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I did not start this forum so that we could all discuss PWR.

Quite the contrary. I started it so that we could avoid PWR. But I admit that PWR is still a good place to post a notice of a recent story, as you all see that I have done with this last one. But other than that and the occasional skim-over I have more or less given up PWR. And it was time.

Like Martin, Doc Woo and I'm sure most others, I have always maintained that NOTHING coming from an online posting can harm one. Of course, I was right there, and I mean right there, when Stevie got locked up for his threats online against Obama. But for the normal person, NOTHING online should be threatening in any way, and I have sung that song from the start.

But a thread on PWR, which I cannot access at present, has changed my mind a little about this, and I think it is worth mentioning here. Look for something on the first or second page from a self-named guest where he/she is listing all the people they have put on ignore. The list goes on and on, includes me and Woo and Heidi and a score of others. The regulars at PWR are more or less used to this kind of vituperation and have just joked about it as they always do. "Another list I didn't make." etc. Ha ha.

But if you find this thread and read it carefully, especially the end (after the long list of ignoreds) you REALLY see a streak of paranoid, psychopathic irrationality which is shocking even for PWR. This person is literally desperate to "get back their life" and is blaming outright all the widely variegated people they ignore as having contributed to some kind of downfall. In short, it is worse than usual---even for PWR.

Now this does not scare me, but it does make me wonder IN THE LIGHT OF THOSE INFLUENCES THAT JARED LOUGHNER CLAIMED DROVE HIM TO KILL whether or not there might be a few crazies who are actually being driven mad by what transpires on PWR and who, under the right circumstances, might attempt violence or some sort of revenge which is implied all throught this long post.

A lot of us have willingly offered a lot of details about ourselves, as have I, and I'm not at all sad about that. But that entire thread-starting post really does go beyond the usual PWR slapstick and into the possible realm of psychopathic thought.

Read it if you can find it (sorry I can't give a link, as PWR is blocked on the transit wifi for some reason). Let me know if I'm the crazy one.


1/14/2011 . Edited 1/14/2011 #1
Devon Pitlor

Well, not much response to this one, and I suppose that is a good thing because who gives a shit about PWR anyway? I was just slightly jolted by the unplanned craziness of this person. If anyone see this and is interested, here's the link

Read mostly the first post---especially at the end.


1/16/2011 #2
Martin Drake
I read through the thread but it didn't strike me as particularly unusual. Some AV who didn't want to log in decided to post his ignore list, apparently to try and piss off the other AV's. I like PWR because it has probably the most unrestrained freedom of speech of any forum on the internet. Yes, you have to deal with a lot of crazies and trolls and all manner of immaturity, but then there are the rare gems.
1/16/2011 #3
Devon Pitlor


Agreed. I was just sensing something different that probably wasn't even there. I respect PWR for exactly the same reasons you do, and this forum is not in any way a slap at PWR. I think I was hallucinating after all the time I've been screwing around ---myself--- on PWR. LOL @ me.


1/16/2011 #4
Martin Drake
I have found that the key to having an enjoyable PWR experience is simply to not take seriously anything that is posted there.
1/19/2011 #5
Devon Pitlor


Totally right about PWR. What is comic is how they take themselves so seriously. We here get a big laugh out of their wild-ass conspiracy theories in econ too. I used to try to correct the most egregious of their misconceptions, but I have long ago given that up.

PWR gives one a lot of immediate and often good feedback on posted stories. I'm not bragging when I say that my numbers are HUGE on FP and Scribd, but I get very few comments except from people I "know" like you and the others here. On FP there is a way to make a good guess as to how many hits are actually readers too. It is something you will see once you have posted a story here. Read about their distinction between hits and visitors and make the subtraction. Mine comes out with a lot of readers as opposed to those who only skim over a story and quit. On Scribd, the reporting system has become so cumbersome that it locks up our computers, which are supposed to have big memories or whatever it is that computers have. At home, I don't even think anymore of trying to track readers and hits on Scribd. I have to reboot everytime I try it. Both sites track geographically too. Most of my readers are either in the US or Canada, but usually about 25 other countries are represented. You will enjoy seeing your results here once you have posted.

On the subject of PWR, I assume that you will announce your own story once it is posted, but I would be more than pleased to do that for you if you wished, if only to show them that others are writing fiction. LOL, that would be a riot. Watching them squirm over a new writer. Introduced by Devon, LOL.

You can also do what I did for around two years: Post your entire story on PWR. It is super easy (easier than here or on Scribd) and you WILL get readers. They finally put me in a subforum, and with my blessing, because I took up a lot of bandwidth (whatever that is) but they never did it until a posted story had run its course in a thread. So all in all, they were pretty good to me.

Looking forward to reading you soon.


1/20/2011 #6
Martin Drake
When I finish a story I will post it on here and probably at least an announcement on PWR. I figure it couldn't hurt, although I certainly won't expect much out of that place. I'm not sure I'll even bother with Scribd because I don't care for the new interface.
1/20/2011 #7
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