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I've been sitting in a lot of airports since I left La Guinée Française (Conakry) a day or so ago. Sometimes the wireless works, but most often not. I hate to pay for internet cafés, which are still the most common computer venues throughout Africa. Most of developed Africa lacks the kind of wired infrastructure that we have here, so there are not many home pcs yet. But internet cafés are around every corner, and they are, for those of us who like the wild side, places full of intrigue and a whole variety of scamsters. In Conakry, for example, there are legions of white shirted Africans who hang out in these places all day bombarding France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland with scam emails about false inheritances and lost bank accounts. They always seem to be doing a brisk business. Otherwise, they wouldn't be there. As the internet expands, the available number of suckers does too apparently. I guess we don't need to be told that there are a lot of stupid people now online.

I perused all of the Nancy Suiter thread and came away with the conclusion that some of my colleagues have taken up my lead and are writing quite well, which is something I have always encouraged. There is possibly a story here, and something that I may pursue when I get back to writing. This idea of some ethereal creature arising purely from collective wish-fulfillment has my signature all over it, but it is not original to me. As I said in the Dragonsnort/Joey post, it is an idea which intrigues me, and my followers know it. So thanks.

As for Nancy Suiter herself, yes, she was IMO quite beautiful, but the clip is still a rather standard porn vehicle---and starring John Holmes to boot. If the My Space page is right, Nancy is 54 now and probably looks it. I do not read any special symbolism into this film, however. I see it merely as a pornogrphic icon of times gone by. The "Golden Age of Porn," or so they call it. I have never espcially been a fan of pornography, but I have always acknowledged that it plays an important role in society. It was legal in France long before in the U.S. Actually, it was legal in most of Western Europe. But I think one can only go so far with pornography. Maybe the backstories of the various actors are richer in details than the films themselves. This Nancy Suiter thing seems to indicate this. My co-workers got a lot of mileage out it, and it was all good.

So, for the time, I am putting Nancy Suiter to rest. Suffice to say that it was a great thread!! An outlet for emergent creativity. That is always positive.

I plan to be back at my seat tonight. I still need to earn a living. I could almost retire. Maybe entirely. I did make the right investments during these times of fiscal crisis. That just comes with my job and educational background. But I continue to work. Who knows why?

I promise to return to fiction writing as soon as I can.


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