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This is before civilization. Maybe bows and arrows have been invented but not anything more advanced. This is the stone age. Copper and bronze might exist somewhere in the world but the characters here haven't seen it yet. In fact they haven't seen bows and arrows either. They can use a spear or a stone axe and that's about it. You can play a Cro-Magnon, a Neanderthal, or a Homo Eructus (which sounds very naughty doesn't it? ;D) And this one really is no clothes! They haven't been invented yet. Maybe your character can wrap an animal skin around them when it's cold but why would they wear one when it's hot? And it's hot right now! :))

5/6/2012 #1

Leek was looking for food. She had a spear, a tree branch with a stone axe tied onto one end by vines. She had brown hair and brown eyes and her skin had been evenly tanned all over by the sun. Her breasts bounced a little as she searched through the tall trees.

5/6/2012 #2

Eeg came out of her cave. She had blond hair and blue eyes and was hungry. She wasn't tanned too good cause she was blond.

(Is that okay?)

5/6/2012 . Edited by FairyMermaid, 11/28/2012 #3

(Shame shame!)

Kra was walking along. She had green eyes and red hair. She hadn't tanned so much as freckled all over her body from head to toe. She had a big club and her hair was wild and dirty like a bird's nest.

5/6/2012 #4

Leek climbed a tree to get a coconut near the top.

5/6/2012 #5
Cool Monsters

Torg was making a spear for the big hunt when the hunters would attack a wooly mammoth that had been seen not far away. Then there would be much food for the tribe for awhile.

5/6/2012 #6

(Hee hee! Naughty!)

Ooga stood up to her waist in the water with her spear. She saw the shadow of a fish go by and stabbed at it. She held up the fish with a grin on her neanderthal face. She'd eat good today! She splashed out of the river, holding the still wriggling fish. She had wild black hair and brown eyes and her skin was burned a rich bronze. She had scars on her chest and back from hunting and fighting. Cave men had tried to get too friendly with her, but she had discovered a very effective weapon against men. She called it knee in sack.

5/7/2012 #7

(Eek was too much like Leek so I changed your name to Eeg, Rosefairy. Hope you don't mind.)

Kra walked towards the water to get a drink.

5/7/2012 #8

Leek knocked a coconut out of the tree then climbed back down. The impact had knocked it open. She started eating the inside of the coconut, getting it all over herself and not caring.

5/8/2012 #9

Kra got a drink then walked into the water up to her waist and started splashing herself.

5/8/2012 . Edited 11/28/2012 #10

Oog went to get another fish.

"Hey! Stop splash so much! You scare fish!"

(I'm guessing they'd talk like the Hulk.)

5/10/2012 #11

Kra laughed and splashed her more.

"You no tell Kra what to do! You funny looking!"

(Since Kra has bright red hair and freckles you'll probably have your character say that she's the funny looking one. Well I think red hair and freckles is super kawai so pbbbttt!)

5/12/2012 . Edited 5/12/2012 #12

(Sorry I made the name too close. I keep doing that. I have trubble thinking of names.)

Eeg walked to the water to get a drink.

5/12/2012 #13

Leek went to the water.

"You talk to loud! Stop talk or Leek smash!"

(This is like we're all playing Hulks! Hulk smash puny insect!)

5/13/2012 #14

Oog splashed Kra more.

"You no talk! Oog hit you good!"

5/13/2012 #15

Leek splashed both of them.

"You shut mouths. Scare away fishies!"

5/17/2012 #16

Kra splashed more.

"You shut mouth! Me hit you with club! Bam bam bam!"

5/18/2012 #17
Cool Monsters

Torg finished his spear and went to try it out. He could hear the argument but ignored it.

5/20/2012 #18

Oog clenched her fist and was about to punch the other girls.

5/20/2012 . Edited by FairyMermaid, 11/28/2012 #19

Eeg didn't want to fight and got out of the way.

5/20/2012 . Edited by FairyMermaid, 11/28/2012 #20

Leek clenched her fist and started to hit Oog.

"We fight?"

5/21/2012 #21

Kra raised her club.

"No fight or bam bam!"

5/22/2012 #22

Ege ran and hid behind a tree.

5/23/2012 #23
Cool Monsters

Torg decided to walk further downriver, away from the crazy women.

5/24/2012 #24

Grom heard the arguing. He was carrying a big spear and looking for wild game.

"Why you women yell? Too loud!"

5/24/2012 #25
Cool Monsters

Torg tried to catch a fish.

5/25/2012 #26
Cool Monsters

Torg wished the women would be quieter. They would scare all the fish away.

5/28/2012 #27

Ege saw a butterfly and chased it.

6/1/2012 #28

Oog walked away, annoyed.

"You people crazy."

6/2/2012 #29
Cool Monsters

Torg stabbed a fish and beat his chest.

"Me mighty hunter! And smart!"

6/3/2012 #30
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