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Devon Pitlor

I need to get past this fiscal crisis and back to writing, and I promise to do that as soon as I can. Japan is still a major econ problem worldwide, and that is occupying a lot of my time.

I've already said on PWR that, after reading about the resurgence of interest in the legendary Joey Leguay on Paranormal About, I welcome the return of Joey and all of his attendant cohort. We will be extremely lucky if Joey is in fact still alive and able to post, as well as re-ignite the fascination we once had with his worldview, breadth and scope of knowledge, and fresh injection of intellectual life into the moribund exchanges one is consigned to on so many information brokerage forums today.

Just as a thought, inspired by a poster on PWR last night or so, I was thinking of addressing a part of the Joey Leguay mythos in terms of my character Dragonsnort. In both Dragonsnort and Joey (whether he is real or not) there are otherworldly visions that stem from a much earlier world perspective on what exactly is the driving force behind human existence. Both Dragonsnort and Joey exhibit what the great philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941) termed the élan vital, the driving force behind all human endeavor and the very signature of the will to life itself. Dragonsnort is likewise emblematic of what the seminal author Marcel Proust (1871-1922) was attempting to capture in Combray, which is the first and most significant section of his great work A la Recherche du Temps Perdu. Dragonsnort like Joey is the encapsulation of the life force itself as imprisoned in inanimate objects like trees, from which it occasionally springs to solid being and impacts upon the significance of one's entire scope of existence. I think that maybe a fictional bio-essay which discusses both the life of Joey Leguay (in summary form) and the fictional life of Dragonsnort (qua tree and qua person) in view of Bergsonian and Proustian themes might interest some readers, providing I were able to make it concrete enough to be of concern. Anyway, I might try. There is a great deal concealed about the unwritten history of human existence, and Joey knew it. I cannot deny that the "vital spirit embodied in a tree" which is Dragonsnort does not to some degree borrow from what is now the legend of Joey Leguay.

So that is where I might go next. A faux-bio of Dragonsnort with Joey-esque, Bergsonian and Proustian contre-temps woven into it.

Or then again, I might do nothing at all for a time.


3/24/2011 . Edited 3/24/2011 #1
Cheryl Adencher

Hi Devon! Sorry I have been so very absent. It is spring cleaning time lol. I'm glad you are getting back to writing because I love to read your stories and lyrics. I love the idea of you writing more about Dragonsnort. He is one of my faves!! I don't know about the other people you mention in this your post but I would be the first to read about more of Dragonsnort = one of your most interesting characters. I wanted to write the biography of a make-believe woman who is also a Mississippi blues banjo player and turns into a snake whenever she needs to ward off evil. I wanted to call her Dixie Mae because that is a southern name and goes well with Mississippi blues. I went as far as to write the first sentence which is the hardest.

"Dixie Mae sat on her wood porch and watched the less fortunate struggle to keep their lives from falling apart; she smoked a pipeful of fresh tobacco in a cob pipe and rocked back and forth and back and forth again."

Do you think this is a good opening? I want to stretch it out into maybe 300 pages and let it cover all of the lives of her neighbors and friends and then she dies but the snake just keeps on coiling up in a corner of her sharecropper cabin when fresh beans are always on the stove for the farmhands. Then in the end Dixie Mea dies and so does the snake because both are old and tired of watching Old Man River and the slaves at work on the River Boats with cotton.

That is the story that is in my mind. I also have one about a cat that is so very psychic that it can read peoples minds and direct their thoughts to her likings.

Can't not wait for your story re Dragonsnort.

3/24/2011 #2
Martin Drake

Such a unique and original concept. I would encourage this wholeheartedly!

I never previously noticed any obvious parallels between Dragonsnort and Joey Leguay, and would be most interested to see you expand further on these ideas.

This would also be a great opportunity for you to further develop Dragonsnort as a character. He has always had a lot of untapped potential, that might be difficult for you to fully realize in the context of the ongoing Brooke Nescott stories, given the large (and ever-expanding) ensemble cast.

3/24/2011 #3

hahahaha HA !

To paraphrase Bergsen:

*We laugh every time somebody looks like a material thing,

every time we are under the impression that someone is a thing

~ Laughter is the punishment for inflexibility ~


Devon ~

A few years ago intuition told me to not finish reading the saga of Joey.

I believe I shall do so now to prepare for what's to come.

"A faux-bio of Dragonsnort with Joey-esque, Bergsonian and Proustian contre-temps woven into it."

LOL ! ...sounds like it will be an entertaining tangled ball of elastic bands! Write when you are able. Your fans understand.


3/24/2011 #4
Katje Kaase

I will attempt to write a story about Draonsnort and his background. He is a unique character and deserves more attention. I wrote The Invasion of Crackland - Revisited so I could create a lost chapter from Part 3 of your novel. Nikki and Trey played a huge role in helping the world restore its lost libido.

I hope I can do justice to Dragonsnort.

6/22/2013 #5
Devon Pitlor


Excellent plan! I noticed that I posted the first entry on this thread over 4 years ago. I never followed up on that plan because Bergsonian and Proustian themes are so daunting, and I got busy with other things. Dragonsnort as a tree and an explanation therein would suffice to make a great extension, I think, and you would be totally at liberty to do with these anything you want. I mean you don't have to stick with the élan vital or the pivotal scene of Proust's Combray. You can simply let your imagination go where it takes you. Your extension of Invasion really was good. I'm sure you will do great justice to Dragonsnort too. Glad I am giving you a creative springboard.


6/22/2013 #6
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