraid."

5/8/2012 #25

The half-ogre saw them and came closer, wondering what they were doing.

5/10/2012 #26


"Oh! Who are you?"

5/12/2012 #27

The goblin girl had just put her hand on Yuki's hand when she saw the half-ogre.

"Oh! A ogre!"

5/12/2012 #28


"If you're joining us great. If you want to fight I'm not as goofy as I look."

5/13/2012 #29


"Huh? Why are you angry? I just wondered who you are."

5/13/2012 . Edited 5/13/2012 #30
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